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6/14/2007 6:18:00 AM
XDXDXDXDXDXD i nowe know why hes being kicked off XD
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5/3/2007 8:53:00 AM
wtf did u vote for me 4
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5/2/2007 8:56:00 PM
shouldn't have voted for yourself, asshole! ahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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5/2/2007 7:40:00 PM
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5/2/2007 7:23:00 PM
get off this site, fuck.
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5/2/2007 5:45:00 PM

755 E. 10th st.
Oakland, CA 94606

let me know when you're on your way...i'll make sure to bake a pie to stuff your face with.
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new loma prieta

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hey, I am frank I like computers, I went to college to become a chef but then decided that I didn't want to be one I am thinking about going back but right now I run a website, well not yet it will be up soon though I like metal music punk music screamo hardcore ska and almost anything else ROCK ON!
fall out boy, eminem, 50 cent, hit the lights, and OTHERS but MOSTLY ROCK ALL THE WAY BABY