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cbrickhouse 0 posts
9/3/2011 12:19:00 PM
Nah ran out a few weeks back
$teve grove 0 posts
5/26/2011 3:28:00 PM
you figure it out?
$teve grove 0 posts
5/26/2011 10:25:00 AM
when i click the download link it opens two windows. one is an add.
$teve grove 0 posts
11/16/2010 11:26:00 AM
$teve grove 0 posts
11/3/2010 1:33:00 PM
got dem linx
$teve grove 0 posts
11/3/2010 1:25:00 PM
tv-links.eu son
$teve grove 0 posts
10/21/2010 11:48:00 AM
yeah, i got it holmes.
$teve grove 0 posts
10/20/2010 5:58:00 PM
yessir i did, you doing reviews on there or something?
tyrod24 0 posts
10/11/2010 6:43:00 PM
they play tommorrow? fuck. yeah totally had long reddish hair and a bongripper shirt lol
tyrod24 0 posts
10/11/2010 6:32:00 PM
were you at the torche show at ravari room in cbus with a bongripper shirt last year? if so i fucking talked to your ass
[SASSY] 0 posts
9/28/2010 11:56:00 AM
happy belated birthday. I mean I did get the text in yesterday, but since we are no longer friends on fbook, I decided here was the best place to leave an internet message. :) your present should be there tomorrow.
$teve grove 0 posts
9/27/2010 9:25:00 AM
happy birthday cock bag
[SASSY] 0 posts
9/23/2010 11:37:00 AM
stop lurking my profile and just send me a text artard.
amandaaa 0 posts
9/12/2010 1:55:00 PM
I saw that, I accepted. :)
amandaaa 0 posts
9/12/2010 9:18:00 AM
Being sick is horrible. I'm doing alright. Just at work right now. Being bored. Wanting to go home and play MW2
amandaaa 0 posts
9/11/2010 8:26:00 PM
How are you?
[SASSY] 0 posts
6/30/2010 7:54:00 PM
oh hai. :)
thisgirldesire 0 posts
6/5/2010 4:05:00 PM
if you're into heat, az has plenty. the not humid part is what's nice. and waking up every day and not worrying if you have to roll your pants or bring an umbrella...
thisgirldesire 0 posts
6/5/2010 1:45:00 PM
bummer, man. it's sunny and hot here. shocker for az, right? haha
thisgirldesire 0 posts
6/5/2010 11:52:00 AM
what's goooooooooood?
$teve grove 0 posts
5/11/2010 1:54:00 AM
$teve grove 0 posts
5/11/2010 1:53:00 AM
sendz mez da beatz noaw
WREN 0 posts
3/11/2010 7:59:00 AM
send me an email at reviews@stereokiller.com so i can forward you the email with link for that Barren Earth record. The link seems to only work from the email.
[SASSY] 0 posts
3/8/2010 11:22:00 AM
I hope you're feeling okay today. If you need to talk or anything just lemme know.
[SASSY] 0 posts
3/3/2010 11:57:00 AM
well i'm not sure he ate them, they all seemed to be there, but they were all slobbery and broken, so I think he ate pieces of them and pieces of the pack itself. but don't worry...it's my fault according to him, so he felt it necessary to throw up his breakfast on my rug this morning. my favorite.
[SASSY] 0 posts
2/6/2010 4:01:00 AM
hmph... sleeping again.
[SASSY] 0 posts
1/23/2010 3:54:00 AM
I remember the days when I was falling asleep on you....oh how the tables have turned. pity.
cbrickhouse 0 posts
1/18/2010 4:05:00 PM
send a screenshot to cbrickhouse@gmail.com, with what browser you're using
$teve grove 0 posts
1/6/2010 10:02:00 AM
yo, hit me up with a text sometime today BROTHER
$teve grove 0 posts
10/1/2009 5:25:00 PM
7-750 for head and cab
$teve grove 0 posts
10/1/2009 5:18:00 PM
you probably don't want it. its been re-tubed, practically re-built the entire head but it keeps blowing transformers. it works, it just doesn't get as loud as it should. it could be fixed, i'm just tired of fucking with it and its not the head i use anyway. the cab is in great condition. i'm going to try to rape a local scene kid, but if that doesn't work i can give you a reasonable price haha.
Tim E. Husk 0 posts
9/21/2009 8:09:00 PM
Punk & Personal 0 posts
9/9/2009 2:25:00 AM
yea its lyk 4:30pm here :P
Punk & Personal 0 posts
9/9/2009 2:18:00 AM
fun :P

