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10/16/2016 3:59:00 PM
A pleasure have you as my friend. We are Burning Brains the Band from Brazil. and we would sincerely appreciate it if you took the time to visit our ReverbNation. We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Brazil!

Burning Brains: Ever heard the album Amazon's On Fire?

In 2011, the band Burning Brains, born in Bel?m / PA released their first CD, which was executed to the best of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal in its thirteen compositions, whose review is published here in Rock On Stage (check this link) and far this year 2015, the founder Jr Thunder (or Ant?nio Augusto Cesar Junior) by the producer Borislav Dimitrov of HiZ Productions remastered all tracks, gave a new title to work ... Amazon's On Fire and made available for sale on the following links :https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/__/id1024509714 and http://routenote.com/r/xmetalempirex/5054316281931, check out because it is a hell of sound, which was launched by Paulo Janela from XMetaL Empirex http://routenote.com/r/xmetalempirex/5054316281931

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VDerfXCfAw&feature=youtu.be ( SPREAD THIS VIDEO LINK ACROSS YOUR FRIENDS) THANKS A LOT

please friend watch this amazin video and spread for your friends too. Thanks a lot for your attention.
roseloved 0 posts
4/1/2013 8:31:00 AM
I wish you best Compliment of the season
My name is rose, a good looking girl.
Well, i am sorry that i did not say much about myself because our profile cannot say everything about us.
I have a special reason of contacting you so i would like you to respond to my email address (rose45nhiany@yahoo.com) there i can tell you everything about myself, and the reason i am contacting you and also send my pictures to you.
ColorMyHeart 0 posts
3/7/2005 9:51:00 PM
hi...lol ur pics entertain me lol whats up
beazlebug 0 posts
1/15/2005 2:59:00 AM
is your hair seriously that long? damn it grows fast!
12/24/2004 7:39:00 PM
heyyyyyy you!
moreglamthanyou 0 posts
11/13/2004 10:28:00 PM
10/14/2004 7:22:00 AM
you are so porno!
Conor_ 0 posts
10/8/2004 12:27:00 AM
seriously, you need to come up. pizza dance party at my house. do it.
pink-y-black 0 posts
10/2/2004 12:52:00 PM
thanx so much.....i`m fine...how bout you???
9/29/2004 2:14:00 PM
hey dude~ yeah i changed my sn it's Pinstabs
love the new pictures they're hot! i have new ones too if you know what i mean hehe
pink-y-black 0 posts
9/27/2004 4:13:00 PM
hey...how are you? leave a message next time you visit my page....
Sybil 0 posts
9/21/2004 12:42:00 PM
thanks, hi hi, love the silly pics
Punksta_Jane 0 posts
9/12/2004 11:11:00 PM
aww thank u sweetie<3
JESSIKAhatesYOU 0 posts
9/2/2004 8:00:00 PM
No Regrets 0 posts
8/31/2004 3:18:00 AM
good. i went out of town for the weekend. How have you been!?
devon_is_rad 0 posts
8/29/2004 9:21:00 PM
well your eye(s) are pretty hot as well lol
atrocity 0 posts
8/29/2004 4:35:00 AM
that drawing is pretty sick, nice, and unique.
i died 0 posts
8/26/2004 8:18:00 AM
florida is fine, just moved here a week ago. workin my butt off...how bout you?
i died 0 posts
8/25/2004 2:26:00 PM
hello :)
No Regrets 0 posts
8/25/2004 3:28:00 AM
i went to San Antonio
No Regrets 0 posts
8/25/2004 1:59:00 AM
sounds great to me dear <3
No Regrets 0 posts
8/25/2004 1:51:00 AM
lol. what date sounds good to you!?
No Regrets 0 posts
8/25/2004 1:40:00 AM
i got home not to long ago from out of town. Whats shakin hotness?!
swallowmyheart 0 posts
8/24/2004 12:17:00 AM
eh maybe. im alright. bored as fuck .
Kahlua N Creame 0 posts
8/24/2004 12:13:00 AM
Damn- the picture titled "Dirty Redneck" is so fucking hot! not to mention the other one "Did I hear something"
Maristel 0 posts
8/20/2004 5:16:00 PM
nice pics :)
your_imperfection 0 posts
8/17/2004 10:39:00 PM
haha thanks. <3

