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StArS,in(Red) 0 posts
8/11/2007 11:40:00 PM
love the glasses
rainOntheparade 0 posts
12/5/2004 9:21:00 PM
when are we going to makeout?
Posed.To.Death. 0 posts
11/9/2004 4:40:00 PM
ahahahahahha! I ALWAYS say nice face. Thanks for stealing my line. Jerk. <33
Posed.To.Death. 0 posts
11/5/2004 3:21:00 PM
Nice sweater!
rainOntheparade 0 posts
10/29/2004 2:00:00 PM
don't leave me sexy comments, message me on aim g-damnit!!
electrocute- 0 posts
10/15/2004 7:51:00 PM
england is pooooo at the moment lol ....rain and coldnesss.......come save me xXx
predisposition 0 posts
10/11/2004 10:46:00 AM
electrocute- 0 posts
10/7/2004 11:54:00 AM
*~*~* love hearts and lollypop trees *~*~*
rainOntheparade 0 posts
8/12/2004 10:18:00 PM
you're such the cute little emo boy. please, cry on my shoulder sometime.
annamaria 0 posts
8/9/2004 1:07:00 PM
are you like the coolest or what?! :)
rock lobster 0 posts
8/8/2004 3:35:00 PM

Asphyxiated Oblivion 0 posts
8/4/2004 4:17:00 PM
awww...so cute.
TakeMeBreakMe 0 posts
6/25/2004 10:45:00 AM
ha very emo...i yike that:)
Made in japan 0 posts
6/4/2004 6:14:00 PM
hey look its the cute kid again
Yeslek 0 posts
5/9/2004 10:57:00 PM
hey dallas.
Modern Chemistry 0 posts
5/3/2004 3:54:00 PM
hahahaha, yeah I know, they're pretty awesome, actually they are awesome.
Modern Chemistry 0 posts
4/17/2004 3:50:00 PM
Atreyu is way good.
predisposition 0 posts
4/10/2004 3:25:00 PM
thanks <3
tarstar 0 posts
4/10/2004 1:17:00 AM
my real name is tara.
which backwards is a rat. hahah
so funny! TOO BADASS! =/
xLorix 0 posts
4/4/2004 11:36:00 PM
Cyber creeps are awesome <3.
xLorix 0 posts
4/4/2004 9:13:00 PM
You were e-stalking me by looking at my profile, may I help you? :)
predisposition 0 posts
4/4/2004 5:16:00 PM
aww good music + good looks...chris carabba doesn't have anything on you :)
.eat.your.heart.out. 0 posts
4/3/2004 5:50:00 PM
i'm even more awesome ;o)
sheels 0 posts
4/3/2004 5:11:00 PM
thanks...sleeping's a great interest i must say.
.eat.your.heart.out. 0 posts
4/2/2004 10:33:00 AM
hey you ... how you doing? :o)
Kristin_Lee 0 posts
4/2/2004 10:25:00 AM
oh my gosh!! u r soo adorable.. i just wanna hug and cuddle with you <33
Alex_Mack! 0 posts
3/25/2004 10:22:00 PM
look at the girls on this kids page.
Kill Your Romeo 0 posts
3/23/2004 10:05:00 PM
lilacsandlolita 0 posts
3/23/2004 9:47:00 PM
your sexy \m/
Made in japan 0 posts
3/23/2004 7:43:00 PM
can we like talk on aim or something, im really tired of doing this "leave a comment on the site so you can write back like 3 weeks later"
Kill Your Romeo 0 posts
3/22/2004 12:39:00 AM
lovely catastrophe 0 posts
3/16/2004 9:34:00 PM
very true...we'll start up again<3
vixxen 0 posts
3/16/2004 8:14:00 PM
Oh Yeah! I totaly rock the Fox..your intrests are awesome, and you like some cool bands, and Im totaly diggin your looks! <3
your_ph0nograph 0 posts
3/15/2004 10:40:00 PM
i think you DRANK from the fountain of youth, you little boy. =)

3/15/2004 8:23:00 PM
heey you're fuckin cute let's be friends :-P
Made in japan 0 posts
3/14/2004 11:33:00 PM
thanks, you too. marry me..pweeeease?
your_ph0nograph 0 posts
3/14/2004 12:50:00 AM
haha aw, in that new picture of you you look so young!

