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mandylove 0 posts
3/2/2013 1:25:00 PM
Nice To Meet You
My name is Favor, i saw your profile and it drew my attention to write to you. I would like you to communicate me through my e-mail address (favormadi@hotmail.com)so that we can get to know more about each other more and also to exchange our pictures. I am waiting to her from you. until then continue to be blessed.
dreadful 0 posts
12/1/2011 11:53:00 AM
Check out our band! =) click here for link
We hope you like. Stay cool and greetings from Finland!

And if you like go to and push "like" our FB page click here for link
the audio of being 0 posts
10/18/2004 12:04:00 AM
whats up bro
childofbodom 0 posts
10/5/2004 9:49:00 PM
nm, you answered my question. thanks.
childofbodom 0 posts
10/5/2004 9:48:00 PM
Hey, I'm interested in your post, but can you give me a little info, like if there is pay? And how you get paid.. etc..
hellfestfucks 0 posts
9/27/2004 11:53:00 PM
There's cocaine in the key that took us from the bar to the car to the bedroom!
huZZah1 0 posts
9/27/2004 4:37:00 PM
did jessica move yet?
xXyourbiggestfanXx 0 posts
9/12/2004 2:07:00 PM
I know, isn't it great?

spazz330 0 posts
9/3/2004 9:56:00 PM
that's cool dude. you'll have to come to nyabinghi when there's a show. new lamb of god is saucy but the new mastodon is super saucy. tomorrow i'm gonna get the walking concert which is the dude from quicksand, rival schools, and gorilla biscuits.
spazz330 0 posts
8/30/2004 9:22:00 PM
what up? started school. it sucks. need a vacation or just maybe a beer. see ya on the flipside.
Pollcat 0 posts
8/26/2004 6:04:00 PM
.ex.to.the.oh. 0 posts
8/25/2004 10:45:00 PM
maybe you've seen me in your dreams ;) just kidding
Pollcat 0 posts
8/20/2004 5:27:00 PM
Unknown 0 posts
7/29/2004 1:46:00 PM
Yeah dude it was good to meet you too. I plan on being at that show, so see you there
rye 0 posts
7/13/2004 10:29:00 PM
haha i was reading the convo between you and mike..

Jim's got a new band i forget the name of it.
and the burning dawn dudes are now called ABSINTHE.
richsorr 0 posts
7/13/2004 3:31:00 AM
duude IM me at RichSorr1. i need some help with a show in ohio for tour
dougle 0 posts
7/13/2004 2:42:00 AM
i'll be with phil if i ever get to cleveland
Phil Dougherty 0 posts
7/13/2004 2:36:00 AM
k. i'm Dr. xPHILx on there, i used to be Phil Doc. howdy. ill be coming to some of your shows. look forward to meeting you
Phil Dougherty 0 posts
7/13/2004 2:17:00 AM
Mikey216 on samob?
Unknown 0 posts
7/13/2004 2:09:00 AM
haha, that'd be awesome! i haven't talked to jim in some time tho, i wonder what he's up to...
Matt Reslove 0 posts
6/6/2004 3:10:00 PM
whats up dude!
Funeral Eclipse 0 posts
6/6/2004 10:13:00 AM
hey whats up
killerpark 0 posts
6/4/2004 7:29:00 PM
Suck-On-It Records 0 posts
5/31/2004 8:55:00 PM
yeah they are friends of mine... there playing my show herein philly on their tour...
coastal elite 0 posts
5/31/2004 12:53:00 AM
Nice? Wow... People don't call me nice that often. And there are only like three bands I really like playing Strhessfest, plus I need to save money for my Philly/Hellfest trip this summer, seeing as gay prices will be somewhere around $2.50. Eep.
Malory 0 posts
5/21/2004 10:25:00 AM
Happy Birthday!
huZZah1 0 posts
4/14/2004 1:14:00 AM
jeezzz....well, im sayin HI now buddy! no seriously though, i havent been on here in a while. school sucks and there are only 3 more weeks to the semester and i have a shitload of projects to do. yes, i am still a procrastinator. i will tell rich to call you.....going to any show soon?
huZZah1 0 posts
4/14/2004 1:14:00 AM
i meant going to any shows soon. duh.
xemiliex 0 posts
3/27/2004 7:52:00 PM
i might be moving to cleveland so i say hi!
Pollcat 0 posts
3/16/2004 12:16:00 PM
Whats going on MIKEY?
JennX 0 posts
3/15/2004 11:12:00 PM
yeah i remember when i found out about that.
B.R. Motherfuckers! 0 posts
2/25/2004 6:13:00 PM
This is true. He's slightly better than me but just under those fuckin' Quizno's sub hamster things.
Pollcat 0 posts
1/6/2004 1:28:00 PM
this kid is my ace. Oh yeah he is more then likely better then you.

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