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1/5/2005 7:34:00 PM
Damn! Misfits! TMNT! and DDR!
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12/28/2004 1:00:00 AM
thats cool....i thought it would be.....i cant wait to see killswitch
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12/25/2004 7:05:00 PM
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12/22/2004 8:12:00 PM
How was it?
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12/19/2004 10:47:00 PM
i hope ypu have fun!
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12/19/2004 10:46:00 PM
i cant...i dont have a ride and i have practice
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12/18/2004 3:38:00 PM
thats awsome....i want to go to that so bad
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12/16/2004 8:07:00 PM
u gunna be goin to the Atreyu, Unearth, Norma Jean concert in march?
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12/16/2004 8:04:00 PM
yea i think
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12/13/2004 10:25:00 PM
im more eastern....near plymouth
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12/11/2004 4:46:00 PM
awsome band list....amazing pics...
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12/4/2004 3:10:00 AM
cool pics girly
11/12/2004 10:38:00 PM
nice band list and ddr is the shiiiit
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10/29/2004 12:43:00 PM
excellent band list
TakeMeBreakMe 0 posts
10/10/2004 12:42:00 AM
wow pics..crazy
!Shark 0 posts
10/9/2004 5:44:00 PM
heeey DDR freak!!
soulareclipse 0 posts
10/2/2004 4:45:00 PM
hey, what's up? pimp the ddr, pimp the MA. IM me if you feel like talking.
PardonTheMess 0 posts
9/23/2004 11:49:00 AM
hey u, got a digital cam yo...check out the pro
Shawn.T. 0 posts
9/13/2004 4:41:00 PM
u down with DDR nice
LOVEburnsCOLD 0 posts
9/8/2004 2:26:00 AM
you are so GORGEOUS!!! <3
Brian FELLOW 0 posts
8/18/2004 1:18:00 AM
i hate the rotary
WhiteTrashBeauty 0 posts
8/13/2004 2:31:00 PM
Thanks.. as are you! :)
PardonTheMess 0 posts
8/7/2004 1:54:00 AM
yooooo kid, holla atch boy, hehe
FadedSun 0 posts
8/7/2004 1:15:00 AM
Yeah. it was alright. I'm going back down there tomorrow actually for a keg party. should be fun
FadedSun 0 posts
8/3/2004 6:49:00 PM
I used to live in middleboro. Ha
onecutforeverykiss 0 posts
7/18/2004 5:41:00 PM
hey nice pics your adorable
PardonTheMess 0 posts
7/17/2004 1:06:00 PM
....how come you say such a thing, what's on yur mind missy?
_microwave 0 posts
7/17/2004 1:14:00 AM
i do what i can
Danny Stardust 0 posts
7/16/2004 10:22:00 AM
aww thank you babe :)
PardonTheMess 0 posts
7/16/2004 12:55:00 AM
i'm at the top of yur list, just seems cool, you know i'm the best
!Shark 0 posts
7/14/2004 2:01:00 PM
oh i will add you back.
Danny Stardust 0 posts
7/14/2004 12:41:00 PM
:) i like the sunglasses
!Shark 0 posts
7/14/2004 11:40:00 AM
yeah i want to start a movie soon, but it is way harder than i thought since all my friends arn't into making a movie as much as i am. but all those video's are almost a year old. thanks for checking them out.
Danny Stardust 0 posts
7/14/2004 8:21:00 AM
im definitly gonna check that one out thanks!
Funeral Eclipse 0 posts
7/13/2004 9:37:00 PM
ddr is crazy..i suck at it..my friend owns it haha
xgreysonx 0 posts
7/13/2004 9:33:00 PM
hey whats up? im from pembroke ,your really pretty we should talk sometime.
!Shark 0 posts
7/13/2004 8:46:00 PM
did the vids work in divx?
PardonTheMess 0 posts
7/13/2004 3:46:00 PM
Danny Stardust 0 posts
7/13/2004 3:41:00 PM
no i haven't, ill have to check it out. whats it about?
Danny Stardust 0 posts
7/12/2004 8:15:00 PM
yea he was really great, i need tog et more of his movies :)
!Shark 0 posts
7/12/2004 7:47:00 PM
oh yeah you need to get divx, we didn't put a link for divx on there but just go the the divx site and get it, it's just a type of player and i encoded the video's with that so the quality didn't suck, then just play the video's in the divx player.
idunnojen 0 posts
7/12/2004 2:40:00 AM
wow, duh, i'm sorry, brain fart moment... =P
.hold.your.breath. 0 posts
7/12/2004 12:52:00 AM
nice band list :)
!Shark 0 posts
7/12/2004 12:45:00 AM
i think look to the sky should have another foot added to it, it is hard for whatever amount it is, but yeah that song is awsome.
!Shark 0 posts
7/12/2004 12:33:00 AM
haha i like dream a dream, but it is too easy. cartoon heros i havn't tried on heavy yet, but i like it on standard. i don't know if i have a fav, i like twilight zone, tsugaru, and rythme and police. burning heat is fun. and senorita is always fun to play.
!Shark 0 posts
7/12/2004 12:15:00 AM
oh damn, better than me, i beat afronova twice before and i am just starting to do reverse so i don't last more than 20 seconds in maxx unlimited, i am close to AA rythme and police, and a hard one that i can only do half the times i try is So Deep. so yeah you tear me up.
!Shark 0 posts
7/12/2004 12:05:00 AM
oh yeah, DDR, i havn't seen anyone else on here that plays. and yes, early mornings on stars and HBO, 80's movies. we all know TMNT was the best thing that ever happened. and horror is always awsome to watch. anyway what are some of the songs you can do that are pretty tough for you?
PardonTheMess 0 posts
7/11/2004 11:35:00 PM
think so?

