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12/11/2006 9:28:00 PM
hey what are you doin? havent talked to you in a long time!!!! where have you been. ya i havent got on to this shit in a long time. i usualy am on myspace now. do you have one? well i still have your phone number ill call it one of these days to see what your doing. and if you even remember me. k take care
vale 0 posts
11/27/2006 10:02:00 PM
soi de yucatan, mexico
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8/22/2006 4:40:00 PM
pshhmichaela. 0 posts
8/21/2006 6:51:00 PM
haha yep no good comes from lap dances really
eyewtkas 0 posts
8/16/2006 5:59:00 PM
thanks. but i've been on this site before.
kaytee*snufalopagous 0 posts
8/6/2006 12:54:00 PM
Jack Shit.
I was supposed to go help a friend school shop.
But I slept through her phone calls.
&& was suppose to go to the movies.
Too lazy for all of that though.
So I talked on the phone till like 3.
Read Naked.

and went to sleep.
kaytee*snufalopagous 0 posts
8/4/2006 2:45:00 AM

how are you?
Im ... okay phone died.
very very very very bored.
suicidal_X_hate 0 posts
7/24/2006 2:53:00 AM
thanks hun.
&& nice pics!!

TwistaS 0 posts
6/2/2006 1:01:00 PM
hey what are you doing? dam wered you dissapear at?!! so what going on with you or what? ya i finaly got some pics put on my profile. so what have you been up to! talk to you later. but this time dont take to long to write back cuz schools out next week on thursday so after that i dont no when ill be on the computer!!
TwistaS 0 posts
5/17/2006 1:16:00 PM
hey whats been going on or what? what have you been up to lately? me not much just here in school. finaly we only have like 2 more weeks left. its about dam time. now all i need to do is find myself a job. but ya well ill talk to you later k
fadingorchid 0 posts
2/19/2006 1:57:00 PM
I'm not that bad - same shit at home - same shit as usual!
what are you doing all the time?
TwistaS 0 posts
2/14/2006 1:41:00 PM
********Happy Valentines Day***********

hey what are you doing me nothin just here in class being bored. so what have you been up to lately? me nothin well im better let you go so talk to you later k
RockStarlett 0 posts
2/8/2006 4:11:00 AM
u like the doors? Nice, The doors are freakin awesome.
fadingorchid 0 posts
2/1/2006 9:02:00 AM
hi :)
haven't heard from you for such a long time...how are you?
shooting_stars 0 posts
1/25/2006 11:17:00 AM
mood: lonley.....

im here :-).....

como estado? todo bien mijo?
FigEPudn 0 posts
1/9/2006 10:24:00 PM
annamaria 0 posts
1/8/2006 10:15:00 PM
a golden retreiver! hes my lover. pretty much. im me and ill show you MILLIONS of pictures of him hehehe.
FigEPudn 0 posts
1/8/2006 10:01:00 PM
I haven't given it a chance, I'm typically not too fond of mango. But for thee, I will tryyy.
annamaria 0 posts
1/8/2006 7:56:00 PM
you have a wide range of music. thats super :]
FigEPudn 0 posts
1/8/2006 1:33:00 AM
I prefer chocolate. And the chocolate and strawberry mixed is bomb. But green tea is good when I'm in the mood.
Misery<3sHer 0 posts
1/8/2006 12:53:00 AM
yeah..u know ur not having fun until someone thows up
bipolartrend 0 posts
1/7/2006 8:54:00 PM
yep; sure have: i'm getting my sleeves done and i'll have all of them up soon.
Misery<3sHer 0 posts
1/7/2006 5:58:00 PM
you know, the usual..drank, got drunk, watched my friends throw up off balconies....fun times :)
Misery<3sHer 0 posts
1/6/2006 10:48:00 AM
sounds fun :)
Misery<3sHer 0 posts
1/4/2006 5:12:00 PM
not a whole lot..just hangn around..how was ur new years?
ScarletKiss 0 posts
1/4/2006 3:26:00 PM
whats tough??...
ScarletKiss 0 posts
1/4/2006 3:24:00 PM
whats tough??...
Misery<3sHer 0 posts
1/3/2006 5:39:00 PM
thanx!! how goes it?
emo_goth_princess 0 posts
1/3/2006 2:06:00 PM
wow u are cute i am ugly but will u talk to me?
staplegunned 0 posts
1/1/2006 7:01:00 PM
just thought i'd say hello (:
khristynne 0 posts
1/1/2006 4:52:00 PM
thanks! whats up?
khristynne 0 posts
1/1/2006 6:41:00 AM
hey there thanks 4 the welcome comment u seem cool
shooting_stars 0 posts
12/27/2005 1:12:00 PM
hey you, i im'ed you on yahoo :-)

how have you been? hope you had a great holiday week,
que te regaladon para christmas???

