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10/5/2007 8:38:00 AM
what size are your gadges
they look like the same size as mine
emohobo 0 posts
6/5/2007 4:45:00 AM
Fucken rad bands
phivepoint 0 posts
5/29/2007 2:52:00 PM
yeah...hope the leg heals up good man.....enjoy the vicodin :)
phivepoint 0 posts
5/29/2007 9:12:00 AM
absolutely, what up dog???
Chelsea- 0 posts
5/23/2007 6:25:00 PM
Yeah, it did hurt a lot. And I guess the pictures are decieving, as it's not perfectly centre. Somehow it's on a slight angle. The top is centred, but the bottom is about 2mm to the left.
foreverxdrowning 0 posts
5/12/2007 2:35:00 PM
Mary♥Jane 0 posts
8/28/2006 4:23:00 PM
you really should get ahold of me!!! I miss talking to you !!!!
pshhmichaela. 0 posts
8/26/2006 2:47:00 AM
sweet bands...
[*SWEET-MadnesS*] 0 posts
8/17/2006 6:36:00 PM
<3 hun
Chains_420 0 posts
8/6/2006 5:32:00 PM
hey whats up? havent talked to u for a while... nothing much is going on here just dumped my girl friend yay ohh and righting which is alot of fun if u do it right lol.. hope to hear from u some time ...

much love
the one armed man 0 posts
6/27/2006 11:49:00 AM
i too worship hot women.
OMG ITS ERIKA! 0 posts
6/12/2006 10:01:00 PM
what's up?
Used_Whore 0 posts
6/9/2006 9:32:00 PM
haha maybe
Cover Me Down 0 posts
6/8/2006 11:37:00 PM
Do you think before you speak? None of what you just said makes no sense.
And I could care less if you "deal" with whatever every weekend or not, I was just saying that the flour in your picture that you were calling coke, isn't.
XbrokenXpirateX 0 posts
6/8/2006 1:26:00 PM
yes!!! lets do it
Cover Me Down 0 posts
6/7/2006 1:10:00 PM
You're wrong actually, Al Capone is real, The movie with Al Pacino is in the movie called Scarface based off of the real drug dealer, Al Capone. You should probably lay off of that flour you call coke because it's messing with your IQ.
DadMadeMeACrackBaby 0 posts
6/7/2006 10:21:00 AM
phivepoint 0 posts
6/7/2006 8:30:00 AM
that's cool though....how u been?
31829 0 posts
6/3/2006 9:40:00 PM
awh thanks.
hi yourself.
sydney vengeance 0 posts
6/2/2006 11:08:00 AM
you do have good style, cutie.
sydney vengeance 0 posts
6/2/2006 11:00:00 AM
heh, nah it's cool.

i don't know, i guess you have a familiar face.

ha ha.
sydney vengeance 0 posts
6/2/2006 10:56:00 AM
aye, yo.
i remember you.
i had an account & deleted it.
and look, now i am back.
you remember me?

yeah i know, good bands.
12OuncesALoneliness 0 posts
6/1/2006 10:58:00 AM
morticia 0 posts
5/25/2006 5:23:00 PM
Actually, my name is Desiree.
assist_memory 0 posts
5/25/2006 4:40:00 PM
tehe..i am not being rude..and it wasnt anything against you..lol..just fyi...do u hate me?...cuz everyone on here does except emma and a couple of other ppl
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/25/2006 2:03:00 PM
i move mad weight every weekend
you don't even know

but i have to admitt... thats real cool..... honestly though, i wish u knew how dumb u really sounded.... but im not gunna make fun of u anymore cuz honestly i think there is something wrong with u... ur slow or something.... i dont know what it is but ur thinking mentality is FUCKED. but im being dead serious... im not a bitch but when i hear someone talk STOOPId(( yeah i spelt it wrong)) i just have to say something because u obviously think u sound cool or something.... i was just helping u out but i guess u cant help someone whos constantly fucked up on drugs and is retarded...... so this is the last thing i say to u, and dont write anything back cuz i dont want to hear what stoopid thing u have to say next... save ur self the embaressment..... and some advise for u..... THINK BEFORE U SPEAK U DUMB FUCK!
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/25/2006 11:23:00 AM
u are such a queer! shut up! palease!!! and i do know how to spell STUPID...... please dont talk to me.... u act like a little kid!!!!
killhannahgirl 0 posts
5/25/2006 9:31:00 AM
killhannahgirl 0 posts
5/25/2006 9:06:00 AM
hi i have pics now
assist_memory 0 posts
5/24/2006 4:11:00 PM
sorry if i offended u!!!...and apparently u dont know much about me either!!!!..i am veyyyy mature for my age...and yes i have guy problem!..so just a little piece of advice!!!....dont ever call me youngin again i find that offensive but since its ur first tim meeting me i want be to pissed at you!
!BTHM! 0 posts
5/24/2006 10:12:00 AM
OMG!!! I Fucking LOVE jthm...... In fact before I was on here I was reading directors cut....... Wow.... Well write back !
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/22/2006 11:53:00 AM
Your supid and you
prolly don't know what
really coke looks like........... and u say im stoopid... u need to do a little bit of growing up sweetheart
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/22/2006 11:48:00 AM
wow ur a fuckin douche... me n my friends want to thank u tho for humoring us....... hhahaha loves it.....
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/22/2006 11:46:00 AM
hhaha ur funny... but obviously u think its cool to put pictures of coke on here.... right..... really u know whats gunna be cool is when ur doing 5-10 years in prision cuz ur dumbass has a attention problem... and by telling people u "got coke" ur gunna be cool..... hhaha ur a funny kid! and by the way i do know what im talking about u little shit
BritKillsss!!!&copy; 0 posts
5/19/2006 1:29:00 PM
I'm in webmastering.
We don't do anything in here.
I think for the whole year he's taken about 15 grades.