Made in japan 0 posts
3/14/2004 12:48:00 AM
you're soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :-(
JackieFace 0 posts
3/9/2004 6:49:00 PM
haha. that's cool. don't think i know anyone else with the same birthday as myself. well, besides you.
rainOntheparade 0 posts
3/5/2004 6:51:00 PM
makes perfect sense to me.. as long as we dont become the music we like, which isnt well liked.. then -we- wouldn't be well liked.. but that'd still be okay.
rainOntheparade 0 posts
3/5/2004 6:31:00 PM
you like a lot of awesome music .. it's awesome because i like it too.. therefore we are both awesome because of the awesome music which we like.
think! 0 posts
3/3/2004 4:47:00 PM
i didnt know there was a dallas in PA...
epster 0 posts
3/2/2004 9:21:00 PM
hey dallas! <3
theCITYthatBLEEDS<3 0 posts
3/1/2004 9:56:00 PM
i like your username<3
Lipglossandblack 0 posts
2/28/2004 10:54:00 PM
great bands, youre really cute
dead chicken 0 posts
2/23/2004 6:49:00 PM
you rock. your music rocks. you rock. i have nothing else to say, besides. the french are visiiting pa for another week, then they go back to france. and they call my freind "fat little boy". haha. uh sorry, im really bored.
your_ph0nograph 0 posts
2/22/2004 10:49:00 PM
why thanks love.

I cant wait!
scream.louder 0 posts
2/21/2004 10:01:00 AM
Okay lol
Kill Your Romeo 0 posts
2/21/2004 4:33:00 AM
ha maybe i should come hehehehe
StArS,in(Red) 0 posts
2/20/2004 1:21:00 AM
thANXS, :D
Kill Your Romeo 0 posts
2/19/2004 10:17:00 PM
skinny dipping france, tight jeans playing acoustic guitar bling bling skateboarding, belt buckles, making out cheezey pick-up lines ROCK SO HARD lol
scream.louder 0 posts
2/19/2004 9:04:00 PM
hehe, maybe you mean *Les filles qui parlent francais me rendent dingue** <33
xcomewaltzwithmex 0 posts
2/18/2004 9:43:00 PM
man you rock! i love reggie too! miss you kid.
**EasyPeasy 0 posts
2/17/2004 7:32:00 PM
i love metro, be it more, fitted clothes are hott, p.s ur dead sexy
Stupidtexan 0 posts
2/16/2004 12:08:00 PM
holy sit wow...some gay fag ids gonna come to the show and try to rush the satge and fight....gAY
StArS,in(Red) 0 posts
2/16/2004 9:43:00 AM
aww ur so cute , luv the trucker hat
Stupidtexan 0 posts
2/16/2004 2:34:00 AM
hey i just saw this in your profile that you like ben folds damn man you really have some great taste...i love ben folds 5...ohh and buy the way man check out at the drive in, sense fail, thrice if you havent already and beloved there pretty good
Stupidtexan 0 posts
2/16/2004 2:30:00 AM
damn are you serious about alex getting in a fight with some guy...what happened explain that is if you dont mind
lovely catastrophe 0 posts
2/15/2004 11:26:00 AM
haha nice...shure i shall..
x*BLISS*x 0 posts
2/14/2004 5:08:00 PM
heY UR LIKe aMazINgly GorgeOUs!
Stupidtexan 0 posts
2/13/2004 5:50:00 PM
yeah man...great music...and yeah i take it your left handed...same here..man monnen and alexisonfire are amzing live..the swinger for moneen jumped of the balcony and it was just sweet
redcrayon 0 posts
2/13/2004 4:28:00 PM

i think i will im you sometime. everytime i read your interests, i see something else that's totally cool. like bling bling. !!! :)
lovely catastrophe 0 posts
2/12/2004 10:31:00 PM
hows the not as dirtay north? <3
redcrayon 0 posts
2/12/2004 7:12:00 PM
hahah oh that is an awesome pick up line.

..and you like dance dance revolution too?! i love that game. a lotttt. haha
lovely catastrophe 0 posts
2/12/2004 4:11:00 PM
<3 of course...i was going to see them on the 23rd but i cant :(..
.eat.your.heart.out. 0 posts
2/11/2004 11:48:00 PM
opps sorry about that! =-x
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