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ieatpants 0 posts
7/5/2007 2:40:00 AM
Meeganlovesyou! 0 posts
4/18/2006 9:15:00 AM
nice taste in music
im meegan!?!
xxbleucielxx 0 posts
4/16/2006 3:49:00 AM
Portugal. the man nice. I didn't think anyone on this board knew who they were. i posted something about that album in a forum and it never got a single reply. You and I pretty much have the same music list. I respect your selection, take that as a compliment because it's rare I say that.
Sonyyy♥ 0 posts
9/30/2005 10:52:00 AM

how are you :]
annamaria 0 posts
9/25/2005 12:09:00 AM
WE BOTH HAVE PIANO PICTURES ! ♥ we are meant to be friends
mouth_likeA_magazine 0 posts
6/19/2005 1:48:00 PM
first, you have wonderful taste in music...but who i am i to say so....
second, your favorite pic has to be one of my favorites i have seen in a while... beautiful.
JessRock 0 posts
5/16/2005 11:18:00 PM
hey matticus badicus... we haven't talked to each other in a while....how is the house situation? hope well.... I will bother you on myspace soon...

Oh I went to a tattoo convention...it was very cool...wish you could have come with me....you would have thought it was rad...

and you too have a super duper day....

<3 jessrockstar <3
Your-In? 0 posts
4/27/2005 5:14:00 PM
You're cute. <3
ChasedwithCyanidex 0 posts
4/20/2005 2:42:00 PM
Hmmmm... great bandlist

goregore.dancedance 0 posts
4/4/2005 11:05:00 AM
portugal. the man
JessRock 0 posts
4/4/2005 1:05:00 AM
whateva :P hahahah
Dyeit_Fryit_ 0 posts
4/1/2005 8:37:00 PM
Hey doll. Long time no chat! You're looking gorgeous (in that hot manly way of course) as usual and I just wanted to drop by and say hi. IM me anytime! AIM-ChevelleMyBelle
JessRock 0 posts
3/22/2005 4:33:00 PM
is that the book you read when your voice changes? tee hee :)
JessRock 0 posts
3/20/2005 5:02:00 AM
matticus the man? that makes me laugh a little too much...your a boy still..remember? j/k :)
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
3/19/2005 4:44:00 PM
hmm how amazingly lovely...


shecankillyou 0 posts
3/17/2005 1:28:00 PM
pretty good myself, i hope you have a nice day :)
JessRock 0 posts
3/16/2005 11:42:00 PM
so silly you are
JessRock 0 posts
3/12/2005 4:45:00 AM
Oh yea I'd sooo like to see you try...your like a 4 year old boy you could never do that to me hahahaha *just kidding* <3
shecankillyou 0 posts
3/9/2005 12:11:00 PM
hi, how are you?
JessRock 0 posts
3/1/2005 7:33:00 PM
wow matt....i am jealous of you (not really) *see I was joking there* :)
danceyourfaceoff 0 posts
2/11/2005 12:33:00 PM
nice band list.
unicornxcore 0 posts
2/5/2005 6:48:00 PM
guiltyofbeingangelina 0 posts
2/4/2005 12:43:00 PM
d-o-w-n and thats the way we get down
unicornxcore 0 posts
2/3/2005 7:59:00 AM
how are ya? (:p
sweet lou 0 posts
1/27/2005 11:57:00 AM
oh neat . do u go to lke a photography school?
sweet lou 0 posts
1/26/2005 12:34:00 PM
neAT so wats goin on
JessRock 0 posts
1/24/2005 3:25:00 PM
because we dont talk enough other ways haha <3
sweet lou 0 posts
1/24/2005 12:35:00 PM
i lie ur pictures. did u take them
Dyeit_Fryit_ 0 posts
1/20/2005 3:50:00 PM
Wow, It's been so long, I never realized I left you a comment way back in September...Lordy...I'm losing my mind. Lol, sorry 'bout that!

Dyeit_Fryit_ 0 posts
1/20/2005 3:49:00 PM
You are very welcome. Cheers.

