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5/16/2006 7:17:00 PM
I'm touring this summer with my friends in And We Danced from PA,
we still need a couple dates filled. If you could please help us out with any of the following dates, or provide me with any contact information in your area it would be greatly appreciated. With the price of gas, and us setting this tour up ourselves we cannot afford to not play one of the nights on the this tour. Anything you can do would be greatly greatly appreciated.

July 10th - IN
July 15th - NH
July 17th - NY
July 18th - MA, CT,
July 19th - MD, DE
July 20th - Md, DE
July 21st- NJ
July 22nd - PA
July 23rd - MD, DE, NJ
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4/18/2006 8:45:00 AM
that's wonderful, im doing really good I would say.
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4/12/2006 11:47:00 AM
hey i remeber you 2 how are ya?
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4/11/2006 11:44:00 PM
I know.
I'm doing well, how about you?
I'm looking forward to spring break in
2 days. Have you started your
break yet?
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2/15/2006 12:17:00 AM
I met you at the bowling alley when my cousin Tom and I went with Mark that one time. =o) How are you?
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5/18/2005 7:30:00 AM
it's my birthday today.
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4/24/2005 7:30:00 PM
hahah thanx thats cool... oh ya my name is josh by the way
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4/8/2005 1:27:00 AM
wow. ur really fifteen? thats crazy i definitly wouldnt have guessed that ur cute.
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3/31/2005 7:48:00 PM
yup i know ! thats y u should im me
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3/21/2005 7:39:00 AM
we need to talk to more on aim grrr
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3/11/2005 7:15:00 PM
omg look who it is the gurl who doesnt talk to me ne more * sad face*
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3/11/2005 7:17:00 AM
i hope you smirked at that one.
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3/10/2005 9:42:00 PM
You are pretty cute!

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3/7/2005 11:38:00 PM
youre stinkin gorgeous.....
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2/22/2005 5:25:00 PM
but i liked to hang out with u tho because u r so cute.
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2/22/2005 5:24:00 PM
wow i cant spell 4 shit mybe that y lol. its all good.
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2/22/2005 5:19:00 PM
dammmmh .... baaaaaaaaarrrnn 4 tim brantley, im not a mean kid, am i that bad looking of a kid, i can never find a pritty girl like u to have. : (
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2/21/2005 2:14:00 PM
on your picks it siad u need boys, ill be 1 of them. lol
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2/13/2005 1:19:00 AM
new pictures...(shivers).
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2/10/2005 8:34:00 PM
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2/3/2005 7:16:00 AM
oh dear goodness i miss you too. we will converse soon.
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1/28/2005 7:29:00 AM
i heart you
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1/25/2005 12:01:00 AM
i was trying to do it in one of those cocky 90's guys voices.. but yeah... HEY!
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1/24/2005 9:29:00 PM
you are so hot
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1/23/2005 3:41:00 PM
you do not heart me.
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1/21/2005 12:25:00 AM
I <3 you
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1/20/2005 9:27:00 AM
you are just perfect
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1/11/2005 7:45:00 AM
u can say that again nice main pic fear before i see hehe good deal there
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1/10/2005 7:34:00 AM
6... oh god your new pictures are beautiful.
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1/9/2005 6:25:00 PM
naw im not u r the adorable one
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1/7/2005 7:30:00 AM
yea im ok kinda lame because u dont talk to me ne more!
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1/6/2005 8:41:00 PM
ok, then my other friend is the 18th.
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1/6/2005 9:26:00 AM
it's the 18th right?
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1/6/2005 7:12:00 AM
i miss u too how are u ?
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12/28/2004 12:05:00 AM
YEAH RIGHT! look at all the boys like "gina, my looove i want youuu" heheh you are BEAUTIFUL <3 'n i mean that!! i miss you hehe
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12/23/2004 11:47:00 PM
despite you being a snowflake, your new pictures made me melt.
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12/23/2004 11:45:00 PM
oh boy, if you were mine, i'd post pictures of hairy legs and bleeding gums and i'd tell all girls to screw off, because i would have absolutely no need for any of them. None at all.
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12/23/2004 9:54:00 AM
what am i saying? you are my winter snowflake.
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12/19/2004 12:58:00 PM
if you lived near me, you'd be my winter snowflake.
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12/4/2004 11:21:00 PM
i added u cuz ur name used to b "oh so scene" and that was just a killer name lol
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12/4/2004 7:41:00 PM
good good i just istanst messaged you
BLUEeyes 0 posts
12/4/2004 7:37:00 PM
hello new jersey
hows it goin
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11/24/2004 8:22:00 PM
awww hi purdyful :) i miss talking to you ginaaaa!
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11/24/2004 7:29:00 AM
oh yeah, and you don't even have to try
PoliceJon,PoliceRed 0 posts
11/24/2004 7:28:00 AM
oh they're gorgeous and nothing you said was stupid...2 scene points

Caleb <3GiNuh Colestock
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11/21/2004 3:49:00 PM
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11/19/2004 3:23:00 PM
I wasn't given a reason just kicked out. Ben said it was screwing over the band for the last 6 months when he quit?
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11/19/2004 1:12:00 PM
pardon the cliche
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11/19/2004 1:10:00 PM
i want you badly
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11/19/2004 7:28:00 AM
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11/18/2004 10:24:00 PM
we're gonna be myspace friends
this gun, your mouth 0 posts
11/18/2004 10:23:00 PM
this gun, your mouth 0 posts
11/18/2004 10:22:00 PM
i know, you're beautiful. but 14.
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11/18/2004 9:20:00 PM
Yea i know you. your that cute girl that was talking to joe, Well i remeber you at a show we played. your cute as hell. But i am out of that band now. Got Kicked out.
this gun, your mouth 0 posts
11/18/2004 4:43:00 PM
why do you have to be 14
BLUEeyes 0 posts
11/17/2004 2:11:00 PM
prob the best song that ive ever heard........
Fight For Air 0 posts
11/16/2004 9:52:00 PM
Ohhhhh i think i do, you were the one joe was talking to at some kids party and then he shot us with a bb gun... that you?
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11/16/2004 7:37:00 PM
PoliceJon,PoliceRed 0 posts
11/16/2004 7:33:00 PM
i suddenly have this new obsession with girls with shortish blonde hair and i think that you are the culprit for this quirk
BLUEeyes 0 posts
11/16/2004 1:41:00 PM
....that you baked it in cakes for me
Fight For Air 0 posts
11/14/2004 9:01:00 PM
And i dont think i seen you before... Have I ?
Fight For Air 0 posts
11/14/2004 9:00:00 PM
How you meet us before? This question Needs anwsering (in refrence to the BEFOREIBURN account on this thing
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11/12/2004 11:34:00 PM
congradulations on listeing to everytime i die
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11/12/2004 11:29:00 PM
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11/9/2004 9:57:00 PM
haha no i didnt lie to u.. 1. im not a member on my space so i cant see the pic 2. my friend alex who is a gurl probably has my pic in her profile thats my best guess or someone is pretending to be me which really is pissing me off
Bats and Mice 0 posts
11/9/2004 9:32:00 PM
wat are talkin about ahha im not on myspace lol

i have a boyfriend. i love music. i'm 16 years old i do what i want.