quidate pues.... <3 barbara

my myspace link drop me a coment some time....


tish_ue 0 posts
12/21/2005 2:13:00 PM
so watz up
tish_ue 0 posts
12/21/2005 2:06:00 PM
lol yea it is
RoboJess 0 posts
12/12/2005 8:06:00 PM
not too much..wht about you<3?
RoboJess 0 posts
11/30/2005 6:52:00 AM
hey there
shooting_stars 0 posts
11/16/2005 4:28:00 PM
chulo donde andas?
shooting_stars 0 posts
11/2/2005 7:39:00 PM
aw thanx cutie, it was about time that i updated my pics tho
:-P hows it going in cali.......
Empty Hearts 0 posts
11/2/2005 5:38:00 AM
thanx for the pic comment! :)
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
10/24/2005 2:24:00 PM
im doing good I guess, how have you been haven't heard from you lately
BredxFromxPain 0 posts
10/21/2005 10:53:00 PM
CherryPie 0 posts
10/20/2005 5:51:00 AM
thank you, yours is pretty cool too
BredxFromxPain 0 posts
10/19/2005 5:25:00 PM
Piercedfiend 0 posts
10/15/2005 7:12:00 PM
live closer
TwistaS 0 posts
10/12/2005 12:58:00 PM
you know what you better not do nothin stupid man
i aint even playin!!!
abby 0 posts
10/11/2005 5:41:00 PM
im good. its getting chilly here in WI. but thats how i love it.
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:51:00 PM
well hey im gonna go to lunch so ill call you today and well see if your still mad at me by the time we hang up.
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:49:00 PM
and to cuz my lil sisters need me.
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:48:00 PM
awww.... how cuuute..
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:46:00 PM
ya death is something that i would hope for
but im gonna live my life to the fullest
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:45:00 PM
shit the only thing that i can do now is just hope for luck.
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:44:00 PM
ya i know but hey theres pretty much nothin in my life
so what else can i hope for?
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:41:00 PM
why not?
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:39:00 PM
but why im just having a little fun with you??
thats all. why you dont like it or what?
TwistaS 0 posts
10/11/2005 1:36:00 PM
hey hey hey
what are you doing!!!!!!!
abby 0 posts
10/8/2005 1:18:00 AM
hey. hows cali
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
10/7/2005 11:24:00 PM
Really? well congrats on the win! I just got back from camping...im sore...me and the ground, we don't mix when it comes to sleeping...
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
10/3/2005 9:52:00 PM
cool, what kinda of tournament was it? im tired as fuck too, I had my wisdom teeth taken out today..>:(
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
10/2/2005 12:53:00 PM
here we go again, you're not on. but hey anything new going on?
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
9/29/2005 1:35:00 PM
well damn everytime im on here you're offline heh o well i'll catch you on one day
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
9/28/2005 4:38:00 PM
well I guess i didn't read that last one in time cause it's a different day
shooting_stars 0 posts
9/28/2005 11:16:00 AM
hey you......
well just got back from evacuating houston, it sucked.....
how have you been?
.........miss me? ;-P
shooting_stars 0 posts
9/28/2005 11:10:00 AM
hey you......
well just got back from evacuating houston, it sucked.....
how have you been?
.........miss me? ;-P
BelovedDarkness7 0 posts
9/27/2005 8:41:00 AM
yeah alice in chains does rock...so whats up?
_Dark_Darker_Darko_ 0 posts
9/26/2005 12:19:00 PM
emm...ok...if You think so...

now i can only imagine all the shit this will get..

by BredxFromxPain on 11/19/2005 1:12:00 PM
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