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I like going out after a long day at work, spending time with my friends, going to musical venues, spending time with some lady frineds, taking random pictures, listening to music till 4am, watching the most retarded tv shows and complaining about them, drawing is a pass-time of mine...oh and i like to cuddle
Norma Jean, My bitter End, Dead man in Reno,Remembering NEver,Converge,Through the eyes of the Dead, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through, Maylene and the sons of Disaster, Still Remains, All that Remains, Unearth, Birthday Massacre, Brand New, Bury your dead, Fear Before the march of flames, August burns red, Gatsby's American Dream, Every time I die, In Reverent Fear, Reggie and the full Effect, Circa Survive, circle takes the square, Thrice, Poison the Well, Yesterdays Rising, Scatter the Ashes, Alexisonfire, From Autumn to Ashes, Thursday, Fear before the march of flames, My Chemical Romance, The bronx, The Blood Brothers, The beautiful Mistake, Cursive, AFI, Death By Stereo, thursday, Murder By Death, Yovee, Pretty Girls Make Graves, A Static Lullaby, Motion City Soundtrack, Avenged Sevenfold, MeWithoutYou, Imogen Heap.., Freezepop, Elton John, Electric Light Orchestra, and anything i can slam dance too.........no.