If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. That phrase can easily go to describe long running New York death metal act Immolation. Throughout their 24 years of existence, the band has managed to keep their sound pretty much the same while not sounding dated and not being passed by new up and coming bands. That’s quite an amazing feat in this day and age.

On Majesty and Decay, their 8th studio album and first for Nuclear Blast Records, you get the classic and signature Immolation sound. They weave a sound so heavy that it pummels the listener. Their use of dark melodies fit perfectly for a sinister sound to accompany Ross Dolan’s evil barks. How Rob Vigna continues to create such incredible riffs I’ll never know. It’s certainly something to envy as it’s not that easy to create a sound all your own.

I loved their last release, Shadows in the Light, but some had complaints about it. The main complaint seemed to focus on the production. I really see there being no way for someone to complain about the production on this release. The sound is very crystal clear without sounding overproduced. Everything comes together very organically. I have to attribute this to mixing being handled by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. He has handled a lot of great modern death metal releases.

The more I listen to this release the more it grows on me. It’s quickly becoming more enjoyable than prior releases. Dare I say this is even on par with the classic Close to a World Below? Yes, I dare say it.