Dyeit_Fryit_ 0 posts
1/20/2005 3:24:00 PM
Good Music List. I like your hair

LOVEburnsCOLD 0 posts
11/17/2004 5:21:00 PM
wowzers ur beautiful
metalvox685719 0 posts
10/29/2004 4:34:00 PM
wow, although i don't like much punk, your list of bands is impressive, lol
Dyeit_Fryit_ 0 posts
9/21/2004 6:57:00 PM
You're band list is beautiful, and so are you ^_^ YAY MURDER CITY DEVILS!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who knows they exist. Lol :)

collapse.of.my.heart 0 posts
9/20/2004 6:15:00 PM
soo cute.and so many bands *thumbs up* heading in the right direction there mr.x
misfitXragdollX 0 posts
8/22/2004 9:39:00 PM
very nice bands +hella hot pics. <3
thatstupidgirl3 0 posts
8/18/2004 9:34:00 PM
great pictures
Josaphine 0 posts
4/29/2004 4:04:00 PM
electrocuted 0 posts
4/22/2004 8:20:00 PM
cool music bro.
Circara!Sapere 0 posts
4/17/2004 11:04:00 PM
nice key board photo i def. like the angle you took it from
Josaphine 0 posts
4/9/2004 6:24:00 PM
hehe..i love you too...you should come to my house now..right now!!

Josaphine 0 posts
4/2/2004 11:51:00 PM
on my ass huh?
i got a bit bored....your not on and iam talking to your bro....
JessRock 0 posts
4/1/2004 7:24:00 PM
nice ink matt =) very cool indeed
cuppycake 0 posts
3/31/2004 2:46:00 AM
future roomy
itgirlragdoll 0 posts
3/20/2004 11:05:00 PM
....by the way, have you heard of the band called 'minus'? theyre awesome.
itgirlragdoll 0 posts
3/20/2004 11:01:00 PM
awesome awesome awesome band list.
Josaphine 0 posts
3/19/2004 3:48:00 AM
ogh asligh lszd aeasrtga

you are on your way here RIGHT NOW!!!
Josaphine 0 posts
3/13/2004 3:18:00 AM
i know you are already mine..but now i can steal you and not let you ever leave!..come on now
StArS,in(Red) 0 posts
3/13/2004 3:06:00 AM
U GOT SOME REALLY super nice pics :)
XEmOXHeArTXGuRlX 0 posts
3/12/2004 2:11:00 PM
really reeaallllyyy hot!!!<3
Josaphine 0 posts
3/12/2004 1:14:00 PM
one week and your all mine
jenn snorts coke. 0 posts
3/11/2004 5:50:00 PM
JessRock 0 posts
3/9/2004 8:56:00 PM
hotness man hehe
JessRock 0 posts
3/8/2004 12:08:00 AM
cool new picture man
Josaphine 0 posts
3/4/2004 7:40:00 PM
wow hot
Josaphine 0 posts
3/4/2004 7:40:00 PM
<3 michelle
aple 0 posts
3/2/2004 1:21:00 PM
mm further seems forever and alexisonfire.
Josaphine 0 posts
2/29/2004 7:34:00 PM
this kid is the best
X fordirelifesake X 0 posts
2/28/2004 11:55:00 PM
wow you're really hot your picture makes me happy =)
JessRock 0 posts
2/27/2004 10:54:00 PM
you dork you..
JessRock 0 posts
2/27/2004 1:35:00 AM
heyyyy man...
lovewillkillall7765 0 posts
2/26/2004 6:40:00 AM
Josaphine 0 posts
2/24/2004 2:02:00 AM
you are hot...hot like whoa!
<3 michelle
ohhoworiginal 0 posts
2/24/2004 1:05:00 AM
hellooo cutay !
Josaphine 0 posts
2/23/2004 8:28:00 PM
dun dun dun..sorry really really bored so i thought i would write to the cutest boy on this whole site :)haha noo thats not you, so i will stop now....haha
Josaphine 0 posts
2/23/2004 8:28:00 PM
aww no i kid i kid
<3 michelle :)
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