It's pretty cool.

jamiesgurl15 0 posts
5/19/2006 12:39:00 PM
hey whats goin on not to much here
Brianaface 0 posts
5/19/2006 11:13:00 AM
saveMEfromMYSELF 0 posts
5/19/2006 9:32:00 AM
nikki yeah i kno shes a little hottie well atleast thats what all the guys say
Kursten &hearts; 0 posts
5/19/2006 1:18:00 AM
sooo how the coke lol you are amazy! lets do coke together i can make it even funner! : )
my aim sn is vollychic211 ~~~~~~
OMG ITS ERIKA! 0 posts
5/18/2006 8:55:00 PM
hi there!
Mary&#9829;Jane 0 posts
5/18/2006 3:48:00 PM
it was a joke.
Little Siler 0 posts
5/18/2006 2:59:00 PM
haha ya, its lunch @ my school and 4 some reson im in the computer lab w/ my frineds! haha
so what r u doing on the computer....
punkymunky0507 0 posts
5/18/2006 2:30:00 PM
hey you, whatz^
BritKillsss!!!&copy; 0 posts
5/18/2006 2:21:00 PM
The fighting is awsome .. but the whole plot is stupid ..

isn't not that great .. i've seen a lot better.
BritKillsss!!!&copy; 0 posts
5/18/2006 2:12:00 PM
Yeah I know what you mean.
Everyone is watchingn Braveheart but me.
I don't like that movie it sucks rather bad .....

I've been talking on my phone and goofing off on the computer.

So much fun..

BrokenMemoryOfHer</3 0 posts
5/18/2006 2:05:00 PM
hey how r u?
BritKillsss!!!&copy; 0 posts
5/18/2006 2:02:00 PM
Thanks for the comment ..
Like your pics and your taste in music ..

What's up ?
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:53:00 PM
civic duties????
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:42:00 PM
and i don't belive for one second that is real coke
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:41:00 PM
just believe me... you are such a bad kid.... your a menise to saciaty... (( okay i cant spell worth shit))) u get hte point
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:37:00 PM
ur a bad kid!~!~
beautifully~broken 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:37:00 PM
ur a bad kid!~!~
wolfhunter_098 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:18:00 PM
where are you from?
ahh zombies 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:03:00 PM
well hello.
Little Siler 0 posts
5/18/2006 1:00:00 PM
im good... [its morning 4 me... haha]
im in class.. blahh...
and how r u doing??
saveMEfromMYSELF 0 posts
5/18/2006 12:05:00 PM
luckily she didnt have her seat belt on or she would have been hurt worse lol
saveMEfromMYSELF 0 posts
5/18/2006 10:29:00 AM
CAR vs. F350
Mary&#9829;Jane 0 posts
5/18/2006 8:51:00 AM
Hey bitch.
carousel 0 posts
5/17/2006 1:50:00 PM
Kursten &hearts; 0 posts
5/17/2006 1:46:00 AM
I love your bands! they're like my favs!
draculasucks85 0 posts
5/16/2006 4:44:00 PM
hmm hi
killhannahgirl 0 posts
5/16/2006 1:37:00 PM
you r soo fuckin hott to me....sry....
oRganIcalLy_MutInouS 0 posts
5/16/2006 11:39:00 AM
i bet you did love, well as long as you had fun thats all that matters
Killertome 0 posts
5/16/2006 11:07:00 AM
hey what up dude
writ eback
Mary&#9829;Jane 0 posts
5/16/2006 11:04:00 AM
k so if you happen to get back online get on aim so i can talk to you!!!
&hearts; kales
Mary&#9829;Jane 0 posts
5/16/2006 10:56:00 AM
whatcha up to baby boy ?!!!!!!!!?
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