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Mr. Bill 0 posts
1/1/2009 8:32:00 PM
yo yo yo how are things over there in Constantinople?
Adam Grace 0 posts
5/14/2008 10:00:00 AM
yes you can email me at abradley1002@gmail.com
Adam Grace 0 posts
4/21/2008 10:44:00 AM
I'm good thanks, busy but good. how are you?
myth 0 posts
4/18/2008 7:00:00 AM
i'm good.

how are you?


myth 0 posts
2/29/2008 6:44:00 AM
Adam Grace 0 posts
9/6/2007 2:47:00 PM
thanks for calling, it was nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well too.
Adam Grace 0 posts
7/25/2007 2:45:00 PM
lots of reasons that I'm not getting into on a public messageboard.
Adam Grace 0 posts
7/23/2007 10:14:00 AM
that's probably not a good idea.
Adam Grace 0 posts
7/18/2007 7:37:00 PM
pretty good thanks.
life/deathnopoint 0 posts
6/10/2007 8:00:00 AM
You don't have to worry. You won't die alone. If things are meant to be, it will all work out. Life is really good right now. I just got out of a crazy relationship. That's awesome, because she seemed to have two different personalities. Not cool at all. I'm working a lot and in the fall going back to school for a chef program. Have a great summer.
Adam Grace 0 posts
4/30/2007 6:25:00 PM
Adam Grace 0 posts
2/20/2007 7:28:00 PM
ok, I'm not sure what you want me to say
life/deathnopoint 0 posts
1/8/2007 9:09:00 AM
Life is great. There's still the every day bullshit, but it's all how you look at it. All is well with you?
Adam Grace 0 posts
1/2/2007 9:20:00 AM
thanks you too
life/deathnopoint 0 posts
1/1/2007 11:55:00 AM
Yo, happy new years!
Adam Grace 0 posts
10/6/2006 8:55:00 AM
so just be patient and you'll get it
Adam Grace 0 posts
10/6/2006 8:52:00 AM
I told you I will let you know once I have been to my fathers to pick everything up.
blueeyesblackheart 0 posts
9/21/2006 4:44:00 PM
so you must be beste?!
zeynep told me about you:) unfortunately its not so easy to get together, but we will spend october together as well and meet as often as possible... of course its never enough but still the best we can do... take care!
Adam Grace 0 posts
8/31/2006 7:51:00 AM
I'll take it to the post office and weigh it and tell you how much it will cost.
flarga blarga 0 posts
5/5/2006 6:33:00 PM
so ur from turkey? that is cool. i am from good old Texas.if u can call it "good old". anyway, tell me about life in the asia minor.
life/deathnopoint 0 posts
5/1/2006 7:40:00 PM
Scoping out my profile Beste? How's life in beautiful Turkey?
Adam Grace 0 posts
1/29/2006 10:01:00 AM
I'm online, it's sunday morning at 10:00
Adam Grace 0 posts
1/10/2006 2:39:00 PM
and you're mine, love you baby
Adam Grace 0 posts
10/27/2005 2:00:00 PM
hey honey, are you still there? I just got to work, remember I'm starting late today
Adam Grace 0 posts
10/18/2005 11:34:00 AM
love you baby
Adam Grace 0 posts
9/30/2005 8:17:00 PM
I love you
Adam Grace 0 posts
6/25/2005 8:27:00 AM
hey hun, my pm's aren't working today. I'll give you a call on my break
ana doll 0 posts
6/21/2005 4:24:00 PM
hehe funny
very nice
life/deathnopoint 0 posts
6/14/2005 8:26:00 PM
well,since I never catch you on msn, how are you?
SDRE 0 posts
6/11/2005 2:17:00 PM
Ok..sorry! bytheway.. I have changed the topic if it upset you
unearth_endless 0 posts
5/22/2005 1:46:00 PM
