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11/21/2016 3:50:00 PM
You have been summoned by the ghost penis to return home
nomjugs 0 posts
3/21/2014 8:47:00 AM
FallenAngel1122 0 posts
12/14/2012 10:13:00 AM
hi :) lol
Davey. 0 posts
8/7/2012 8:30:00 AM
No, I am sorry. It is half finished. I have had an extremely busy few days with work and family parties and whatnot. I will have it for you soon I promise.
Davey. 0 posts
8/2/2012 11:25:00 AM
Currently attempting your dog painting. It might take me a while, but youll have it by tomorrow. Yolo.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
7/27/2012 1:04:00 PM
yay thank you!
Yodel Toast 0 posts
7/27/2012 9:14:00 AM
fuuuuuuck I went to respond to your sweet cake picture comment and I deleted it by accident. please send it again! That was freaking sweet, I'm totally going to try it
Brett Weir 0 posts
6/28/2012 3:25:00 PM
Send me n00dz of the jizzler
ass nipples 0 posts
4/17/2012 7:09:00 AM
i saw your bro at the rofo wawa this morning. that is all.
the jizzler 0 posts
3/21/2012 6:20:00 PM
I'm his pigtails.
the jizzler 0 posts
3/21/2012 2:30:00 PM
lol how did i just see the smang.gif
the jizzler 0 posts
2/27/2012 6:37:00 PM
the jizzler 0 posts
1/18/2012 11:47:00 AM
all smanged out
the jizzler 0 posts
1/12/2012 11:58:00 AM
hey, your old pal "the jizzler" here
the jizzler 0 posts
12/7/2011 11:42:00 AM
it raises more questions than answers
MarkMyWords 0 posts
11/15/2011 8:39:00 PM
whenever you want to - I'm in no rush at all because I've been insane buying scarves :)
MarkMyWords 0 posts
11/15/2011 7:36:00 PM
do you still happen to have grey yarn to knit a cowl? I can't remember which thread I initially posted interest in, but it was weeks ago and I never asked you again
Sandy Dickhands 0 posts
11/9/2011 12:45:00 PM
happens to me all the time
FallenAngel1122 0 posts
11/9/2011 11:28:00 AM
Hey lol wats up???
Sandy Dickhands 0 posts
11/3/2011 11:02:00 PM
I see you seein, grrrrllllll
the jizzler 0 posts
10/26/2011 2:25:00 PM
the jizzler 0 posts
10/26/2011 2:08:00 PM
i lurk so hard. lol we're not even friends on here.
Dianana 0 posts
10/25/2011 8:43:00 AM
Dan. 0 posts
10/16/2011 3:14:00 PM
I saw that a couple weeks ago. I liked that place. Now I have to go to the stupid Starr diner for breakfast.
Sandy Dickhands 0 posts
9/10/2011 4:57:00 PM
That's what I thought! I was thinking that was the stadium in the upper right of the picture. A few years ago that area was a total shithole. Gentrification rules.
Sandy Dickhands 0 posts
9/10/2011 3:56:00 PM
I saw your pic in the pics thread - just curious, what neighborhood your friend lives in. I can't put my finger on it from that pic.
Brett Weir 0 posts
9/2/2011 10:07:00 PM
Quirky is a corny word but I guess that's the best word that describes it.
Brett Weir 0 posts
9/2/2011 5:01:00 PM
Your morning thread today made me love you.
Brett Weir 0 posts
8/27/2011 2:23:00 PM
The future sounds pretty awesome, I think booking a cruise party should legit happen like soon.
Brett Weir 0 posts
8/27/2011 12:58:00 PM
I had a dream you and I went on a fucking party cruise and had to solve a mystery or some shit.
kecenk 0 posts
8/12/2011 10:47:00 PM
please check our song...thanks..:)
Yodel Toast 0 posts
6/4/2011 11:55:00 PM
Rachel is psyched, thanks for giving her a shot
A Message to you 0 posts
3/25/2011 8:39:00 PM
Just thought I should say. You were totally right. Sorry.
TonyTopps 0 posts
2/20/2011 12:27:00 PM
Post pics of the CAT in PJ'S
DennisQ 0 posts
2/14/2011 4:38:00 PM
Always fucking lurking
Dianana 0 posts
2/13/2011 3:51:00 PM
Cool, I'll look it up. I really need a damn hobby. I used to be so creative and now I'm boring and lazy.
Vacancy 0 posts
2/13/2011 3:35:00 PM
You should totally like us on Facebook because we're coming out with an EP this month. :) Hit us up, it'll be free! - Vacancy

