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seeinsparklesyet? 0 posts
4/19/2005 1:10:00 PM
dude...guess who's back. buahahahhahaa. beer anyone?
GanjaTor 0 posts
3/1/2005 12:15:00 PM
sup dawg
SUPA-FLY 0 posts
2/25/2005 3:08:00 PM
ooo... pretty pretty eyes
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
2/14/2005 12:47:00 PM
you have really prettty eyes...
heywhatsupnothingyou 0 posts
2/11/2005 5:58:00 PM
yeah, my email is ms_buttface@hotmail..if you want to search for me
My Knife---Your life 0 posts
2/10/2005 4:57:00 PM
Ben you never added me you bitch
nvrstpfting 0 posts
2/4/2005 1:42:00 PM
February, 5 2005 at Deptford Skate Center
510 Deptford Ave, Deptford, NJ
Cost: 8

Dead To Fall (victory records)
The Minor Times
The Hostage Heart
One Dead Three Wounded (love lost records)
BiB (your moms fat rockords)
heywhatsupnothingyou 0 posts
1/28/2005 12:47:00 AM
dood, we never talk ):
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
1/26/2005 2:27:00 PM
p.s i have probation for a year now...so now i cant go to that death threat show in ct....im soooooooooooooooo pissed
danceyourfaceoff 0 posts
1/26/2005 12:00:00 PM
Hello. ♥
Dorkfacefnch 0 posts
1/23/2005 9:05:00 PM
and yes! btbam all the way :-D
Dorkfacefnch 0 posts
1/23/2005 9:04:00 PM
oooh youre cute :-)
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
1/21/2005 3:14:00 PM
when i call ryan to come to chi and chill....u better be comming with him..i miss the fuck out of u faggots
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
1/19/2005 11:02:00 PM
im just that cool!
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
1/19/2005 11:01:00 PM
ELEGANTLYwasted 0 posts
1/15/2005 12:14:00 PM
You're nice to look at. :-)
F L O R I D A 0 posts
1/11/2005 5:59:00 PM
me and julie are doing great, i work at a vet now, picking up dog shit, but whatever, ben......I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!
heywhatsupnothingyou 0 posts
1/7/2005 10:00:00 PM
F L O R I D A 0 posts
1/6/2005 5:59:00 PM
hey man, miss you too, thanks i hope you had great holidays too, how is everything going for you? i want to see everyone again
jargar 0 posts
1/5/2005 2:48:00 PM
this kids sexy
HaiLstorm 0 posts
1/5/2005 2:26:00 PM
BEN! you british mother fucker, im sick of missing you! THA LAW IS GETTIN STRONG
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
1/5/2005 10:25:00 AM
hopefully mark will bring me down to chill today im tryin to chill with matt too..<3 u too
seeinsparklesyet? 0 posts
12/18/2004 4:36:00 PM
hey..last night..i saw dana..i saw hailey(sp?), but i saw no you..where were ya?
Remnants Of Red 0 posts
12/15/2004 5:47:00 PM
i like the pic of you grabbing your ass <3
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
12/15/2004 10:52:00 AM
u have amazing eyes shut up u fuckin scene slut
nvrstpfting 0 posts
12/14/2004 5:47:00 PM
were on sat call me 484 614 6452
***** 0 posts
12/11/2004 4:59:00 PM
you have amazing eyes. they're so beautiful
nvrstpfting 0 posts
12/11/2004 3:01:00 PM
Details Tribeca - Philly, PA
Darkest Hour Between The Buried And Me Cattle Decapitation Fear Before The March Of Flames
GanjaTor 0 posts
12/8/2004 7:26:00 PM
friday im semi open, im gonna be chillin with mark and aj but im sure its all good you n dave come up, cause i know mark and aj know dave, well i definately know mark knows dave, but yeah, see whats up b
GanjaTor 0 posts
12/8/2004 7:26:00 PM
oh by the way, did you go to the one dead show last saturday at temple?
GanjaTor 0 posts
12/8/2004 2:10:00 PM
aww man, that sucks. when was this you guys were trying to get ahold of me? cause i know i was home around 4:30 ish and after that i think i was home the rest of the day.... i donno maybe i couldnt hear the phone, who knows, but hes coming up thursday why not join him?
GanjaTor 0 posts
12/8/2004 10:55:00 AM
yeah he came over for a lil bit with carney howd you know?, hes also chillin tomorrow afternoon aswell
AllHottiesEatThaJiz 0 posts
12/7/2004 8:59:00 PM
woah gorgeous eyes :)
igavein 0 posts
12/6/2004 11:59:00 PM
yup! i'll be back for over a month on the 14th. im having a BIG PARTY this year, like i do every year. ill let you know.
igavein 0 posts
12/6/2004 6:50:00 PM
gooooooood, hows school going?
igavein 0 posts
12/5/2004 8:13:00 AM
a7xchick 0 posts
12/4/2004 2:40:00 PM
hey i love ur eyes!!
jargar 0 posts
12/2/2004 10:18:00 PM
elegantly dressed mofooooooo ill see you tomorrow
abortion_is_amazing 0 posts
12/2/2004 9:43:00 PM
london this summer is gonna be amazing
jargar 0 posts
12/2/2004 7:31:00 PM
look at that pimp ;)
GanjaTor 0 posts
12/1/2004 9:51:00 AM
oh!, well in that case, what else can i do for ya?
seeinsparklesyet? 0 posts
12/1/2004 12:01:00 AM
no. boys are confusing. girls are just bitchy. haha. i love my girl tho :) and i got a hot pocket. yesss! i love hot pockets. figured i'd randomly throw that in there.
seeinsparklesyet? 0 posts
11/30/2004 8:58:00 PM
it seems that i have no need for shows this weekend. i got some plans. what are you doing? anything good? im soo bored right now that its funny...haha. why are boys so complicated!?
GanjaTor 0 posts
11/30/2004 8:27:00 PM
why should i bite my nails!!??
nvrstpfting 0 posts
11/30/2004 6:09:00 PM
Harry Katz - Aston, PA
Price: $5 | Time: 6pm
Hey Hey(good break downs) ,When in Rome(good), A Modest Promise (good) , Centerview(good), Dirty Larry, Black Mask, 12 Round Knockout

