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blindsiderocker 0 posts
11/27/2006 10:03:00 PM
hey. how are you?

A.RYAN 0 posts
11/27/2006 1:36:00 PM
hot blood 101 0 posts
10/28/2006 2:55:00 PM
so your in art school thats great
brenoritvrezorkre 0 posts
10/12/2006 8:55:00 PM
What's your SLSK username?
VeronicaB.C. 0 posts
7/25/2006 1:01:00 AM
5/17/2006 12:29:00 PM
Katatonia, Amazing band.
paigey 0 posts
7/11/2005 1:55:00 PM
threadless = amazing
Natt Yngel 0 posts
6/28/2005 12:13:00 PM
Awesome bands
The Unknown Girl 0 posts
5/25/2005 1:11:00 PM
hey wat is Up?
123go! 0 posts
1/5/2005 1:49:00 PM
I know a bunch of guys who played for the Roses(rip). I was surprised to see billy (the ref) and neil in the pic.
123go! 0 posts
1/4/2005 2:49:00 PM
Is that a picture of the white roses? That is one old ass pic. Where did you get a copy of that?
Gaelic Warrior 0 posts
10/13/2004 7:18:00 PM
Opeth, Blind Guardian, Dredg...very nice. *thumbs up*
bakedapples 0 posts
10/10/2004 6:04:00 PM
cool bands ^^
at the drive in is great ^_^
Manzo333 0 posts
10/8/2004 4:10:00 AM
Posted - October 5 2004 6:12 AM
Voice Of Defiance

4 Pics
Posts: 47 YO MY BAND, VOICE OF DEFIANCE, just came out with a 5 song ep, i got rough copy right now and will have mastered version the 13th. we are looking to set up a show for soem time shortly after the cd release. if you are in a band or know of some one that is looking for an opening act, get back to me, i will let you guys hear a song or 2 if u need to know what we sound like before. please get back to me ASAP cause we are gonna be getting gigs at the grape street pub, kyber and pointiac and i want to make new contacts before then. so, i guess u could call this a show exchange. let me know
music will be added shortly

newwave gospel shark 0 posts
9/27/2004 12:25:00 AM
lol ur phota shop pic looks kinda lke jesus
jessallen 0 posts
8/22/2004 9:57:00 PM
Yeah, I don't want to be confused as you either so we both win
hxc joe 0 posts
8/16/2004 3:42:00 PM
speaking of which theres gonna be 2 freshman in your hallway now cuz hanks not livin there either. ...let the abuse begin!
hxc joe 0 posts
8/14/2004 5:11:00 PM
couple more weeks and me and you can make fun of dantes grammar all the time
joannais 0 posts
7/7/2004 12:42:00 AM
good pictures, my friend...good pictures
<3 joanna
worn me down 0 posts
6/22/2004 3:57:00 PM
where do u go to school
Gaelic Warrior 0 posts
6/12/2004 11:30:00 PM
i know this may sound corny, but dude, i love your hair. :) nice pics by the way...
Piercedfiend 0 posts
6/7/2004 8:12:00 PM
oh my. hello.. ^_^
hxc joe 0 posts
6/5/2004 12:25:00 AM
fuck dude, that sucks. i start the graveyard shift sunday. ill also be workin 14 hour days, fuuuuuuuck. oh yeah, and summer school is gonna be awesome(riiiiiiight).
hxc joe 0 posts
6/2/2004 7:50:00 PM
dude, have you been watching the most metal moments on vh1? some of it is actually kinda cool. sorry, i meant true. and necro.
DiStemper 0 posts
5/27/2004 7:04:00 AM
Will you ppl ever get tired of saying "greate band list!"!?...By the way,the band,you typed - awesome ;-)))))))))
bleak` 0 posts
5/26/2004 1:08:00 AM
nice band list man - PoS = gods
WOAH! 0 posts
5/19/2004 5:57:00 PM
i searched it and that is pretty funny
WOAH! 0 posts
5/19/2004 5:57:00 PM
wut school do u go too?
FNdrumr 0 posts
5/19/2004 12:01:00 AM
yo man, we are a band from philly, check us out www.fromnothingmusic.com
hit me up
hxc joe 0 posts
5/17/2004 3:23:00 PM
like, omg... i like <3 metal... like um yeah...
Dave Weeks 0 posts
5/14/2004 4:52:00 PM
why would you do that why would you put that there ...his penis looks fake...i wish i had a fake weiner to do nasty bitches with
hxc joe 0 posts
5/13/2004 12:44:00 PM
what am i gonna do without the rediculousness of watching nfl street?
Dave Weeks 0 posts
5/13/2004 2:41:00 AM
oh i got it steve rambo like the gay porn star finally ha ha ...god i suck
..erin.. 0 posts
5/1/2004 12:51:00 AM
nice band list, Tool is like my favorite, and Black Dahlia Murder, awesome
hxc joe 0 posts
4/13/2004 6:08:00 AM
what up homo
morticia 0 posts
4/10/2004 9:10:00 PM
you do look like jesus. whoever that may be.
Lolita 0 posts
4/8/2004 5:29:00 PM
Love the illustrative skills you gots!
kisskissxbang 0 posts
4/7/2004 2:27:00 AM
woah, awesome pictures. i wish i was that friggen creative. anyways... welcome! :)
brouillette 0 posts
4/7/2004 2:14:00 AM
Some good bands, and in your photoshop picture you look like jesus, haha.

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