Singer/Songwriter Adam Green is probably better known as the other half of Moldy Peaches, the anti-folk act with Kimya Dawson (which you have heard on the Juno soundtrack if nowhere else). That being said, this is nothing like that. "Musik for a Play" is just that, the soundtrack for a theatrical adaptation of the book "TIMBUKTU", by Paul Auster. A brief wiki search filled me in about the story, which kind of helped me appreciate the album, as it gives a little frame of reference. Just to summarize real quick, Timbuktu is the story of a dog who belongs to a dying homeless man, and the book focuses on their last journey to Baltimore together.

Musik gave Green the opportunity to show off his skills as a composer. Gone are the childish lyrics and sounds of Moldy Peaches albums that you may have heard before. Consisting of 12 short instrumental tracks, the album comes in around 20 minutes. Not sure if Green has played every instrument on these himself, which would be quite a feat, as there are piano, acoustic guitar, wind and string arrangements, and I think I even here a tuba on some tracks? The short, but sweet, tracks do seem to relay different feelings now that I have a small idea of what the story is about. The songs range from fast paced to very slow, almost bossanova, type rhythms.

There really isn't too much you can say about this type of album without seeing the play. The tracks are too short to really establish a feeling, outside of an appreciation of the execution, which is stellar. The whole point of a score is to help you identify with what you are seeing on the screen (or stage in this case) so without having that visual, I think this album just falls a little short. While the songs are catchy and are composed amazingly, I wish I had a better frame of reference for the intent. The highlight for me are the 3 acoustic demo versions that accompany the orchestral tracks, which I assume is what Adam wrote first and then built up for the full album versions. I always enjoy a glimpse into the songwriting process.

This album drops May 11th on Contraphonic records and is going to be limited vinyl run of 500 records, so for you vinyl junkies, this could be a pretty sweet score