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Well when your looking at your profile just go to the top left corner and choose a board to go into and read the posts of people and respond if you have something to say. I tried, best I could say. But an amazing song is: Mad World - Gary Jules...now I usually don't like this kind of stuff but the piano is so haunting.
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2/11/2006 10:23:00 PM
I just got done watch Donnie Darko, and now I don't like to cry..but fuck everytime I watch that movie, I can't but not. It's so amazing. Your comment made me smile though, you are a noob. Get posting! =D hehe.
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2/11/2006 7:36:00 AM
Hey, how ya doin?
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hey how ya goen? nice pics :P
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So out of context.Postal Service new art for the real people.Refused you're so hot when you walk you melt snow.Billy Talent my handcuffs are too tight and.Green Day by the things that I've done to you.DFA 1979 staring at the gate I see the beauty above.Nada Surf by a falling bomb.Thursday youve got too much to wear on your sleeve.The Shins here at the top of the world.Thrice shh.. shhh. don't talk. don't talk.Bright Eyes and to lie to you rather than hurt you.The Libertines a moment I'm not trying.Hoobastank into me. As you're longing to sing.A.F.I. pick up the phone.My Chemical Romance we're falling apart to half time.Fallout boy you got a real short skirt.The Killers you're all I don't need she said.Farewell Unknown sensetive music.The Dears who reads a book.Thunderbirds are now! your fashion is my fucking cancer.Alexisonfire about two blocks from the Capitol.An Angle and then picture you leaving.Dead Poetic better to not make the same mistake.The Sun and this sickness isn't mine.The Used rhymes with pity now.Blood Brothers and today I think I'll be hardcore.Mindless Self Indulgence so let's make this night our best mistake.Story of the Year can I buy you a drink.Weezer christopher I was your prisoner christopher.The Dresden Dolls you fucking moron.Hedley I'll wait for you I cross my heart.Hawthorne Heights sonny this is urgent.From First to Last and in a swirling masquerade of sound.Sense Fail there is no one here but me.System of a Down you bring me down at least you try.Three Days Grace little boys on crystal meth.Ween sex and love don't feel the way I do.Faber just tell me it's tearing you apart.Bloc Party I'm sorry hell no fuck that.Hollywood Undead humor me with this request.At the Drive In an abortion that survived.The Mars Volta no one leaves.Circa Survive I bet to them you look like shit.Panic! At the Disco i might not be the right one.Daft Punk its wrong.Metric all the scars are my disguise.Earshot