Stressed Out are a thrash/punk/hardcore band out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band is comprised of members of other Jersey bands like John Wilkes Youth, Dystrophy and Dethroned Emperor. Having only heard John Wilkes Youth I figured these guys fell on the hardcore side of the fence. While they definitely have a hardcore sound, there is much more thrash going on here.

The guitars on this five song cassette are what you would expect from a thrash focused release. Fast riffing, squealing guitar solos and stomping riffs to contrast the faster parts. Still this recording sounds like vintage hardcore. It's snotty and pissed and sounds pretty much exactly like what you expect a young thrash influenced hardcore band to sound like. The band sounds more like Life's Halt than Nuclear Assault. It's not a bad thing, but it isn't quite my thing.

I like crossover, but I prefer hardcore to sound like hardcore and thrash to sound like thrash. Nothing wrong with mixing the two, but I'm real picky when it comes down to it. Stressed Out are a good band and can surely play their istruments, but this EP is somewhat forgettable. I've listened to it about ten times already this morning and none of these songs are sticking, some of the riffs, but only for a couple of seconds.

Fortunately for Stressed Out there are plenty of people who will dig this and I encourage anyone into this style of thrash/hardcore to check them out and decide for yourself.