Oh, HELL yes.

Philadelphia's My Turn To Win are out to destroy with their 5 song EP, "No Challenge", and they won't stop until they have every kid at their show throwing down or singing along. From the first track to the last they go for your throat with some good old fashioned two-step hardcore and lyrics that demand to be heard. And more so, demand you shout along.

My only complaint with this CD is how short it is. As always with EP's (and hardcore bands in general), "No Challenge" speeds along and is over before you know it and definitely leaves you wanting more. This is hardcore the way it should be. Fast, pissed and yet above all else, fun. Because of this it's hard to single out one track out of 5 as my favorite, so I'll just say but this shit. Now.

Get in your car, drop the windows and blare it. (Or dance in front of your mirrors and gear up for a show. We all know you do.)