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heywhatsupnothingyou 0 posts
1/30/2005 9:47:00 PM
JAYSLUT you need to get back here! <3
12/28/2004 9:42:00 PM
get back on pahardcore woman!
hopefornothing 0 posts
12/17/2004 10:29:00 AM
you like some sweet bands
abortion_is_amazing 0 posts
11/8/2004 2:18:00 PM
haha its okay, i had fun there but it would have been better if you where there tell them kids in akt if they got beef with me or whatever we can settle the shit next time im up there, out side of a venue. but give me a call sometime <3
abortion_is_amazing 0 posts
10/31/2004 4:49:00 AM
dont miss nov6th ldd in altoona
INCU5 0 posts
10/26/2004 10:04:00 AM
hey wats up?
abortion_is_amazing 0 posts
10/24/2004 11:52:00 AM
holla at cha colla girlie girl hit me up soon.
Bats and Mice 0 posts
10/23/2004 6:53:00 PM
Comeback_Joe 0 posts
10/22/2004 2:49:00 PM
oh well
goodbye i guess
shame :( ill miss u, contact me when u come online ever so we can keep in touch
turnofthetide 0 posts
10/18/2004 7:30:00 PM
i heard about the title. good work on looking good. ;)
heywhatsupnothingyou 0 posts
10/16/2004 7:36:00 PM
FractionsOfZero 0 posts
10/15/2004 1:58:00 AM
why you hiding?
xnoise 0 posts
10/14/2004 10:32:00 AM
hi.....where in slovenia?
10-12-04 <3
remembering never, misery signals, he is legend, trivium, the number 12 looks like you, it dies today, as i lay dying, norma jean, the agony scene, killswitch engage, the blood brothers, daughters, from autumn to ashes, shai hulud, comeback kid, metallica, iron maiden, megadeath, old underoath..<3gwen stefani<3..