For my second helping of Australian hardcore, I’m served up Brisbane’s Driven Fear. Their last release dated back to 2008 and their follow up record, which I was given to review, entitled Society’s Finest? was released back on March 12th of this year.

While falling loosely into the same genre, my last Aussie band reviewed, Silverback chugged along at a mid-pace for their majority album only to pick up the pace near the albums conclusion. Driven Fear takes the opposite approach and almost blasts off as if shot from a cannon right from the get-go. Fast and heavy that quickly reminded me of both Ruiner and Raised Fist makes up the majority of the record. Neatly laced throughout the crunchy powerchords is melody that I wouldn’t doubt were inspired by Comeback Kid. There is a level of in your face ferocity that this band is able to achieve and hold onto for the entire length of the EP that really impressed me. You would think that the band would almost exhaust themselves from just writing this type of material but no, they forge on and keep up their endurance throughout.

Lyrically the band shows they have certain amount of intelligence. Instead of going the easy routes as most hardcore bands go for and talk about either negativity or brotherhood, Driven Fear does their best job at tackling real situations and giving them a positive spin. Songs like Cut Skin Deep are a prime example of the bands message that in life you must take the bull by the horns, so to speak.

My only complaint lies in the layout of the songs. While the energy is admirable it would have best served them to either shorten songs or give the listener a chance to relax from time to time. They play certain parts in measures that seem questionably long and the drummer rarely takes a break from his use of triplets. When the band does decide to change it up a little, it’s almost without fail that the backing vocalist will get his chance to shout. It became pretty predictable rather fast.

With those complaints aside, I can easily say that I dug this album. I normally do not gravitate towards this type of fast hardcore but this band energy just seemed to grab me. I won’t listen to it all the time because I feel like I’ll burn myself out on it rather quickly but these songs will make nice editions to my iPod during shuffle time.