im bored at uni at the moment
Punk & Personal 0 posts
9/9/2009 2:04:00 AM
wat u doin??
Punk & Personal 0 posts
9/9/2009 1:50:00 AM
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/17/2009 4:38:00 AM
Well I have yahoo, too.
No MSN or AIM though sorry
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/17/2009 4:12:00 AM
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/17/2009 3:57:00 AM
Hey, nothing too exciting. I just got out of the shower and I'm chilling out.
What are you up to?
Moss Piglet 0 posts
8/12/2009 5:46:00 AM
Yes. but our honeymoon will consist of watching disney movies on your couch and making babies, k? thxbai
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 3:50:00 AM
Amelia is my real name, silly.
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 3:41:00 AM
haha, if only.
I'm from New Jersey.
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 3:24:00 AM
And I'm not even an Aussie!
Maybe their bad habits are rubbing off on me.
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 3:19:00 AM
Haha goodness no that isn't what I meant at all.
I just changed lanes when I shouldn't have. Women drivers huh
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 3:06:00 AM
Yeah I'm fine. Just poor judgement on my part. I am fully insured but I still have to pay the excess with is just over a grand, and if the damage to my car is going to cost more than the market value of it, it gets written off and I have to buy a new one. Ain't that a bitch.
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 2:55:00 AM
Haha. I'm doing pretty well considering I crashed my car last week and I still haven't heard from the repair shop regarding whether it's even worth fixing or not.
But yeah, life is decent.
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
8/10/2009 2:42:00 AM
Hey, how's it goin'
tyrod24 0 posts
8/7/2009 2:45:00 AM
yea greetings from ohio
Moss Piglet 0 posts
8/6/2009 3:19:00 AM
lol what's up? get on aim.
tyrod24 0 posts
8/4/2009 9:22:00 PM
someone said you went there

no biggie
tyrod24 0 posts
8/4/2009 2:32:00 PM
hey man you go to capital?
Moss Piglet 0 posts
7/31/2009 1:58:00 AM
Hi...... Hiiiiiiiii.......... hi....
Moss Piglet 0 posts
7/30/2009 6:05:00 AM
*Grows a nut* You happy?
$teve grove 0 posts
7/26/2009 12:02:00 AM
i sold it with a bunch of junk parts in it to our old guitar player who must have sold it to someone else, cause thats not him haha. piece of advice, don't buy that amp. haha.
$teve grove 0 posts
7/25/2009 8:19:00 PM
haha, dude, that IS my old amp. not the cabs but the head is. see the ZMA sticker by the vh140c logo? that head is not what it says it is. the entire inside caught on fire and all the parts were taken completely out and replace with random parts, therefore kind of killing the sought after part about the amp. haha.
$teve grove 0 posts
7/20/2009 4:20:00 PM
how goes it?
$teve grove 0 posts
7/10/2009 11:35:00 AM
haha, no man, i meant $400, my bad
$teve grove 0 posts
7/10/2009 11:35:00 AM
i mean $600 haha goddamn it
$teve grove 0 posts
7/10/2009 11:34:00 AM
i wouldn't pay more than $4, i know a lot of people are sovtek nuts, so if its in good shape and you really want it and its not that much more, go for it. i had the reverb, chorus and all that shit taken out of my ampeg so i only had straight clean or straight distortion. which is all i need. if i'm not mistaken, thats how those mig 100s are. you planning on using pedals?
$teve grove 0 posts
7/10/2009 11:12:00 AM
i've had two of those ampegs. the first one i bought was in pretty bad shape and i got it for $200, replaced the power supply and had everything cleaned up by our old guitarist who fixes amps for a living, free of charge. it worked great for like 2 years until the insides literally caught on fire. then i found another one for $350 at music go round in bustown (german village i think) and i played that shit into the ground and have taken it everywhere. the input are fucked up (easy fix, i know, just haven't gotten around to fixing it), so i've been using my 5150 in the mean time, i don't like it as much as the ampeg(s) but its still a pretty mean fucking amp.
$teve grove 0 posts
7/10/2009 11:12:00 AM
if i could find one in really good shape, i'd spend $6 for it.
$teve grove 0 posts
7/10/2009 9:48:00 AM
fuck, that is nice. how much are they asking?
Moss Piglet 0 posts
7/9/2009 1:25:00 AM
Cause I aint know mah beast jawn was on, shit.
$teve grove 0 posts
6/16/2009 6:13:00 PM
i work 9-5 every week day, so weekends and after 5 are always good. our drummer lives 5 minutes away from me and the other 2 guys live in bustown so they are pretty much good whenever. bottom line, we have no money, so whatever is free, or cheapest is what we want to do.
Moss Piglet 0 posts
6/12/2009 4:56:00 AM
I do luh me sum bonez :D
Moss Piglet 0 posts
6/11/2009 6:00:00 AM
*Hugs* lol

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