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A.RYAN 0 posts
3/2/2007 6:11:00 AM
yeah u welcome angel and u r hot how r u today and what u been up to chat soon i have to go out now but hugs for u angel
RiotLatGrl 0 posts
2/26/2007 8:11:00 PM
hey guys.... my aim is gone 4 good lol.....i'm just using my Yahoo or hotmail
A.RYAN 0 posts
2/26/2007 12:20:00 AM
hiya how r u angel join me at WHAT EVER U WANT@ CherryTAP
Litttle MR Muffin 22 0 posts
2/21/2007 1:35:00 PM
my aim add me hun SiQQ MoshBrahhWS
RiotLatGrl 0 posts
2/21/2007 12:58:00 PM
thanx guys
Litttle MR Muffin 22 0 posts
2/20/2007 9:29:00 PM
your cute
emo guys emo bands rock, some grunge, black stuff skulls converse skaters
silverstein atreyu funeral for a friend saosin chiodos my chemical romance alesana hawthrone heights from first to last 30 seconds to mars