heyy beee buldum sonunda turkleri arkdaşın biri ingiliz aksanıyla merabe dedi:)ordan cıkardım herkes neyse aykan ben bu arada eyvallah!
the gook 0 posts
5/18/2005 1:02:00 PM
i want those sunglasses
secondvoice 0 posts
5/11/2005 4:51:00 PM
tesekkr ederm jnm mujx :)
Candide 0 posts
5/11/2005 12:46:00 PM
i was just kidding, i love canadians and ive never seen the show
Candide 0 posts
5/9/2005 9:06:00 PM
neato hair
Adam Grace 0 posts
3/1/2005 4:16:00 PM
love you too baby!
chris_curses 0 posts
2/28/2005 5:58:00 PM
awesome, i'm glad you're happy now! i will speak to you soon!
chris_curses 0 posts
2/28/2005 4:51:00 PM
hey, not spoke in a while, how are you? hope you're not homesick anymore! Chris.
Adam Grace 0 posts
2/16/2005 10:41:00 PM
OMG! U r so hawt!!
fucked over 0 posts
2/4/2005 5:06:00 PM
your very pretty. and your hair is awsome.
pills 0 posts
2/2/2005 8:37:00 AM
japon arkadaşınla olan fotonun yanındaki fotooraf cok guzel.
siyah/lacivert saclı olan.
bubblegum octopus 0 posts
2/1/2005 4:20:00 AM
ehe bariz =)
de nie gittn kanadalara..
yuk 0 posts
1/29/2005 9:57:00 PM
damn ur beautiful!
refused 0 posts
1/29/2005 6:38:00 PM
yazılmayın lan kıza şerefiz imansızlar...
wulfgang zedung 0 posts
1/29/2005 5:50:00 PM
oyledir biz bisii mi dedik:)
wulfgang zedung 0 posts
1/29/2005 5:41:00 PM
ex jfw....
ghettochildkid05 0 posts
1/29/2005 3:34:00 AM
youre so gorgeous
Miss Deidre Ann 0 posts
1/27/2005 4:17:00 PM
you are very pretty, i love your hair :-)
burn_your_eyes 0 posts
1/27/2005 3:55:00 PM
You look awesome with EVERY color of hair. *high five*
pala 0 posts
1/25/2005 8:40:00 AM
evt bir turk daha...
xVeganxThreatx 0 posts
1/25/2005 3:15:00 AM
sanırım konu yok..
Havok 0 posts
1/23/2005 7:55:00 PM
hey there! i like ur hot pink hair! lol
xVeganxThreatx 0 posts
1/22/2005 7:22:00 PM
ama en azından yağmurda catısı akmasa iyi olacak .. hehe
xVeganxThreatx 0 posts
1/22/2005 7:11:00 PM
eh bir meziyetimiz daha varmış oğrendik .. eheh :)
ama boşuna dememiler bizimkiler , azla yetinmeye coğu bulamaz diye.. :P
xVeganxThreatx 0 posts
1/22/2005 6:51:00 PM
beni idare ediyor işte ev.. gerci cok buyuk değil ama olsun .:)
payphone 0 posts
1/18/2005 3:07:00 PM
wıyy mcgill ne kii? :)
payphone 0 posts
1/18/2005 6:56:00 AM
hehhe calarsın tabii oole gurbet kolay mı :P ne okuyorsun orada? :)
coeur 0 posts
1/15/2005 1:02:00 AM
life/deathnopoint 0 posts
1/14/2005 6:58:00 PM
What up pretty lady? Why did you post what I said on msn, in my profile? I wasn't in Toronto yesterday... On wednesday I was though. I do want to maybe go down sunday night...
secondvoice 0 posts
1/13/2005 7:44:00 PM
elin fake heriflerinii merak etme yalan solerler hep bak =)
teoman o ehe :P
Funk_Mastah_P 0 posts
1/10/2005 11:09:00 PM
hello beautiful! :P, if you hitch hike al the way here! come and say hello!, we ll have a beer ;)
secondvoice 0 posts
1/9/2005 10:17:00 PM
mmm really? :P :)
going.steady 0 posts
1/9/2005 3:07:00 PM
reppin the tdot. ooh and yer beautiful by the way
secondvoice 0 posts
1/8/2005 4:45:00 AM
I want you to know that
I miss you, I miss you so
I want you to know that
I miss you, I miss you so
.. bu sark&#305;y&#305;da bne sana armaan ediorm ozamn <3 =)
i.love.u.and.goodbye 0 posts
1/6/2005 4:41:00 PM
chris_curses 0 posts
1/5/2005 10:14:00 PM
hiya, hows things?! where have all your beautiful pictures gone?!! Chris x


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