Album: SAZ - Lost It (2014)

Song: Left For Dead

Bitrate: 256kbps

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SAZ are an original music, female fronted, heavy metal (old skool style), kick ass, Scottish rock band. We have been gigging around Scotland for twelve years and loving every minute. The concept of SAZ was born in 1977 with the advent of Punk Rock and became more fully formed during those heady days of the "new wave of british heavy metal". A gigging version of the band was formed in 1998 and had a distinctly rock/pop sound, which, with time, and band member changes, evolved into today's "hard hitting" rock sound with powerful melodic vocals.

SAZ - crushing heavy metal that's delivered with the firepower of a small army - featuring the core trio of electric guitar, electric bass and drums - a powerhouse of furnace heat proportions - the two female vocalists provide the focus of attention while the wholly original songs will have all metal fans, from traditional to thrash, eating out of the palms of their hands from the moment they start to deliver the goods. Not only Dundee's finest metal band, but one that deserves to be hallowed from Kerrang to Metal Hammer and beyond...........Andy G.

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