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JaRAD 0 posts
12/5/2007 4:03:00 AM
happy birthday
i got ink 0 posts
3/15/2007 12:46:00 AM
hows going?
i got ink 0 posts
3/13/2007 12:48:00 AM
aoaoo 0 posts
10/31/2006 4:33:00 AM
why arent you in bed|?
ThEcAsUlTiEs 0 posts
8/15/2006 3:57:00 AM
i saw u opened for cheap sex on your myspace how was tht ?
ThEcAsUlTiEs 0 posts
8/15/2006 3:51:00 AM
sum damn good punk bands right there
he ho! lets go! 0 posts
4/3/2006 5:52:00 PM
hello sorry to say this but horropops are one hell of a shit band. i could play better with my ears
Seru Amen 0 posts
1/4/2006 7:52:00 AM
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
1/2/2006 2:02:00 PM
i did get it actually. its not colored yet. just lining. i will post the pic up.
H.M. Murdock 0 posts
12/20/2005 4:45:00 AM
do you go to RCC?
bloodysk8er101 0 posts
12/4/2005 9:00:00 PM
Hey my names Micah
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
10/11/2005 6:48:00 AM
still up?lol..isnt it like almost 4am there?
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
10/11/2005 4:09:00 AM
yeah..it definatly should be interesting
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
10/11/2005 3:47:00 AM
yeah..im pretty excited about it..mainly just because someone that ive been interested in for a long time...well...if he shows up when im getting tattooed then he feels the same i guess...haha..so its kind of nerve racking this one
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
10/11/2005 3:34:00 AM
nope.wednesday...im getting my chest touched up..and the lining done on my new one
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
10/7/2005 3:00:00 AM
hey whats up! check out my new tattoo design..im gettin it done tomorrow..ahhh shiiit..its in my pics
let me know what you think!

YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
10/1/2005 11:16:00 PM
dude...not at all..haha
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/30/2005 11:20:00 PM
you do have me beat with the rockstar glasses for sure.haha.but thanks for the comment anyhow*smiles*
ascendancy1234 0 posts
9/30/2005 9:12:00 AM
i t ink u shuld have a pretty lil bunny........on fire........with maggots eating it
or something
pop goes the weasel
ultimatelydevoted 0 posts
9/27/2005 8:50:00 PM
How long have you been playing guitar? I wanna move back to cali so bad and start a kick ass punk band, I just have to save some cash first.
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/26/2005 11:30:00 PM
yeah when i got my guns the right side didnt feel anything.but the left side fucking hurt. i have more nerves there i guess, because everytime the needle hit my skin, it would make my left elbow burn.it was weird.meh.it looks kick ass.so who cares? haha
ultimatelydevoted 0 posts
9/26/2005 5:06:00 PM
I just came to PA from San Francisco, I should of never left. So how come you post on a PA board.
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/26/2005 4:53:00 AM
man.i think it looks kick ass. was it painful? cause it looks like it would definatly be more sensitive then the chest.and i know that fucking killed. but you dont remember it after really.
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/26/2005 3:50:00 AM
love the die first bleed later tattoo.kind of reminds me of my chest piece.haha.awesome pics dude.
Freak76 0 posts
9/22/2005 9:26:00 PM
I have that to. jaspen76 It is new to me so i'm not to sure how it works yet if ya wanna add me.
Freak76 0 posts
9/22/2005 9:04:00 PM
You could put a rain forest for a chest piece n' have the trees n' shit start from the fire! Summin like that. We would hafta chat for a bit to understand wut i'm trying to say :). Do you have msn?
Freak76 0 posts
9/22/2005 8:40:00 PM
That'll look fuckin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you planning on tating any higher on to your stomach?
