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cyanidesuicide 0 posts
12/12/2007 10:26:00 PM
Despite the fact that my wireless internet has been acting gay lately, I've been good. Just working a whole lot. Gotta love that.
cyanidesuicide 0 posts
12/8/2007 12:23:00 AM
Gotta love those. I'm probably gonna have one myself Sunday morning. How's your weekend going so far?
cyanidesuicide 0 posts
12/5/2007 1:53:00 PM
Not a whole got. You?
cyanidesuicide 0 posts
12/3/2007 9:21:00 PM
die, faggot! die! 0 posts
12/2/2007 8:12:00 PM
ahah Joplin is like, 200 or 300 miles away from me. I live in a little town with a population of 199. it's real hard up in these streets, what with everybody and their big, bad cornfields and such. don't be intimidated ;)
die, faggot! die! 0 posts
11/30/2007 5:50:00 PM
man. every guy that like bikes is from texas. WTF? i bet you all had a secret meeting to move down to tx and leave me her to settle for little pansy scooter-riding boys. :( dickheads.
sixsixsiq 0 posts
11/21/2007 1:41:00 AM
Hahah, Thanks :[ my aim name issss

"ssix six siq"
sixsixsiq 0 posts
11/13/2007 10:55:00 PM
sixsixsiq 0 posts
8/3/2007 7:50:00 PM
Just an idea.
sixsixsiq 0 posts
8/3/2007 3:48:00 PM
you should talk to me on aim sometime.

ssixsixsiq is my screen name.
sixsixsiq 0 posts
8/2/2007 10:47:00 PM
and i doubt i'm ever going to walk up to one of the guys in animosity and just blatantly say "nick sent me."
sixsixsiq 0 posts
8/2/2007 7:42:00 PM
hahah. good to know.
hanszimmer 0 posts
7/30/2007 3:00:00 AM
word, dude. i'm on aim right now. if you got the time.
Txstein 0 posts
7/28/2007 4:54:00 PM
No complaints here in Denton. How's Austin?
sixsixsiq 0 posts
7/26/2007 3:48:00 AM
whole foods hmm. i like that store, i love banana chips. so good. yeah of course i do. i think everyone does. haha.


believe me, telemarketing is probably the worst job in the history of the world. i sell time shares to people that don't have money. it's awesome.
sixsixsiq 0 posts
7/25/2007 7:27:00 PM
i'm apprenticing to be a piercer. and i'm also a telemarketer. great combo if you ask me.
sixsixsiq 0 posts
7/25/2007 5:23:00 PM
i don't do much of anything, i work and drink play the penny slots. but other then that i don't do anything.
sixsixsiq 0 posts
7/25/2007 1:01:00 AM
you're half correct though, that's how most of the people are. i just moved here three years ago from buffalo new york though. hah. i'm doing pretty good, how are you?
caligraphy 0 posts
5/7/2007 6:52:00 PM
yeah: i just think the waste is the most polished and exposed of thrash bands. poster boys if you will.
d rock 0 posts
5/7/2007 11:03:00 AM
i didn't want to say it in the Municipal Waste thread and get off topic, but as much as i love the Waste, as far as new thrash bands go, you NEED to hear Violator. i'm not saying they are neccessarily better, but they are more straight up thrash than the Waste. i mean, they are the cream of the fucking crop - completely awesome riffs all over every song, solos in almost every song too, with some of the best vocals i've heard in a current thrash band period.

like i said, i don't know if they are better than Municipal Waste, but they are certainly right up there and deserving of a listen. you should check them out.
FigEPudn 0 posts
4/7/2007 11:39:00 PM
Done and done.
emogeddon 0 posts
4/6/2007 10:45:00 PM
I wish that I had dreams like that.
emogeddon 0 posts
4/6/2007 10:40:00 PM
I had a dream that I strangled Anna Nicole to death the other night. Shit was weird.
emogeddon 0 posts
4/6/2007 10:37:00 PM
I'm doing fairly well. How's things in Austin?
GetxFighted 0 posts
3/18/2007 1:42:00 AM
You must be a fucking genius.
Fall From Grace 0 posts
9/22/2006 10:35:00 PM
you said youll be touring with as eden burns? thats awesome. whats the name of your band? oh and let me know if you guys come to SA.
OhhxAlex 0 posts
9/12/2006 9:21:00 PM
How could you call it a day without one of those? haha
And how's Texas?
OhhxAlex 0 posts
9/11/2006 11:07:00 PM
Woah, haha, little harsh. Come now, I barely know you haha.

I'm doing quite well actually,
OhhxAlex 0 posts
9/11/2006 8:36:00 PM
be all end all 0 posts
9/10/2006 1:13:00 AM
Yeah they fucking rule. I saw them like 4 years ago and wasn't into them at all at the time. Now I listen to them almost everyday. Wish so bad that I liked them more at the time.
Panic 0 posts
9/7/2006 8:54:00 PM
9/7/2006 1:16:00 PM
im glad i found someone who hates sublime too
-Jeremy- 0 posts
9/5/2006 10:00:00 PM
thanks dude, you too
The Ultimate Warrior 0 posts
9/5/2006 7:46:00 PM
Awesome, I'll check them out.
The Ultimate Warrior 0 posts
9/5/2006 7:44:00 PM
Nope, I've never heard of them. What do they sound like?
lord sauron 0 posts
9/5/2006 12:27:00 AM
yo....not bad at all.
duece duece 0 posts
7/12/2006 8:44:00 PM
FigEPudn 0 posts
7/6/2006 2:03:00 PM
Pretty good except for the fact that I have work in a half an hour. I like the word spiffy.
FigEPudn 0 posts
6/27/2006 12:06:00 AM
How are you this evening/day/whenever you read this
FigEPudn 0 posts
6/20/2006 4:16:00 AM
XNobleX 0 posts
6/8/2006 11:44:00 AM
What's up, kid! Check out the radio show on 91.7 FM Sundays at midnight. I play the hardest music I can find.
Panic 0 posts
7/9/2005 8:10:00 PM
Tini 0 posts
7/5/2005 6:47:00 PM
oops. here:

Tini 0 posts
7/5/2005 6:46:00 PM
Hey you! Still haven/t found me on myspace. Here/s my link:
coastal elite 0 posts
7/1/2005 3:14:00 AM
Haha, I won't hold it against you, I promise.
coastal elite 0 posts
7/1/2005 3:11:00 AM
Extraordinarily hot, and I have no AC in my car. Let me tell you, it's awesome.

You're typing quite well for an inebriated fellow. Congratulations :)
coastal elite 0 posts
7/1/2005 3:08:00 AM
Awesome. Way too tired to function, but that's okay.
coastal elite 0 posts
7/1/2005 3:06:00 AM
How've you been babe?
Tini 0 posts
5/2/2005 5:39:00 PM
because of ME! :D
long time. are you on myspace? if you/re not yet, don/t go there.
it is pure horror. if you like horror, go find me!

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