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brutifulX 0 posts
10/16/2004 10:13:00 PM
you really don't need to defend me, if you are trying to do that.
xtheory 0 posts
10/14/2004 5:37:00 PM
neat photo, bob dylan = awesome + amazing
Masonjennings 0 posts
8/19/2004 9:16:00 PM
Are you mental? Do you actually think people on here are your friends, it's called having visible friends actual real people which i have, apparently you don't damn you're a bigger faggot then i though if you come here looking for friends HHAHAHAH YOU'RE A FUCKING PRICK AND TELL BONES I SAY HELLO.
radiophile74 0 posts
8/16/2004 4:12:00 PM
Bob Dylan = Awesome
WOAH! 0 posts
8/13/2004 11:21:00 PM
yoo wutsup
Masonjennings 0 posts
8/13/2004 9:30:00 PM
Well were i am in jacksonville just the out side hit us, but were my grandma lives in ft.myers was bad i'll let you know as soon as i found out hopefully she's okay.
BoyxLove 0 posts
8/9/2004 9:17:00 PM
No acually Search for bella morte thats me
Bring Back The 3rd X 0 posts
8/7/2004 9:04:00 PM
i see you have give up the ghost bookmarked awesome band
woodyfakeleg 0 posts
8/7/2004 6:10:00 PM
never been there but it seems like a really nice place
woodyfakeleg 0 posts
8/7/2004 6:06:00 PM
dam rights AAA kicks ass
caligraphy 0 posts
8/7/2004 2:02:00 AM
Planes. Fuck yes.
chris_curses 0 posts
7/29/2004 8:04:00 PM
Bob Dylan is amazing! Not many people on here like him. I saw him a couple of months back. It was very cool.
Kobrakai 0 posts
7/9/2004 5:00:00 PM
Holy crap man! You're Bob Dylan!...just kidding..
Masonjennings 0 posts
7/8/2004 3:09:00 PM
That's cool man.
habs 0 posts
7/8/2004 3:08:00 PM
hahaha, I recently saw moenia live, they put on one hell of a show.
habs 0 posts
7/8/2004 3:01:00 PM
Yeah, my brother got me hooked on 'em.
habs 0 posts
7/8/2004 2:54:00 PM
You like Molotov? HAHAHA, not too many people do.

I think they are too great.
aiden 0 posts
7/7/2004 10:22:00 PM
hey dude, i like your bands list. i think you'd like my band aiden. give us a listen. you could find us in the bands part of this website.
ok lisa 0 posts
7/5/2004 12:56:00 AM
hell yeah there amazing. why thank you. <3
J Dub 0 posts
7/4/2004 12:20:00 AM
who the fuck are you
Dianana 0 posts
6/12/2004 12:25:00 PM
go back in your mothers rotted cunt dude, and come out when you have some better comebacks.
Every Time I Poop 0 posts
6/11/2004 4:05:00 PM
American Football is amazing.
volcomskater 0 posts
6/9/2004 9:05:00 PM
im sure i do you fuckin idiot
Mariano Rivera 0 posts
6/7/2004 10:48:00 PM

guiltyofbeingangelina 0 posts
5/22/2004 2:16:00 AM
bob dylan and elloitt, good choice
Masonjennings 0 posts
5/21/2004 1:24:00 PM
Moss Piglet 0 posts
5/21/2004 1:11:00 PM
exactly what "she loves the sunrise" said :)
liamrulz 0 posts
5/21/2004 1:07:00 PM
No Regrets 0 posts
5/20/2004 11:39:00 PM
nice band list.
welcome to PAHC

xXxbbi <3
drink a case of you 0 posts
5/20/2004 9:55:00 PM
dylan & elliott smith. awesome.


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