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sweet lou 0 posts
3/11/2005 12:31:00 PM
hey was goin awn
sweet lou 0 posts
2/18/2005 12:24:00 PM
aw awesome. me too!
sweet lou 0 posts
2/15/2005 12:17:00 PM
haha , 7 months awesome!
sweet lou 0 posts
2/7/2005 12:26:00 PM
oh! haha u 2 would be cute 2 gether! or do u hav e a b/f?Lol
sweet lou 0 posts
1/27/2005 12:04:00 PM
is that u and ur b/f
Alexisashes 0 posts
12/27/2004 9:52:00 PM
hey! i havent been on thsi thing in forever! i bet ure hair looks hot!
alone_in_the_dark 0 posts
12/16/2004 10:57:00 AM
yeah their pretty kool<3
alone_in_the_dark 0 posts
12/14/2004 12:00:00 PM
yeah...we even have shirts that say i love cumming...<3
alone_in_the_dark 0 posts
12/11/2004 10:59:00 AM
you have alot of kool ones yourself ....<3
Therron Hates You 0 posts
11/20/2004 3:36:00 PM
Haha oh man your name is so awesome.
Alexisashes 0 posts
11/5/2004 11:36:00 AM
hey whats up? long time no talk...i miss u. howve u been? working hard or hardly working?? haha. jk. man im bored..get online!!! ttyl i guess..<3
Alexisashes 0 posts
10/30/2004 10:57:00 PM
hey i got my comp back...so we can talk online now..but yeah..sorry about last nite. i was driving to the show when u texted me. why do u always say u bug me??? u dont..i like it when u call me! i get...happy! so do it more often please..ttyl <3
imDRUNKimCRUNKimFUNK 0 posts
10/29/2004 10:45:00 AM
your crazy son ur crazzzzzay
imDRUNKimCRUNKimFUNK 0 posts
10/28/2004 7:39:00 AM
thanks:-). oh yeah staples is tons of fun
Alexisashes 0 posts
10/26/2004 6:05:00 PM
hey! <3 i wanted to leave u a comment sooo bad so i had to go to this library like 2 cities over cuz i owe like $52 to the one i normally go to in overdue books. haha. but yeah. see the sacrifice i make for u...lol i love the way u laugh!! its one of those laughs that can make my day if i hear it. im telling u..just let ME call YOU..if i get charged, my mom will pay for it. no biggie. im so mean..haha. well at least i got to talk to u on sunday. that was great. hopefully ill talk to u soon. *kiss*
p.s. eating doritos for breakfast is my thing! lol
Alexisashes 0 posts
10/20/2004 2:57:00 PM
oooo i c...that sux about ure phone...im never online cuz my comp is broken. so i only go online when im at skool ..which is like never. so yeah. can u call me from ure house or something for like 2secs? just to say hi? and so i can hear u laugh all giggly and stuff..i <3 that...ttyl soon hopefully
Alexisashes 0 posts
10/18/2004 8:48:00 PM
hey u never called me...i hope u still wanna talk to me cuz thatll suck if u dont...but yeah...missin u...
xxdeadseraphxx 0 posts
10/13/2004 12:00:00 AM
cool cool cool... thank you by the way. i think you should take more pixxerrsssss.
Kid-A 1904 0 posts
10/8/2004 9:31:00 PM
awww thanx<333333 ur cute!
xxdeadseraphxx 0 posts
10/8/2004 5:25:00 PM
thank you... i don't know what to say, i usually NEVER get compliments from people... as far as how long i've played drums... i've played for about 5 1/2 years now... i had three years of lessons, however my drum teacher moved to texas >='0( so i've just been teaching myself further, since he gave me all the knowledge i needed to do so... if you ask me how good i am... the answer is (to me at least) that i suck. new pictures of me are now up.
xxdeadseraphxx 0 posts
10/7/2004 8:27:00 PM
lol, i know... i was just kidding... but i still insist that i'm not hot.
stayoutaorder 0 posts
10/4/2004 8:27:00 PM
Yes, once, when they came down to Oakland.
BeautyxTillxDeath 0 posts
10/4/2004 2:04:00 PM
haha no i dont but thanks haha
BeautyxTillxDeath 0 posts
10/4/2004 1:16:00 PM
haha thanks
.trent. 0 posts
9/27/2004 1:08:00 AM
thanks, you have a nice band list too
Alexisashes 0 posts
9/14/2004 5:16:00 PM
work? dont work? haha..ok maybe u should work so u can buy me stuff later..haha. but yeah..morning is kool..if i can wake up..cuz i wanna talk to ya! u seem super super kool...umm...how about tomorrow between 9-10?
Alexisashes 0 posts
9/13/2004 12:09:00 PM
dude! im on right now...lol..hah..so get on! we should make like an online date...yes? no? how about tonite? 9/13? 7:30?
BlackcadillaC 0 posts
9/7/2004 9:56:00 PM
well thanks home G, back at ya
stayoutaorder 0 posts
9/7/2004 1:11:00 AM
You have a good taste in music.
Oh and major props on Gooser.
EmbraceLoveWithAGun 0 posts
9/6/2004 1:59:00 PM
thank you, so are youu
Alexisashes 0 posts
9/6/2004 12:36:00 AM
youre never ever on! its ok if u dont wanna talk to me.. : ( jk..hopefully i talk to usoonso i can get to know u better..
Alexisashes 0 posts
9/2/2004 7:45:00 PM
hey whats up? i <3 youre bands! talk to me later...
The White Ninja 0 posts
9/2/2004 1:56:00 AM
what's nice?
bryangoodbye 0 posts
8/28/2004 7:20:00 PM
Thanks. Same goes for you.
xStArSrFaLLinGchiCx 0 posts
8/28/2004 2:48:00 AM
whoa yes we are..lol
matchbookrom1 0 posts
8/28/2004 2:34:00 AM
IM me at matchbookrom12
matchbookrom1 0 posts
8/28/2004 2:33:00 AM
we are both online for the first time. OMG
ANoteAShapeAFeeling 0 posts
8/27/2004 5:35:00 PM
Rock'n Roll girl!
inbox. 0 posts
8/21/2004 4:41:00 PM
u have a reli cool band list
KaseClothing1 0 posts
7/28/2004 5:53:00 PM
oh ok thats cool
KaseClothing1 0 posts
7/24/2004 1:05:00 PM
is that guy screaming or singing ?
::AmbUlANceRoMAnCe:: 0 posts
7/8/2004 10:21:00 PM
hmmm... now im here and ur not :-/
foxx 0 posts
7/3/2004 1:59:00 PM
uh, thanks.
alcleadguitarist 0 posts
7/1/2004 11:32:00 PM
awesome bands as well
::AmbUlANceRoMAnCe:: 0 posts
6/26/2004 2:59:00 AM
hey IM me :-D
skakid16 0 posts
6/7/2004 4:17:00 PM
Thank you! At 1st i thought you were a male cuase of your picture but im glad to see you are a girl, a very attractive one at that. <3 God Bless
Faded Hope 0 posts
6/6/2004 9:43:00 PM
hi there! thank you!
andyc 0 posts
6/2/2004 8:24:00 PM
whats cookin good lookin
keyser soze 0 posts
6/1/2004 9:32:00 PM
haha, damn, that's the best one i've ever gotten. thanks. your name wouldn't happen to be jennifer would it?

