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12/28/2010 11:41:00 PM
omg i kant beleev a reel photograffer would take a real photograff of me wtf!
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5/8/2010 1:11:00 AM
definitely never been called that before....heading to bed, enjoy the rest of your night
the bad ass things in this world is gone. is close yet is hard too reach. are things really that hard to get or is it meant to be like this.... i think im perfect in every way. i am a god. Best music that i have listen to is THE XX SHELTER.... INFINITY.... Crystallized.... Aiden.. SAY GOODBYE WERE FALLING FAST.... ONE LOVE.....DIE DIE MY DARLING..DIE ROMANTIC....MOMENT....THE LAST SUNRISE....COLD DECEMBER.. THE SKY IS FALLING... BREATHLESS...ANGELS AND AIRWAYS...TRUE LOVE ..DO IT FOR ME.. THE USE EMPTY WITH U.. AND I M A FAKE... I LIKE LISTENING TO MUSIC AND PLAYING SOME BASKETBALL.... PLAYING LOST OF VIDEO GAMES which are bad ass. reading getting knowledge from this fake world... fuck this world get high every fucking day........ i like u but u do0nt like me i think is verry mutha fucking bas ass what a bitch hhahahah
AIDEN is fucking bad ass... the xx is smooth keeps the tension low...the used brings out the emotion the pain... skillet keeps u free opens the heart., angels and airways makes me remember what love is.. make me feel alive nine inch nails lift up the soul that is already gone....