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apa? penerjemah Dulu aku mengatakan sesuatu kepada mempengaruhi "musik untuk melawan pemerintah kita gay"
Forgotten + 44, ava, alesana, a7x, arch enemy, a static lullaby, ateryu attaris, alone at last, as blood runs black, as i lay dying, AFI, bring me the horizon, artic monkey, bullet for my valentine, b182, box car racer, bless the fall, bring me the horizon, c h i o d o s, childern of bodem, circe survive, cradle of flith, cold play, dead maya, diecast, distrubed, d s h b c, dream theater, escape the fate, FROM FIRST TO LAST, finch, funeral for a friend, f o b, green day, good charlotte, gorillaz, haste the day, hobastank, i am ghost, jet, j - rock, kbb, killms, lamb of god, lleeeeedd zzeeepeeeliinn, mcr, michael jacko, mr, big, muse, nirvana, new found glory, peewee gaskins, punk ska cover, ramones . rancid, r h c p, r u f i o, SAOSIN, senseil fail, sex pistols, slipknot, story of the year, sum 41, simple plan, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE USED, thirice, thirteen, transplant, yellow card and underoath, bleeding through, scary kid scaring kids, madina lake, A skylit Drive, Belie my burial, Just another day, cementery of broken hearts, converge, mindisiese, Dr.Acula, Sins under city lights, Emmure, Parkway Drive, DIMMU BORGIR Noxa PurtaTory Abysmal Dawn SuffOCatiOn Seringai SikSa KuBur AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK ALL SHALL PERISH DISSECTION MESSUGAH NILE NAPALM DEATH obituary Pig destroy THE CASUALTIES ALL SHALL PERISH AT THE GATES BEHEMOTH CREMATORY CRADLE OF FILTH CANNIBAL CORPSE CHILDREN OF BODOM DEAD VERTICAL DEICIDE DECAPITATED DARK FUNERAL DYING FETUS GORGOROTH HATEBREED IMMORTAL NIGHTWISH RHAPSODY UNEARTH WITHIN TEMPTATION WALLS OF JERICHO TENgKOraK Emmure, Parkway Drive, Close To Near Death, She's In Pain, Since the Ashes, EnterShikari123, hellahellalamelame, BeforeTheirEyes, From This Burning Sky, Taste of Blood, This Dying Sun, Key, Love=Bang, CHAOSPHATE, Johnny Truant, 42272, Tear At The Walls, SILENCE WITHIN, DeathClocks, Cist, see you next tuesday, bloody pedestariant on traffic, Beloved-Dark Angel, Insanity Plea., Once We Were Outlaws, Rumors are evil, Aryx, ._OuR hOpE In siLEnCe.-, Awaiting The End, abandon the casket, SNiFF, The_Dying_Effect, Art_of_Darknes, TOOPURETODIE, NameLess Ech0line, Feeling Shall Bleed, Beneath They Rise, Dark Entity, killing valentina, blessthefal, 40oz.Fist, KITFR, Low Battery, Dead Beyond the Grave, The_Third-Temptation, Vanity Kills Spartan, Pray for dying Slaughter Slashing, The Fall Of Babylon, End of Despair, Kids Killed Romance, Tears For Veronika, 13 Shades Of Rage, Ordained Genocide, revenge is bond, To Insanity and beyond!, The Ghost of Martha, In Skys Of Black, Beneath This Dying Sky, Stretch Arm Strong, DJ-PRIZRAK, Adelia, DISECKTO-Dj Biohazard- CAP, Holdback, The Uprising, The Pendulum, Fallen Century, man-sized rat, My Last September, asfbu, When Dying Skies Fade hiJackedJaw, Scream Of The Lambs, BORA, bodybagz, beneaththecrimsonskyline, coldbloodedfamily, Skelleton Vampire, As we Fall, Blain Subjects, A Nerve Ending The Judgement Of Paris, And the Angels were Silent, BEYOND THE BURNING, death of Hopes, Mortal Suppression, Polishdebin, OnParadiseBoulevard, A-Screaming-Symphony, BornByTears, These Corrupted Eyes, DARKEST WHITE, The Openshaw Letter(RIP), Freedom Of Rage, desorden mental, Callejon, Vendetta, Beneath Dying Wings, diVide, My Bloody Romero, ratonperez, sayries, Lenguaje Caustico, As Roses Burn, CHEMICAL VOMIT, Absolution Proyect, Thirty Two, Mourn The martyr, Mortality Fading, OSAMENTAH, Faith Maribell, Gallery Mouth, TheEndPromotions, WhiteChocolate, Muder in the Mirror BIOMORTEK, In Blood We Are Bound, Blame Vainglory, AWAKE AND LIFELESS, Dear Tragedy Xx_Mortality_xX, A Murder of Crows, Slain on Second Avenue, This Land Laid Waste The Northwest Division, Unforgiven memories HeXzus Dennika Jay Kill The Spirit The_Dead_Rose Misantrop, break of dawn, EDEN LIES IN RUINS, It Begins After Death, DJ AMPZ, No More Regrets, Twist, A Broken Boy, CeLLaR DooR, Safe To Say, Seeking Solace, The Suicide Massacre, Havenside, Sins Of A Deadman, Maximum Distortion Zine The Massacre Scene SomethingCinematic bootsy brootal X myk X Into The Grave OnTheVictrolammusic Come Clarity Noisekick Strik-9 Faith Has Fallen Robo_Suicide Circuit 1 DoktorSick/BigWES Thou Bleeding Earth xConflict Theoryx A Room Full Of Blood Dose Of Apathy Lacerations of Affection Will Work For Blood Far From 3arth Visions of Acheron Tokyo Bordell a poetic yesterday The First Born Martyr emoria [demo's available] Psychotic Mind Productions Teach 'Em Murder Hold The Horizon killed by her name attack attack the word alive escape the fate Sweet As Revenge