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3/23/2006 3:40:00 PM
great taste of music and good looking....
you're the girl of my life......

The name's Sara
but you can call me sarabear.

I'm what you would call a sarcastic, cynical, son of a bitch.
and i'm not short. i'm 6'1" and growing

i'm not afraid to put you in check.

fuck with my friends, you fuck with me.
i'm easy to get along with, just don't make me mad.
i honestly can't wait til i'm 18
i'll get to start my sleeves, chest, side, and back pieces.

my ears are at 5/8". one step closer to my goal of 1"
i repeat myself because i've smoked too much to remember shit.
i'm alot to love, so please, if you are negative towards girls who are over the size of 6, don't talk to me. i'll have to break down and kick your ass.
i have addictions to coffee, diet coke, hot fries, and cigarettes
one day my liver will fall out of my ass from all the alcohol i consume
&my lungs are right there behind it from the nicotine in my system.
i believe the best way to die is during sex, right after an orgasm

want to win me over? give me a breakdown.
that or porn. yeah thats right. PORN.

no you will not tag it first, unless i think you're "the one"
i cuss more than a sailor
i have many nicknames for the vaginal cavity i use in daily converstations.
such as: juicer, vaggie, vagvag, poodenda, vajayjay, cooter, gina and so on and so forth.
more than likely, i'll end up in jail for manslaughter
the people at my school just piss me off that bad.

+7 angels 7 plagues
+a life once lost
+anal cunt
+arch enemy
+as i lay dying
+as the sun sets
+august burns red
+beneath the ashes
+between the burried and me♠
+black my heart
+bleeding through
+blood for blood
+bloodlined caligraphy
+burnt by the sun
+bury your dead
+casey jones
+cattle decapitation
+circle takes the square
+clearing autumn skies
+comeback kid
+countdown to life
+curl up and die
+darkest hour
+death before dishonor
+ed gein
+eighteen visions
+embrace today
+eso charis
+evergreen terrace
+every time i die♠
+first blood
+give up the ghost
+he is legend
+it dies today
+job for a cowboy♠
+kids like us
+lamb of god
+love hope and fear
+misery signals♠
+most precious blood♠

+norma jean
+number 12 looks like you
+open hand
+over my dead body
+paint it black
+poison the well
+premonitions of war♠

+remembering never
+scars of tomorrow
+screams of erida
+shadows fall
+sick of it all
+some girls
+still remains
+sworn enemy
+the acacia strain
+the agony scene
+the black dahlia murder♠
+the chariot
+the dillinger escape plan
+the locust
+the promise
+the red chord
+walls of jericho