There has, in a sense, been a price to pay for knowing. Ideas have inspired us; beliefs have corrupted us; choices are always a bitch. To be educated is to never be blissfully unaware. To be blissfully unaware is to reject the fruit that God deemed forbidden. To be blissfully unaware is to obey, which means, by that rationale, education is rebellion. The first sin was, essentially, a desire to know.

Should we thank Eve for this curse of awareness? Should we pay due respect to her for sinking her teeth into the fruit that bore humanity the ability to learn, reason and understand and, at the same time, know and inflict fear, hate and despair?

Italian metal trio Ufomammut, were grateful enough to Eve that they came up with a 45-minute ode to her actions. Eve is five ambitious chapters, written as one all-encompassing piece intended to honor its muse. Having just recorded this as recent as January, (in Rome no less, which is almost tantamount to Rocky beating the shit out of Ivan Drago in his Russian hood), Ufomammut flirt with aggression but seem mostly interested in crafting interlude-worthy atmospherics, blending progressive time signatures with momentary lapses into science fiction. There’s not much variation as the album is intended to be one whole idea that exists as the sum of its parts.

There are sections of Eve that owe themselves to the drawn out, sludgy ponderings of Sleep, or the attempted directionless ruts that The Mars Volta get so easily trapped into. But, somehow Ufomammut are capable of conceptualizing and committing something like this to tape without coming off as pretentious, gratuitously self-aggrandizing or boring. Instead we hear artists with an interesting perspective regarding the ramifications of humankind’s first sin. To be honest, something like Eve could not be tolerated if grey matter were dead sponge incapable of enrichment, inspiration or wisdom. In both execution and inspiration, Eve could not exist with Eve, which is its most compelling statement.