or should i say

....(still) think so? hehehe
PardonTheMess 0 posts
7/11/2004 6:36:00 PM
i c u were in my pro, ASHLEy, i know you aren't gonna leave it without leavin a comment or 2. hehehe
Blo0dBroTher 0 posts
7/11/2004 4:09:00 PM
hey qt nice bands
idunnojen 0 posts
7/11/2004 1:27:00 AM
JTHM fan? I assume I know what that is, but right now, I'm clueless... =P
|Getoldordietrying| 0 posts
7/10/2004 6:56:00 PM
nice band list en i like you're pic's! specialy the pic with your boob's
srr for my english
message me
greetz cheep x..
everythingtocome 0 posts
7/10/2004 12:56:00 PM
they suck altogether. we call that shit "analcore". same with throwdown and all that garbage. so weak and uncreative. last night in town is about the only recent hardcore record pushing any sort of envelope.
everythingtocome 0 posts
7/10/2004 1:46:00 AM
they were sooooo bad.
everythingtocome 0 posts
7/10/2004 12:19:00 AM
"If you like girls that can scream, listen to Walls of Jericho, they're so fuckin mean haha."

HAHA i met the chick from walls at an etid show, she is SOO brutal. i told her she intimidated me and we got pictures with her.
ghost in the fog 0 posts
7/9/2004 10:26:00 PM
If you like girls that can scream, listen to Walls of Jericho, they're so fuckin mean haha.
you vs karma 0 posts
7/9/2004 6:21:00 PM
np babes.
AShotGunSuicide 0 posts
7/9/2004 5:44:00 PM
wow u are beautiful. too bad ur in MA
pat burke 0 posts
7/9/2004 5:18:00 PM
nice bands...and you're pretty cute
you vs karma 0 posts
7/9/2004 4:16:00 PM
nice sunglasses.
PardonTheMess 0 posts
7/9/2004 1:52:00 PM
hey punk, hope yur liking this site....( THIS GIRL IS ON HERE THANX TO ME) hahaaaaaa
Carlo_HC 0 posts
7/9/2004 9:04:00 AM
sxe tits...cool
Bows + Arrows 0 posts
7/9/2004 8:35:00 AM
no problem...
Bows + Arrows 0 posts
7/9/2004 2:05:00 AM
good music friend
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7/9/2004 12:13:00 AM
Is this love? 0 posts
7/8/2004 11:53:00 PM
i fuckin love ur band list and ur pics hit me up
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