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8/3/2011 2:41:00 PM
hi there,
greetings from us :)
we're indonesian melodic metal.
listen and enjoy our music
nice to know u :D

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9/19/2006 8:45:00 AM
yeah, www.myspace.com/cesar_tx or you can find me with my e-mail:
Metal_God_999@yahoo.com ^_^
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8/13/2006 11:55:00 PM
do you have a myspace?^_^
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2/11/2006 6:22:00 PM
How are you buddy!?
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12/17/2005 2:45:00 AM
Hi. I go to pasadena high and I notced you live in houston.Maybe we can chat some time if you want.
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7/7/2005 2:21:00 AM
You are just too cool!
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7/3/2005 2:55:00 AM
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7/1/2005 1:08:00 AM
holly shit, i see a k
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6/30/2005 11:24:00 PM
i am so fucking kool(and i spelt it with a K so you know it's true)
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6/26/2005 1:05:00 PM
hey hey , how are you?
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6/26/2005 1:00:00 PM
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6/12/2005 6:21:00 PM
you get to see your old friends?
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4/24/2005 3:51:00 PM
wow!!! ur back
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1/25/2005 3:25:00 PM
awww come back!!!!!
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1/15/2005 12:35:00 AM
ur not my friend no more or what?>
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1/7/2005 12:32:00 AM
*pokes your eye* grrrr........hee hee
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12/31/2004 3:20:00 AM
Thanks.i like yours too. yeeeah dude
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12/17/2004 6:58:00 PM
hey was up
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12/16/2004 9:58:00 PM
hey you
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12/8/2004 12:39:00 AM
hey thanx sweets, ur list is pretty kick ass also...i get to see darkest hour this saturday!:-D and me and i doing great, just got home from a Ministry show, and i am beat and how are u?
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12/7/2004 10:38:00 PM
whoa im seeing 4 of those bands saturday! and anterrabae are friends of ours*myband*

woo hoo fbtmof, DH, btbam, CD :-D
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12/7/2004 5:19:00 PM
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12/2/2004 12:07:00 AM
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12/2/2004 12:06:00 AM
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11/30/2004 1:21:00 AM
hi person
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11/28/2004 10:33:00 PM
i like your music very chill
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11/27/2004 12:09:00 AM
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11/26/2004 11:38:00 PM
hey zoe
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11/25/2004 8:37:00 PM
hey there buddy
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11/23/2004 6:54:00 PM
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11/23/2004 4:47:00 PM
oh wow you like ten crowns...i got drunk with the lead singer last weekend...gimme a hollar back...
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11/23/2004 1:43:00 PM
im good...how are you?
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10/18/2004 4:04:00 PM
I know i seen them a couple of times too the kick even more ass live
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10/18/2004 3:37:00 PM
atreyus the best .. thank god someone on this site has good taste !! !
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10/17/2004 11:36:00 PM
atreyu kicks the ass
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9/20/2004 9:23:00 PM
hello, i like your interests :-b
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9/12/2004 4:13:00 PM
great band list and n0ce user name.... got to shoot the shit with them a bunch of times great bunch of guys.... xXx
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8/25/2004 2:47:00 AM
Atreyu Sucks.

Ok j/k... They rock my panties.
You've got an awesome band list
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8/22/2004 10:51:00 AM
la dee la dee la im so bored la dee la dee la
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8/21/2004 11:04:00 PM
why would my head hurt?hehehehehehehehehe
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8/21/2004 1:12:00 PM
yes..yes you may

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8/16/2004 12:27:00 AM
nice list

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8/15/2004 8:40:00 PM
yep Atreyu's awesome! i'm doin pretty good, how are you? glad ya like the hair : )
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8/15/2004 8:27:00 PM
wicked band list
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8/14/2004 12:50:00 PM
you know what im going to buy a pet girrafe what do you think???
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8/13/2004 12:01:00 AM
la dee la dee la they erased all my post damn it la dee la dee la my knee is still bruised im going to miss joe im soooooo.... sad tonight hmmm.. x wants to be friends again i hate that because i hate his guts now i have no more feelings for the guy i wish i did i guess its because i havent seen him in a while hmm... i heard he's not going to sam anymore.... and i think his g/f wants to beat me up i heard someone did i dont really care though because i can beat that bitches ass anyways ok thats all
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8/11/2004 9:31:00 PM
Hey babe.
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8/10/2004 4:06:00 AM
@7r3yV rv13z!!!
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8/9/2004 10:15:00 PM
hey hey hey hee hee how are you doing today on this fine evening young lady
eh i dont really care just tought id ask because im bored hi hee hee
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8/7/2004 1:51:00 AM
owie my knee :(
Bats and Mice 0 posts
8/7/2004 12:10:00 AM
lol y thank u whats up?
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8/6/2004 6:02:00 PM
hey man.... awesome bands
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8/5/2004 10:05:00 PM
uhh i guess this is where i reply, im not to sure im new to this, but yes i am going to the atreyu show at the enginge room are u?
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8/5/2004 8:08:00 PM
my yahoo won't let me sign on.so yeah
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8/5/2004 6:10:00 PM
what's cracking homeslice???...???
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8/5/2004 4:08:00 PM
la dee la dee doop dee doo
And~Love~Said~No 0 posts
8/5/2004 2:13:00 PM
oo yay i shaped them up :)
Bring Back The 3rd X 0 posts
8/5/2004 10:32:00 AM
la dee la dee la
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8/5/2004 12:22:00 AM
yeah ive seen em twice now. and met chris, i think thats it the lead singer adn the drummer...
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8/5/2004 12:05:00 AM
hello, how are u?
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8/4/2004 7:56:00 PM
dang u got a good band list
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8/4/2004 7:00:00 PM
i'll try to shape them up :)
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8/4/2004 6:54:00 PM
haha there uneven
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8/4/2004 6:04:00 PM
thanks whast up?
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8/4/2004 4:47:00 PM
Yeah, you too
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8/4/2004 3:56:00 PM
underoath nice
going 2 concerts
atreyu,himsa,underoath,as i lay dying,throwdown,chimaira,unearth,nothingface remembering never,shadows fall,by the end of tonight,18 visions,scarlet,darkest hour,death by stereo,norma jean,sinnai beach,hatebreed,ten crowns,bleeding through,funeral for a friend,everytime i die,between the burried and me,beauty in chaos,cattle decapitation,fear before the march of flames, it dies today, dead to fall, the chariot,anterrabae, , prayer for cleansing. across five aprils and more but i cant think no more