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Everyday we find a way, we find ourselves, such a time our innerselves begin to beg, our thoughts outnumber what we do, paralizing with the thought "only without regret" am i willing to be accepting to whatever comes my way, in the deepest passion do i live life and for only the reason that one life is only givin to me do i seek in positive influences for if not done so one would only been frozen in a time not worth living..... life is like a book, with each experience is a feeling, i try to capture what cant be expressed by feelings and turn them into words with deep meaning and relation to anyone who seeks the same.. what makes me on the inside is uncertain.. somtimes lyrics are an answer and one day ill write the perfect song that will describe me and all that comes with it till then im just searching and learning.. (random emoness i apologize)
[x] *= Favorite Bands.. if you happen to see more then one >*... i think there f'n amazing! Alkaline Trio*, A static lullaby*, Afi*, Ambry*, As I Lay Dying****, athornforeveryheart, Atreyu*, Avenge Sevenfold*, Before Today, Blindside, Bleeding Through*, Boys night out, Brand New**, Brazil, Bright eyes*, Calico System, Circa Survive****, Coheed and Cambria***, Coldplay*, Cursive*, Dashboard Confessionals*, Days Like These*, Dead Poetic*,Dredg*, Finch*, Freya, Funeral for a friend*, From Autumn to Ashes*, From first to Last*, Glassjaw***, Hawthorn Heights*, Head Automatica*, Keane*, Lucuna Coil, LostProphets, Mars Volta**, Matchbook Romance*, Moments In Grace*, My Chemical Romance*, Northstar*, Park*, Poison The Well*, Postal Service***, Riding Bikes*, Rocky Votolato, Rx Bandits, Saosin****, Senses Fail*, Shallow Water Grave*, Silverstein, Sounds of animals fighting****, Story Of The Year*, Stray Light Run*, Taking Back Sunday*, The Beautiful Mistake, The Bled***, The Cure, The Early November*, The Recieving end of sirens**, The Starting Line, The Used*, Thrice**, Thursday*, Underoath*, Unearth**, Vaux*, Yesterdays rising. [x] ***if you know any bands that are worth listing to liek these let me know thank you..***