I tried really hard to set aside my bias against this band and go for some journalistic integrity for this review. But, after about 13 seconds into track 1, sorry, I couldn't.

This band has changed a lot since they started out, going from weird christian metal-vocaled stuff with keyboards to the second comming of Taking Back Sunday. Either way, it was always awful and made me go sleepy. This deal is nothing new. I guess its a bit "harder" than the last one, but still not inventive or original like their fan base tries to pass them off as. The psuedo-breakdowns are even more boring than the played out ones we hear in a lot of metalcore, and the fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has a bed of that noise chord shit going on underneath it makes the whole album fucking unlistenable.

These chicks need to stop listening to Every Time I Die. Putting twang in your vocals is only cool if you're last name is Willams and your first name is Henry. Oh, and trying to sound all avant-garde only works if you have a little talent. The sung vocals are off-key (and don't tell me on purpose, anyone who sounds like shit on purpose deserves a slug between the eyes) and the screams sound exactly like all the other faggoty emo-core-bi-curious bags of shit currently flooding underground music.

And then theres the lyrics. Holy christ, the lyrics -
"They're watching, They're watching
I am being watched
This is overwhelming

Fucking brilliantly put, wow, I've never heard anything so poignant and piercing into my soul. Suck a cock.

I also tried really hard to find something about this I could pick out and not hate with every cell of my being, but alas, this turd's as corny as it comes. Fuck this band, this style, and anyone who likes it.