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Hello, cool bands list. xD
Jesus,Grades,Family,Music, not boys they are soo over-rated like movies[no e-fense] my video ipod,my digital camera,eletrix guitar, wateva amuses me
As I Lay Dying,Disturbed,Nodes of Ranvier,Panic! at the disco,Schoolyard Heros,Underoath,Mortal Treason,HIM,The #12 looks like you,fear b4 the march of the flames,killswitch engage,Bloodhound gang,korn,psapp,action action,7 boom medley,The Killers,The Faint,Gay Pimp,Gorillaz,trapt,OPM,MCR,greenday,daft punk,3 doors down,3 days grace,godsmack,the exies,SOAD,stone temple pilots,adema,red hott chili peppers,nine inch nails