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4/10/2006 2:14:00 PM
toothcollectr 0 posts
4/7/2006 7:08:00 PM
cool band list!
Trendkiller 0 posts
5/18/2005 12:51:00 PM
How are you doing? have not talked to ya in a while, wel hope to hear from ya. later
Trendkiller 0 posts
3/24/2005 8:38:00 PM
Well my band si doing great, we got a website up and running, still adding all the info to it though. Its www.breakingthrough1.com We have to hang out some time. laterzzz
Trendkiller 0 posts
2/26/2005 6:13:00 PM
Hey how have you been? long time no talk. So you still tryin to learn guitar? well hope to hear from you, later.
Tremulus 0 posts
10/30/2004 2:01:00 AM
Hey Denise. Our next show is on Saturday, Nov 6th in Bloomington (a long drive). We just played tonight in North Chicago. We'll be booking more shows soon. Hopefully we'll see you at a future show. Make sure you introduce yourself. My website is www.tremulus.com. My e-mail is info@tremulus.com.
xSiberianKissx 0 posts
10/29/2004 8:27:00 AM
yeah funeral for a friend is great. i noticed you like to read...well ia m not the biggest reader there is but i loved "how soon is never" by marc spitz. it is about this guy and how the band the smiths changed his life. ia mnot a smiths fan but just because i love music so much it was a great read. well hit me up on AIM if you ever feel bored. peace
And Jesus said 0 posts
10/28/2004 11:23:00 PM
are you beautiful??
xSiberianKissx 0 posts
10/28/2004 12:12:00 AM
cool ya know i didn't even notice that you like thrice ....i love them...dustin kensrue is one of my favorite writers. well i am not trying to hit on you but you are goregous...man that sounds pathetic haha sorry.
xSiberianKissx 0 posts
10/25/2004 12:26:00 AM
hey there!!! you have a great band list. do you like the new hot water music? well anyways just figured i'd say hi.
geefunkdaddymack 0 posts
9/14/2004 11:06:00 AM
hey, i want you should check out my band "Blame Gary". we're on stereokiller.com. Or you can check us out at stlpunk.com or www.blamegary.com. Tell me what you think.
sXeSUCKS 0 posts
9/2/2004 2:53:00 AM
whats a good place to look for concerts on-line in the chicago area? im comin home from being overseas and i need to see some shows! please help me out
The Underground Man 0 posts
8/14/2004 10:44:00 PM
reading and watching old movies...some of the best things in the world. what are some of your favorites books / movies?
8/7/2004 11:16:00 PM
hey beautiful
toygunsandhandcuffs 0 posts
8/6/2004 3:15:00 PM
bored as poop man
toygunsandhandcuffs 0 posts
8/6/2004 3:08:00 PM
hey... thanks?
whats up?
Aint Love Grand 0 posts
7/17/2004 11:04:00 AM
ıts boring..ı saw your pıctures and yu re so sweety :)
dowload somethıngs (from first to last )
ı thınk you''ll listen thıs ıts so nice
Aint Love Grand 0 posts
7/17/2004 10:54:00 AM
uuww funeral for a frıend is the best
XTMGdrummerX 0 posts
7/13/2004 12:05:00 AM
cute pictures...you like to promote local band awesome.....youre birthday is the same as mine except i was born 86.
gothadrummer 0 posts
6/22/2004 7:33:00 PM
I steal slitwristtheory's brilliant idea to tell you than my band is worth a listen if you like LOCAL UNKNOWN FRENCH ragga metal stuff. You might not like it but anyway it's here : http://www.stereokiller.com/bands/bands.cfm?id=9381
And as you seem to listen some emo stuff, you should give a try to hot water music, a legendary emo punk band. You might like it =)
[SlitWristTheory] 0 posts
6/21/2004 11:52:00 PM
my band isn't quite overrated, in fact, hardly rated hehe, give a listen if you'd like. either www.pahardcore.com/bands[stemm] or www.stemm.net

both links are also on my profile. let me know what you think if you listen. thanks :)
hardy hand job 0 posts
6/20/2004 4:36:00 PM
ok ill help you, meet me in jersey at trump majal casino, wear some sleazy and ill give you some music to listen to..haha
sour mash 0 posts
6/20/2004 2:36:00 PM
nothing much, how have you been? you ever check out any of those bands?
hardy hand job 0 posts
6/20/2004 11:55:00 AM
linkin park is one of those trendy shit bands....oh well
liamrulz 0 posts
6/18/2004 12:25:00 PM
what are yah interested in? i got a wide variety.....what kinds of things would you like to hear? and how are you?
liamrulz 0 posts
6/17/2004 1:32:00 PM
i love hooking people up with new music. so if I can help let me know. and hi.
sour mash 0 posts
6/17/2004 1:25:00 PM
umm.. minus the bear, hopesfall, beloved, like what kind of music are you looking for , harder stuff and just anything?
sour mash 0 posts
6/17/2004 1:17:00 PM
haha, yea, hey well everyone's gotta start somewhere, at least you're looking into music other than what's played on the radio and mtv
sour mash 0 posts
6/17/2004 1:13:00 PM
same, nothing really, just waiting to go to work, so you're here to find new music?
sour mash 0 posts
6/17/2004 1:08:00 PM
hey, yea..um..you're hot, whats up
thejackass 0 posts
6/17/2004 1:06:00 AM
well thank you. it's quite alright. what are you going to be up to this weekend?
thejackass 0 posts
6/9/2004 4:50:00 AM
hey, how's it going?
BredxFromxPain 0 posts
6/3/2004 4:10:00 PM
well theres a shit load of bands im sure youd like other than jessica s shit. evergreen terrace is a good one check them out sometime. oh and welcome!
I love to read. (Lately I've been reading historical novels), surfing the web, watching old movies, hanging out at local concerts that promote local bands, ice skating, watching t.v.
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