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Hiii dear, remember me?
Name's Samantha Maire Leary took my first breath of air on August 20 1990 at 7 am in the morning. Im 21 years old ill be 22 august 20 im super excited. i have 5 tattoos 3 stars a flaming heart and a beer can. im getting more once u get tattoos its like a drug. lol im shy at first then really sweet to get along wit. im kind and caring and have a big heart to give all my love to. .. Lets see my likes are reading, listening to music, watching horror movies, skateboarding, dirt bikes, four wheelers, partying playing man hunt at nite, I LOVE ZOMBIES they are my FAVE. im a zombie freak my next tattoo will be a zombie. i love tattoos there a turn on for me. Im not alll bout looks im more bout heart. my heart is big and i have alot to give.
H.I.M, Breaking Benjamin, New Found Glory, Nickleback, Fall Out Boy, Iggoy Pop, The Sex Pistols, Panic! At the Disco, Thrice, Blink 182, Sum 41, System of the Down, Clutch, Green Day, and many many more.