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I challenge you to a race around the world!...GO! ahahahhahahhaha!... *takes a deep breath* well my name is Zach, my general interests include music, and anything else that is considered as "art", music being the only thing i'm good at in that field, but all art interests me. I like to keep myself as cultered as possible.I like to play any kind of instrument i can get my grubby little hands on. My hands are actually kinda beefy.. I don't like to talk about myself very much. i think it's important to make the best of whattever you're doing and enjoy yourself in whattever situation you may be in.. or you could end up pretty miserable. I try and be honest and kind to others but most people don't really seem to realise that until they've known me for a while... I spose you could say i make a "terrible" first impression. I believe in doing onto others as you would have them do onto you. so i generally treat everybody as equals unless they give me a fairly good reason not to. I play guitar/back-up vocals in a punk band called "Brain Tuel" and that keeps me busy enough sometimes. (is running out of breath) hahahha *dramatic music* Other interests of mine include: buying cd's! and spending all remaining money of mine on FOOD!, soccer, bowling, red bicycles and rubber duckies! sittin around, going to shows, and PIE! (yes! sounds delicious) anyways, my e-mail address is brain_tuel@hotmal.com if it doesn't show it anywhere else, and yeah! keep rockin all you awsome people! peace
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