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domino motherfucker!
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8/11/2007 11:21:00 PM
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3/7/2005 6:11:00 PM
i was in bormouth not long ago
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2/7/2005 2:06:00 PM
hi!!!......how are you?i/m fine i going
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2/7/2005 2:06:00 PM
hi!!!......how are you?i/m fine i going
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2/7/2005 2:06:00 PM
hi!!!......how are you?i/m fine i going
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2/2/2005 6:47:00 PM
...posh new picture?
ok lisa 0 posts
1/29/2005 10:07:00 AM
yeah, theyre okay .
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1/5/2005 8:21:00 PM
ace music list.
tourig 0 posts
12/30/2004 5:09:00 PM
wonderful movies in your interests
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12/28/2004 1:14:00 PM
its quite alright and thankyou <3
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12/26/2004 7:04:00 PM
awesome bands
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12/14/2004 8:22:00 PM
ur a babe ;)
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12/14/2004 7:53:00 PM
hiii ur pretty
A_Memorable_Laugh 0 posts
11/25/2004 11:07:00 PM
of montreal is the best band ever! ah! your the first person i found who likes them too! :D
AllHottiesEatThaJiz 0 posts
11/22/2004 8:21:00 PM
dop dead sexy eyes :)
my_username_is_bec 0 posts
10/28/2004 8:23:00 AM
Wow everyone has been saying the same thing to you...
How are you? I'm very bored. So bored in fact that I went through the list of people online and randomly clicked on a few names with the mindset "first cool person I will harass". You are deemed cool because you have so many things I love in your interests! The young ones, rules of attraction, stand by me! ah!
Hope your having a nice night. :)
electrocute- 0 posts
10/17/2004 8:49:00 PM
*~*~*~steals you*~*~*
December..I..Justice 0 posts
10/13/2004 6:18:00 PM
you have really pretty eyes...
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10/10/2004 5:16:00 PM
TakeMeBreakMe 0 posts
10/10/2004 12:24:00 AM
you are pretty
ScreaminDownTheWalls 0 posts
10/6/2004 7:40:00 AM
you have amazing eyes! *sexy* <3
Lefthanded Throwback 0 posts
9/26/2004 11:00:00 AM
ummmm such perty hair ... my sises boyfrends just moved to bournemouth uni.
kiiver 0 posts
9/12/2004 3:01:00 AM
wow u really nice eyes...:)
One_Truth_Prevails 0 posts
9/9/2004 7:52:00 PM
grace is sufficient. 0 posts
9/9/2004 3:25:00 PM
wow you have amazing eyes :D
grace is sufficient. 0 posts
9/9/2004 3:24:00 PM
wow you have amazing eyes :D
electrocute- 0 posts
9/7/2004 1:19:00 PM
*~*~* WOW *~*~* xXx
One_Truth_Prevails 0 posts
9/1/2004 5:06:00 PM
you have the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen ...and i luv your peircing!!!...
deserved but unheard 0 posts
8/21/2004 4:34:00 PM
heyy you
chelsea 0 posts
8/6/2004 5:14:00 PM
You live in another country so my age is inconsequential.
learned my lesson 0 posts
8/6/2004 10:23:00 AM
i like yur hair
chelsea 0 posts
8/5/2004 11:20:00 PM
Those are definitely beautiful eyes. Still too young.
moreglamthanyou 0 posts
8/4/2004 12:28:00 PM
Thursday <3
deserved but unheard 0 posts
8/2/2004 10:41:00 PM
heh. why thank you.
gnarly 0 posts
8/2/2004 6:02:00 PM
dude did you go to mr kyps the other night?i swear i saw you..well possibly.x
StArS,in(Red) 0 posts
8/2/2004 2:04:00 AM
u got killer eyes :)
deserved but unheard 0 posts
8/2/2004 1:56:00 AM
and... your birthday is one day before mine
deserved but unheard 0 posts
8/2/2004 1:54:00 AM
80's movies <3
deserved but unheard 0 posts
8/2/2004 1:53:00 AM
load.click.SHOOT. 0 posts
7/30/2004 4:36:00 PM
nice band list
you are so cute.
your eyes are gorgeous
Eternally27KDC77 0 posts
7/30/2004 12:12:00 PM
nice interests and bands 2. ; )
Eternally27KDC77 0 posts
7/29/2004 11:38:00 PM
shit, u have the best eyes in the entire world.
WoWiMaLoSer 0 posts
7/29/2004 11:35:00 PM
omg im in love with your Eyes
electrocute- 0 posts
7/25/2004 8:37:00 AM
*hugs* :)
you have really pretty eyes!! xx
ShatteredSilence 0 posts
7/19/2004 2:32:00 PM
nice bands....detroit rock city!!! hell ya....and i've seen dazed and confused like 20 times...though i've never seent he whole damn thing :-(
fakeitlikeyoumatter 0 posts
7/15/2004 12:42:00 AM
wow. you're great.
xx_burning_lotus 0 posts
7/9/2004 12:16:00 PM
hehe thanks <3 ;)
xx_burning_lotus 0 posts
7/9/2004 2:04:00 AM
you have prettty eyes
delirium trigger 0 posts
7/1/2004 2:57:00 PM
heh dont mention it ..... yah not many people round these parts are into the good stuff... more like brainless mainstream nonsense but yah..... im a sane one alright
delirium trigger 0 posts
7/1/2004 4:23:00 AM
wow bitchen bands... no one knows about kind of like spitting... sept me ... and you and some other weird emo type people... so rock on... and your quite the looker by the way
justin-james 0 posts
6/29/2004 12:22:00 PM
yeah nice hair.
[Matching-Scars] 0 posts
6/27/2004 6:25:00 AM
nice hair :)
thelonelycorpse 0 posts
6/22/2004 7:26:00 PM
i must say your name is awesome as well as your band list!
dancexwithxme 0 posts
6/22/2004 4:50:00 PM
you like some good bands!! and you have pretty eyes :o)
AnotherCliche 0 posts
6/22/2004 4:35:00 AM
Woo yeah! Nice music <3
darcy 0 posts
6/20/2004 10:04:00 PM
you have great taste in movies and excellent taste in music
alcleadguitarist 0 posts
6/19/2004 10:21:00 AM
nice user name.....the june spirit fucking ruled
6/19/2004 12:37:00 AM
hot damn!
chelsea 0 posts
6/15/2004 5:14:00 PM
Yeah youre pretty damn young.
Lovecomesinabox 0 posts
6/15/2004 3:31:00 PM
You're a cutiepie.
cursings cool 0 posts
6/15/2004 3:16:00 PM
thanks.you have such pretty hair.
Lovecomesinabox 0 posts
6/14/2004 10:11:00 PM
Hell-o darlin'!
gnarly 0 posts
6/14/2004 7:02:00 PM
ah two of you guys from m.e are on here. gewd show at fernstock :)x sigi
kimmyXcakes 0 posts
6/12/2004 8:53:00 PM
lifetime, far and the lyndsay diaries... very nice!
walkingdowntown 0 posts
6/11/2004 10:53:00 PM
dually noted
why specialist 0 posts
6/11/2004 6:55:00 PM
thank you kindly <3
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