click here for link
DennisQ 0 posts
2/7/2011 8:52:00 PM
whos lurking who now?
joey. 0 posts
2/7/2011 3:48:00 PM
I have my explosives detection certification this week, talk about fun. how are things going for you and your line of work?
DennisQ 0 posts
2/5/2011 8:29:00 PM
DennisQ 0 posts
11/8/2010 12:46:00 AM
eww lurker
ass nipples 0 posts
10/31/2010 11:37:00 PM
happy birthday nicole
eric lfd 0 posts
7/15/2010 3:32:00 PM
i think it may be time to switch up the default photo haha...this one has some mileage
Miss.EmoBabe 0 posts
4/12/2010 2:18:00 PM
hi im alicia
Stress215 0 posts
3/14/2010 10:38:00 PM
Hi from Philly area.. :-)
stupid bitch 0 posts
12/10/2009 6:42:00 PM
dude i was at the liquor store tonight buying a jumbo bottle of merlot and i almost picked up some nog... you must have read my mind! i'll be there! text me to remind me sunday!
stupid bitch 0 posts
11/30/2009 11:38:00 AM
you can't pry your way back into my heart with flower shaped non-seasonal fruits. i'm not that kind of girl.
stupid bitch 0 posts
11/30/2009 11:29:00 AM
you never text me back. it hurts too much to continue this relationship. i can't be the one always giving. i hope you understand. know i'll always love you.
stupid bitch 0 posts
11/26/2009 10:51:00 AM
truth. i tried to get ahold of you last friday. smoke bowls and get fat.
Jess. 0 posts
11/20/2009 12:48:00 PM
I am still in State College but looking to move back to the area by January (fingers crossed). We definitely need to get together, Ky is a total sweetheart and loves other dogs. My mom's dogs are old and don't like playing with him, so he would definitely love to be around a dog closer to his age.
Jess. 0 posts
11/20/2009 10:44:00 AM
Haha, he is even bigger than that now, weighing in at about 90lbs. He just turned 1 back in October. He is so TALL. Everyone thinks he is a great dane. Best dog though. How is your big guy?
DennisQ 0 posts
11/12/2009 1:24:00 AM
shut up
joey. 0 posts
10/6/2009 12:35:00 PM
he isn't, i figured that was the issue but i had alot of people even in the vetinary field tell me that getting neutered wouldn't have stopped this at all so i gave up on fighting that battle. there isn't any way for me to get that done now so i'm trying to think of something i can do to change his behavior when it concerns marking. thanks for the help, though.
joey. 0 posts
10/6/2009 12:10:00 PM
i'm really thinking about trying to get a degree in the same job field when i get done with all of this, actually. service dogs as in dogs for people with medical disabilities?

ok, question. my dog is 2 1/2 right now and he marks fucking everywhere, even when he's supposed to be working. will he ever grow out of it with time? what can i do to teach him to stop marking every bush/tree/rock in this country? shit is killing me.
joey. 0 posts
10/6/2009 11:59:00 AM
woah, you have a degree in animal behavior/training/enrichment? sweet. what do you do for a living?
Brett Weir 0 posts
3/8/2009 12:23:00 AM
Johnny Hopkins
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/9/2009 3:04:00 PM
pm me your email address and I'll find a pattern to send you :)
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/4/2009 3:52:00 PM
hahahaha aww!
The one I made is a little red cabled sweater.
I could try to find a pattern for what you are looking for on Ravelry or something!
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/4/2009 3:47:00 PM
yeah she got the same way when I knit her a sweater. she did the army crawl. sucks I wasted all that time knitting it, haha. maybe it will fit Link?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/4/2009 3:43:00 PM
how does your cat deal with the harness? When I put one on Mishka she just laid down and wouldn't walk anywhere. She is such a little diva bitch.
RoseLeilani 0 posts
11/26/2008 4:27:00 PM
ur pretty
stupid bitch 0 posts
10/17/2008 1:17:00 PM
i'm gonna bust in and start crying
stupid bitch 0 posts
10/17/2008 1:15:00 PM
sooo hungreeeeeeyyyy
stupid bitch 0 posts
10/16/2008 1:09:00 PM
that's fine, take your time. i'm in no hurry.
stupid bitch 0 posts
10/16/2008 12:48:00 PM
so i still can't find my glasses. and penndot is fucking me in the ass as we speak. i'm going to bomb them. i really am.

if you could pick me up so i don't have to put in contact lenses it would be great. i can't see to drive without them and i only have a few left. i can hold mischa in my lap.
9/5/2008 6:04:00 PM
no phone indeed. Please do let me know though...can you believe its been almost 4 years since we've hung out? Saying I miss you is a bit of an understatement haha

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