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8/5/2006 8:49:00 PM

That sucks.

Mmm I didnt see them.

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7/28/2006 5:34:00 PM
Mhhmm. They rock.
and they were deff one of the best bands live.

He Is Legend was pretty good.
I havn't heard them much though.
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7/26/2006 12:45:00 PM
lol. FIne, you are off the hook this time.
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7/26/2006 12:36:00 AM
happy birthday
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7/25/2006 11:50:00 PM
well... I don't know then. Naked camping... akwardly huge bonfire... chase some deer around. I got nothing. Iowa is the anti-woods.
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7/25/2006 10:25:00 PM
well, have a happy birthday despite having nothing to do.

you can always go streaking... I hear it is a hoot.
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7/25/2006 6:03:00 PM
lol. Yup, you should
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7/24/2006 9:32:00 PM
then you most definately should see them.

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7/23/2006 9:49:00 PM
Oh that fucking sucks
Hahah I woulda been pissed

yeah you should deff see scary kids scaring kids too if ya like em

they were pretty sick live
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7/23/2006 7:43:00 PM
well, if they are shitty acts, then there is no reason to see them.
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7/23/2006 11:07:00 AM
Nice. in Iowa we have shows in Des Moines, Cedar Falls, Ames, and sometimes Sioux City. That is about it. And they are all pretty far away.
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7/23/2006 3:06:00 AM
Hahaha Yeah warped last year was awesome.

I liked it better this year though.
I saw Underoath.. wow.. i was amazed


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7/23/2006 2:58:00 AM
no fair. We don't get shit for shows in Iowa.

SOunds like fun though.
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7/23/2006 2:53:00 AM
Yeah warped was sooo awesome.
Haha I was in heaven

Yeah they kicked ass.

you should deff see them
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7/23/2006 2:51:00 AM
I don't really know Fiore either. But we wanted to go to a show and they sounded ok on myspace.
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7/23/2006 2:45:00 AM
a week after today. I think the 25th we are supposed to go to a Fiore show in town.
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7/23/2006 2:44:00 AM
Nice! I saw Chiodos at warped. Haha they were awesome

Hhahaha I saw Jeffree star on myspace
I laughed so hard hahah :]
He was awesome.
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7/23/2006 2:40:00 AM
Cool. I envy you. Where in MI are you? (I only ask cuz I am visiting my brother in Grand Rapids right now and am curious).
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7/23/2006 2:38:00 AM

So do you =)
Drop Dead gorgeous and chiodos are 2 of my fav bands :]
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7/23/2006 2:37:00 AM
sadly, no. The closest stop was like 4 hours away. My bandmate went and loved it, but he lives closer to the venue (I think Milwakee?) that I do.
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7/23/2006 2:34:00 AM
Heck yes. =] I love them to death
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7/23/2006 2:27:00 AM
I just fix Pig barns for a summer job. But sometimes they are still inside the barn while we are fixing it.

I agree. They do smell. Baby ones are kinda cute I guess. *shrug*
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7/23/2006 2:15:00 AM
but squirrels are cute! Unless it was a rabid killer squirrel of doom. That is totally understandable.

I work with pigs... worst critter EVER.
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7/23/2006 2:10:00 AM
paranoid eh? *represses pot joke*

just kidding. I am sure the critters will leave you alone. How can they hurt a cute girl like you?
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7/23/2006 2:01:00 AM
like wise (on the loudness and the lateness). Headphones. They are handy ;)
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7/23/2006 1:53:00 AM
just hangen. Considering poppin in the new Underoath
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7/23/2006 1:41:00 AM
no prob. Hows it hangen?
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7/23/2006 1:28:00 AM
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