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lieshc 0 posts
2/25/2011 5:06:00 AM
Kyle K. 0 posts
7/26/2007 9:49:00 AM
I think Wino should take over Sabbath, hold a gun to Iommi's head and tell him to start writing good music and taking arthritis medication.

But that's just me.
Davey. 0 posts
6/15/2007 8:55:00 AM
happy birthday my extra-terrestrial brother
Davey. 0 posts
5/4/2007 3:54:00 PM
i meant on the photo rating thingy on here. i was just being a divvy.
Davey. 0 posts
4/27/2007 4:40:00 PM
i just rated you and gave you 100. you can thank me with kisses
Yodel Toast 0 posts
3/12/2007 9:53:00 AM
Awesome, I love seeing them, the last time I saw Gwar I was covered in red and yellow and I walked into a convenience store shitfaced and was talking to the police, it was so funny. I bet you had a great time, hehe, Gwar is so much fun.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
3/9/2007 3:11:00 PM
Hello there. How are you and how is the tat?
Spades 0 posts
3/2/2007 12:55:00 PM
your picture reminds me or a ramone:) sweet hair
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 3:07:00 PM
and he seems so sweet and innocent...but he's actually going around being a bully and breaking children's playthings. haha little brat.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 3:04:00 PM
oh no...that's terrible, hahahahaha.
Davey. 0 posts
2/26/2007 2:25:00 PM
haha. maybe. i wonder if she had a good old fashioned dutch name. heidi von sausage perhaps. it takes some balls to do that though. i'm surprised private johnson would salute for him.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 2:20:00 PM
ok, well it's on. I have to start preparing now, haha. I'll be nice and sexy with a huge beer gut from all the guinness, it'll be like I swallowed a keg. But I am determined to at least beat 2 of you.
And yea, Matt's a trip, the pics of him pissing his pants give me an idea of what I should come to expect, haha.
Davey. 0 posts
2/26/2007 2:19:00 PM
'no, everton will in, cos liverpewl are crap.'
i'm not allowed to wear my beads, its unlucky to wear them apparently. does your baseball top i got you fit?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 2:16:00 PM
haha, oh man. I can't wait to go to that pub and drink you all under the table, but seriously, the town looks like it came out of a story book. I bet it's so beautiful. I hope everyone's nice to me.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 2:11:00 PM
let me know too, cause your brother and I are supposed to be sending each other boxes of stuff in the near future. Anything not too expensive that you'd like, I'd be more than happy to send it with the rest of the stuff.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 1:57:00 PM
haha, no. We live out in the country, but our animals are kept at a barn about a mile away. I don't know what Sean is getting, I am trying to get him drunk and get an american flag tattooed on him, hahahaha. And Davey is getting a sparrow on his chest like his grandfather has. Sucks you can't come, but next year you can :) I will be there for xmas this year and you can meet me!! yay!!!!
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 1:50:00 PM
whatever you do, don't itch it! Keep putting cocoa butter on it!!
I have 4 right now, a rose on my back with a hindu design around it, cornflowers and a fairy on my hips, and one on my foot of a cool looking heart that my 2 best friends and I got together, and I'm about to get a side piece done in the new few weeks. You brother and Davey are getting tattoos when they come here. Wish you were coming too, it'll be a lot of fun.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/26/2007 12:09:00 PM
hows the new tattoo coming along? Getting scabby yet?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/22/2007 12:18:00 PM
yeah it keeps it from fading. Wait like 4-5 days and then start using it. It'll soften the scabs and keep you from picking at them. Picking your scabs will fade the color. Just put cocoa butter on it whenever you think about it. Lubriderm also works, I like the unscented kind. But yea, you tat is fuckin brilliant. well done.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/22/2007 12:11:00 PM
I saw your tattoo, it's awesome. Make sure to use lots of cocoa butter, it's the best thing to you. I use it on mine every day and have never had to get any of them touched up.
Drummer Boy17 0 posts
2/8/2007 10:22:00 AM
hey dude you got some sweet hair.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/24/2007 4:29:00 PM
hello there, how are you today?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/22/2007 5:10:00 PM
and what are you waiting for? A job isn't going to come up and bite you in the ass!! haha, why don't you work at the hardware store with Sean?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/22/2007 5:10:00 PM
aww it'll be like Kevin from wonder years, hehe
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/17/2007 3:30:00 PM
I want to go back but I have only one week of vacation time and I'd rather him come here in july when he's finished the semester and I can show him what Philadelphia has to offer, maybe even fly to vegas. I believe your brother is trying to come as well.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/14/2007 10:59:00 AM
have you ever been to the states?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/12/2007 5:01:00 PM
yes 'd prefer if he spoke in the international language of love all the time, haha. And you should have came to Spain, it was awesome and that lucker fucker gets to be there the whole year and I only got to be there for half of it :(
Davey. 0 posts
1/12/2007 3:54:00 PM
i also speak in the international language of love. hehe
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/12/2007 3:22:00 PM
yeah he does pretty good, he refuses to speak it with me tho, he only ever wants to speak english.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/9/2007 7:29:00 PM
hello dave's english friend...are you sean's twin?
mikr 0 posts
11/16/2006 1:28:00 PM
if you like death metal check out my band diminished we are the first band under death metal let me know good or bad comments our at myspace diminishedpasadena
xsadxtragedyx 0 posts
7/3/2006 11:18:00 AM
hello how are you nice band list
killhannahgirl 0 posts
5/22/2006 1:36:00 PM
lovely de lovely sha 0 posts
4/14/2006 2:49:00 PM
Shit. 0 posts
3/27/2006 2:27:00 PM
awelcomecomatose pm over slsk and all add you to friends list and you can grab ihsahn.
*AlmostFamous* 0 posts
3/24/2006 12:49:00 PM
joy division 0 posts
3/21/2006 3:25:00 PM
Steve 0 posts
3/12/2006 12:35:00 AM
My soulseek user name is bloodofthenile
Kaleidoscope 0 posts
2/1/2006 11:03:00 AM
met him? how thoroughly kewl

