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4/23/2009 11:57:00 PM
make sure you come out to my show tomorrow/tonight friday the 24th !!!
myspace.com/thewayentertainment for info

myself my enemy
dead walk the earth
at long last

only 8 bucks for a killer time!!

bill the way
CANNIBAL 0 posts
2/28/2009 9:19:00 AM
haha yeahs kids are def lame now a days
not much got laid off from my first job and gonna be laid off in 8 days from my other one.. so fun fun fun haha
i def wanna try finding some cool hiking trails and start doing that shit i despertly need to get back into shape
so give me a call after march 8th to chill since ill def be free all the time haha
J LANSDALE 0 posts
4/6/2008 11:54:00 AM
yes. fall from heaven.

Soundboard Crank Calls...

by xxPA215HCxx on 3/20/2008 9:06:00 PM
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WHats The Best Real Movie Porn Name?

by xxPA215HCxx on 5/18/2008 9:21:00 PM
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