andyc 0 posts
6/1/2004 7:20:00 PM
whats up baby
justin_mondschein 0 posts
6/1/2004 6:07:00 PM
imafraidofamericans 0 posts
6/1/2004 6:00:00 PM
haha ya best buy owns all
addy 0 posts
5/30/2004 1:04:00 AM
Your not so bad looking yourself. That is an ex girlfriend in my picture
shane_mack 0 posts
5/2/2004 5:22:00 PM
hey thanx alot u too

hey check out my band @ www.purevolume.com/brokenvalues
.[The]x[Curse]. 0 posts
4/3/2004 10:12:00 AM
but he really look like soasin's singer
.[The]x[Curse]. 0 posts
4/3/2004 10:10:00 AM
.[The]x[Curse]. 0 posts
4/2/2004 8:28:00 AM
singer of what band on the pic??
seem like saosin singer
xthis.broken.heartx 0 posts
3/26/2004 4:32:00 PM

God bless <3
untildeathdouspart 0 posts
3/25/2004 2:58:00 PM
beautiful, and you have a good bands list.
A simple goal. 0 posts
3/24/2004 5:18:00 PM
wow you brithday on april fools day. thats fucken crazy.
Lovertits 0 posts
3/24/2004 1:43:00 AM
april fools day must be a great birth day!
BredxFromxPain 0 posts
3/23/2004 11:37:00 PM
cool bands some anyway. ha welcome!
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