im wearing my ramones earrings atm...

neway take care mr

aaaaaaaaaakb 0 posts
1/24/2006 6:24:00 AM
vanillasmile 0 posts
1/23/2006 9:12:00 PM
ha! well thanks a lot...i guess it's better than not having any hair at all.
delilah! 0 posts
12/16/2005 12:39:00 PM
hey whats up?
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
10/6/2005 7:26:00 AM
nothing.ha.i dont know.
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
10/6/2005 7:23:00 AM
thats my name spelled backwards..
kristy-ytsirk-ha yea.
soo..whats up?
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
10/6/2005 7:20:00 AM
lexatron5000 0 posts
10/5/2005 5:59:00 PM
you should try amazon- they have some classics- either that or antique places- we have this place near here thats like an antigues fair and a farm in one- but i got three Bela classics there in one go- its great
lexatron5000 0 posts
10/5/2005 5:43:00 PM
pretty much- i love classic horror really. You know like Dracula and stuff- the real Victorian Gothic Literature. I'm pretty big on symbolism and stuff, so i love classic horror art too. You like stuff like that?
lexatron5000 0 posts
9/27/2005 9:55:00 AM
It went great thanks...i think i'm in there!!! I agree that Christopher Lee is pretty cool!! So are you a diehard horror classics fan?
lexatron5000 0 posts
9/25/2005 1:55:00 PM
no...i don't work in a shop! i used to work in a rock club called The Sugarmill. Currently unemployed though- but i have an interview tomorrow- and Boris always rained on Bellas parade
Null & Void 0 posts
9/24/2005 3:29:00 AM
heya =]
lexatron5000 0 posts
9/23/2005 10:13:00 AM
yeah its working out fine really!!i've not heard of that film before! I'm really more into Bela Lagosi films really!
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/22/2005 6:38:00 AM
oh.i will forsure.i will be taking pics as it slowly gets done!!!! and how could i hate clowns? because they are the most evil freaky looking things on earth!!!! man..you dont know whats under all that makeup and shit!! lol...at the santa claus parade..some came and started dancing in front of me..me and my friend melissa both started bawling.haha.it was great.&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/22/2005 6:20:00 AM
im starting my sleeve on friday.im SUPER excited.its gonna look hawt once its all done.
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/22/2005 6:13:00 AM
yeah man.salems lot kicks ass. the old one though, the new one is kind of lame.
YouCantKillUsAll! 0 posts
9/22/2005 5:24:00 AM
brenoritvrezorkre 0 posts
9/21/2005 5:41:00 PM
yeah, what's ur username?
Natt Yngel 0 posts
7/23/2005 6:25:00 AM
Nice bands \m/ >_< \m/
isn't it weird how Sunn 0))) makes you feel like taking a crap?
Pretty interesting...
VincentPrice 0 posts
3/1/2005 11:54:00 AM
Hey loki. Scotland is fine.
And England? I hear your having a lot of snow just now?
message_deleted 0 posts
2/23/2005 7:08:00 AM
yep whats the time there
message_deleted 0 posts
2/22/2005 9:29:00 AM
umm we hangout at the local seven eleven haha nah we dont listening to music is the coolest and being cool
ashhhley 0 posts
2/21/2005 3:21:00 PM
yess i know geena, hehe
message_deleted 0 posts
2/21/2005 7:03:00 AM
yep i know its cool , so what you do over there in liverpool hahaha
message_deleted 0 posts
2/20/2005 7:23:00 AM
awww ur so cute looking
Natasha likes hippos 0 posts
1/12/2005 5:23:00 PM
shes my slutface<3
Natasha likes hippos 0 posts
1/12/2005 4:49:00 PM
i am ha
yes geena is my awesomely amazing
Natasha likes hippos 0 posts
1/12/2005 4:29:00 PM
you do!?!
haha whys that

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