p.s. i like your band list
ugh ! 0 posts
8/17/2004 12:16:00 PM
heyy buddy what up ! i love that cat ! i have 2 and there the love of my life !! lol !@
learned my lesson 0 posts
8/17/2004 12:02:00 PM
you remind me of my brother ^^^ random yes ^^^
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 3:01:00 AM
bye my e-lover. haha
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:56:00 AM
aww go to bed! if you are tired i might do the same pretty soon
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:56:00 AM
aww i would run your back if i could dear.
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:53:00 AM
whats that dear?
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:49:00 AM
yea i think i need to do the same!
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:36:00 AM
haha yea that cold rag sounds boss right about now <3
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:31:00 AM
i'm sick. :( but doing better now coz i'm talking to you hot stuff ;) hahah
No Regrets 0 posts
8/17/2004 2:23:00 AM
hey there hot stuff.. you come here often ;)
Mosh Cheerleader 0 posts
8/16/2004 10:04:00 PM
haha, ok.....i got nothin' better to do....
No Regrets 0 posts
8/16/2004 1:40:00 AM
bye e-hubby! <33
No Regrets 0 posts
8/16/2004 1:36:00 AM
hot shit gum wrapper rings are the shit ;)
No Regrets 0 posts
8/16/2004 1:31:00 AM
po boys are the shit <3
No Regrets 0 posts
8/16/2004 1:21:00 AM
nice unearth shirt. <3

come lets go get married! hehe

xo bbi
Talula 0 posts
8/16/2004 12:34:00 AM
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/16/2004 12:16:00 AM
Hah, boo to that. My boyfriend's the one I love!
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/16/2004 12:07:00 AM
It does suck. And only one person can make me feel better. Gr.
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/15/2004 11:58:00 PM
Truth be told, I'm insanely cranky. Haha.

How are you?
walkingdowntown 0 posts
8/15/2004 12:53:00 PM
dismalinvexation 0 posts
8/15/2004 7:43:00 AM
thank you so much u have gorgeous eyes!
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/15/2004 12:38:00 AM
Hahaha, good point.
8/15/2004 12:29:00 AM
*humps you* :p
i'm a perverted old woman having dirty thoughts about you *snickers*
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/15/2004 12:22:00 AM
But it's your parents! I'd never build a deck for mine, though. Haha.
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/15/2004 12:09:00 AM
That's nice!
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/14/2004 11:59:00 PM
I hate sunburn! Building a deck for who?
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/14/2004 11:38:00 PM
I'm fine! You?
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/14/2004 11:33:00 PM
My cat and her glowing blue eyes are fantastic!
Eulogy For An Angel 0 posts
8/14/2004 7:43:00 PM
hey im good how about you stud muffin?
No Regrets 0 posts
8/14/2004 2:06:00 AM
oh you can add me ;) ♥
emilyithink 0 posts
8/14/2004 1:53:00 AM
what time is it in america? it freaks me out how there are so many people on here and they've all got their own things going on if you know what i mean
nerdofhonor 0 posts
8/14/2004 1:40:00 AM
conor owes me a pair of reeboks. mainly mine that i left in his trunk.

and you should get one, they are awesome dogs
Bull Killed Matador 0 posts
8/14/2004 1:33:00 AM
Westchester County.
emilyithink 0 posts
8/14/2004 1:13:00 AM
thanx! you're my first message complimenting me and not my niece! my luck you probably mean my friend shelly who's in the main pic with me! you're born on rememberance day...
xskaxcorex 0 posts
8/14/2004 1:12:00 AM
Hahahaha. If I'm setting trends, you know the world is in trouble.
No Regrets 0 posts
8/14/2004 12:54:00 AM
haha my location is the only thing that is hot shit hahah <3
bloodandsedition 0 posts
8/14/2004 12:35:00 AM
yeah haha, the MAryland Institute College of Art, haha its ok, I'm bored as hell anyways
bloodandsedition 0 posts
8/14/2004 12:29:00 AM
thats right, I'll be in baltimore soon though
bloodandsedition 0 posts
8/14/2004 12:22:00 AM
haha, I'll take your word for it then
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