Possible poker party afterwards at mike greens house 5 dollars to get in (playing or not)

i_love_bass! 0 posts
11/30/2004 3:59:00 PM
woah liking the shades dude! that pizza place looks like the one in toy story lol! x
sunday's best 0 posts
11/30/2004 3:08:00 PM
haha same old. not too much goes on here either. but that's why you just gotta make it fun :)
sunday's best 0 posts
11/30/2004 1:00:00 AM
i'm doing pretty good...how have you been? anything new?
seeinsparklesyet? 0 posts
11/29/2004 5:35:00 PM
haha. sure did. im glad you were nice enough to at least introduce yourself. there werent too many guys like that there. i see you and dana are bestest friends..she totally rocks! do u know of any good shows this weekend?
sunday's best 0 posts
11/29/2004 3:53:00 PM
hey stranger. :)
Dana Bear 0 posts
11/28/2004 8:23:00 PM
haah freakin hungry man!! *thumbs up *
*BloodyRazorBlade* 0 posts
11/28/2004 7:53:00 PM
aww I like your eyes.. <3
hold me down 0 posts
11/28/2004 4:28:00 PM
dude what the hell were you on?
Dana Bear 0 posts
11/27/2004 1:19:00 AM
i didddd!!! :) cant wait to see you tomorrow<3
11/23/2004 12:29:00 PM
yo you fuck wit texas you get knocked the fuck out. thats what im gonna do, bitch.
hold me down 0 posts
11/22/2004 5:46:00 PM
ben, i have something i need to tell you...your too skinny for the army.
nvrstpfting 0 posts
11/19/2004 11:30:00 PM
cdc in landsdale tommorow
jargar 0 posts
11/18/2004 2:51:00 PM
haha yo go to bed earlier man
sunday's best 0 posts
11/16/2004 5:46:00 PM
haha.oh and the postal service is awesome.
F L O R I D A 0 posts
11/16/2004 5:14:00 PM
me and julie are moving to jacksonville in august , and ben....i love you
sunday's best 0 posts
11/15/2004 9:12:00 PM
wow...me too. kinda still do...hehe. :)
Tough Luck Chris 0 posts
11/15/2004 10:26:00 AM
when u commin back
F L O R I D A 0 posts
11/14/2004 1:19:00 PM
its going ok, i am bored, how is your mom doing? she was a cool lady, tell her i said hi. oh yea how are you bad ass dogs doing too?????
sunday's best 0 posts
11/13/2004 7:55:00 PM
omg yes. it's a " put you in a good mood even if you're sad" movie. :)
heywhatsupnothingyou 0 posts
11/12/2004 4:25:00 PM
no, i wasn't.
sunday's best 0 posts
11/12/2004 3:23:00 PM
toy story :)
hungry man microwavable meals
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