Freak76 0 posts
9/22/2005 4:09:00 PM
The Cult Leader 0 posts
4/12/2005 7:36:00 PM
That sucks your bands broke up...were you in more than one?
buzzsaw 0 posts
4/9/2005 12:23:00 PM
well god damn hard core girls what a betty
LessThanNothing 0 posts
4/6/2005 1:52:00 PM
cool pics n good band list.... just missin English Dogs, Crass, and Flux of Pink Indians :)
rottonpistols1st 0 posts
3/10/2005 4:01:00 AM
hey whats up
KillAllTheWhiteMen 0 posts
2/20/2005 1:28:00 AM
those are some good bands
7_angels_7_naps 0 posts
2/19/2005 12:39:00 AM
yes and same to you miss...love the guitar pics!
HellcatsSingLoud 0 posts
1/12/2005 12:00:00 AM
awesome music
smuffe 0 posts
12/30/2004 4:09:00 AM
2am was a good track!
so how are you ?
JMin1202 0 posts
12/29/2004 10:30:00 PM
thats crazy. just because you wont go to church huh? hopefully your mom helps ya out. good luck with all that.
40ozFuckUp 0 posts
12/29/2004 2:55:00 PM
holy shit your amazing
smuffe 0 posts
12/29/2004 4:10:00 AM
hey , how are you??
do you have somthing whit your band i can hear somewhere?
and by the way, you are really fucking hot!! // swidish rocker
JMin1202 0 posts
12/29/2004 3:43:00 AM
damn that sucks.... and i though mine was really bad. you get everything straight or still on the rocks?
JMin1202 0 posts
12/29/2004 3:34:00 AM
so how was your christmas?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/29/2004 2:48:00 AM
nice when are u goin to be on tehe? my aim sn is bloodynotes
JMin1202 0 posts
12/25/2004 2:01:00 AM
you have some bad ass tats.... merry christmas!
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/19/2004 7:57:00 PM
ill try nething once so i can right?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/16/2004 8:28:00 PM
aww poop u better tell me!
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/11/2004 1:18:00 PM
and when i s that?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/9/2004 8:22:00 AM
ur so silly bu ti was not still invited to the party!
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/7/2004 8:20:00 AM
tipsy is wat again?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/5/2004 4:02:00 PM
thats not good babe being drunk is nto cool!
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/4/2004 1:28:00 AM
can i come to ur b day party
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/28/2004 8:18:00 AM
sowwie i was out of town for battle of the bands damn im lame try agin haha
I am the calm. 0 posts
11/27/2004 1:15:00 AM
sounds like a plan. good luck recording....things can get crazy in the studio.
I am the calm. 0 posts
11/23/2004 1:44:00 AM
whoa....so those were live??? the sound is pretty good for being live...that's killer.
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/23/2004 1:30:00 AM
i said next time u are on comment me haa thats wat i said
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/20/2004 8:44:00 PM
damn sowwie well next time u are
I am the calm. 0 posts
11/20/2004 7:35:00 PM
You lied....those songs were pretty good. At least i thought so.
I am the calm. 0 posts
11/20/2004 7:03:00 PM
i guess i'll have to listen later than i thought....apparently myspace is doing routine maintenance and offer me the chance to play pacman instead...
I am the calm. 0 posts
11/20/2004 5:49:00 PM
crappy or not i will have to listen to them then.
I am the calm. 0 posts
11/20/2004 12:44:00 AM
do you have any audio samples?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/19/2004 4:22:00 PM
cya comment me back nest time u are on so i can save ur sn on my aim list
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/19/2004 3:59:00 PM
haha right on yo well i know i cant im u now because i am not home i am at school
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/19/2004 3:55:00 PM
ur birthday and christmas is the only time u get on?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/17/2004 12:27:00 AM
i cant do it over link it has to be done over aim yo
cbrickhouse 0 posts
11/16/2004 5:21:00 PM
whats up, you should IM me
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/16/2004 4:20:00 PM
i guess u didnt haha
cheeba messiah 0 posts
11/16/2004 4:01:00 PM
right on i'll give it a listen. if your down for checkin out some new music, check out ...InThisDay...


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