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TerrorsathanISBACK 0 posts
9/24/2019 5:25:00 PM
Whats up, bro? Been a while.
XNXX 0 posts
5/22/2019 10:31:00 PM
hey man fuck you
shitposter 0 posts
6/16/2017 1:27:00 PM
why haven't you answered the ghost penis' summon
Goat Horse 0 posts
11/21/2016 3:51:00 PM
You have been summoned by the ghost penis to return home
nicdog123 0 posts
3/28/2014 1:12:00 PM
your so gorgeous
nicdog123 0 posts
3/28/2014 1:12:00 PM
oh sorry thought you were a girl my bad.
cbrickhouse 0 posts
10/11/2012 6:30:00 PM
man up, post more. we miss you guys
JustCan'tHateEnough 0 posts
7/27/2012 9:01:00 AM
What do you think of anthrax's new CD?
cbrickhouse 0 posts
7/24/2012 3:58:00 PM
where you been?
JustCan'tHateEnough 0 posts
5/8/2012 7:37:00 PM
All over Demolition Hammer and Exhumer but I will check out the other bands. Any other good metal in general to listen too. I feel like I'm missing out on some of the newer bands that I don't know about.
JustCan'tHateEnough 0 posts
4/29/2012 11:21:00 PM
Hey man we use to talk on slsk all the time it's been a minute. But I was looking for some new thrash (can be old from the 80's etc) in the vein of coma of souls,sodom,overkill. Anything you can recommend I would appreciate it.
AtWarWithAmeliaLOL 0 posts
7/17/2011 9:14:00 PM
No, I don't know any of those people sorry. Pisschrist rules tho
2/10/2011 5:00:00 PM
Sup nigger?
Brett Weir 0 posts
12/28/2010 5:24:00 PM
I am serious, and dont call me shirley
Shit. 0 posts
12/15/2010 8:07:00 PM
For sure man. I'll make sure I hit you up next time I do. If for whatever reason you end up down here make sure you do the same. We'll get hammered! I replaced a guitarist in a hardcore band called Animal Cruetly in town for about 6 months. We ended up writing a bunch of material that was way different so we are working on getting more written for a new project we are jokingly calling the lords of hell at the moment. What bands / dudes from chico do you know?
Shit. 0 posts
12/2/2010 7:22:00 PM
tyrod24 0 posts
10/15/2010 12:04:00 PM
exactly what i was looking for. thanks man! appr. it
8/29/2010 12:02:00 AM
daaamn son, you livin large. Its really cool to see how things changed fo you over the years, good for you man.
7/27/2010 10:18:00 PM
how you livin man?
Metal til Im sixty 0 posts
6/25/2010 2:09:00 PM
any word on show happenings or updates as of yet? Just trying to see what the word's like out that way.
screaming moon 0 posts
4/21/2010 7:31:00 PM
ATWA 0 posts
2/28/2010 1:58:00 PM
hell yea. im actually leaving the next day, i wanted to catch cro mags. we should def burn one or something
Billy Crystals 0 posts
2/24/2010 12:59:00 PM

Try that link.
ATWA 0 posts
2/15/2010 9:03:00 PM
hey man, you going to Nux Vomica in SF in March? i think ill be out there around the second week. also, have you heard anything about this Fang/Cap Casualties/Verbal Abuse tour? its scheduled in atlanta apparently for the 14th of may but i havent heard shit about that otherwise.
thisgirldesire 0 posts
2/7/2010 4:02:00 AM
happy effing birthday. <3
2/7/2010 1:35:00 AM
Captain Ahab 0 posts
2/7/2010 12:07:00 AM
happy birthday disco dick
ATWA 0 posts
1/8/2010 11:40:00 PM
hah its all good. ill be back out there in march and some time during the summer. i made it to claypool and in disgust but didnt go out so much because my brother and i were packaging our new EPs. happy new year!
ATWA 0 posts
12/19/2009 11:15:00 PM
hell yea, i just saw that in disgust was added to that show. i have tickets for les claypool new years eve, so that should be cool. get at me if you want to chill, i have no plans and might head to oakland one day to raid 1234 go
ATWA 0 posts
12/14/2009 1:47:00 PM
i think ill arrive the 26th of december and stay til around january 6th. this is the first time ill have been out there since i turned 21 but theres absolutely nothing happening haha
Brett Weir 0 posts
11/22/2009 6:17:00 PM
gayer than windchimes
Brett Weir 0 posts
11/12/2009 12:59:00 PM
yo man sorry i missed your calls. my schedule has been fucked. i wish i could go tomorrow, i was also supposed to go to teenage bottlerocket tonight but work sucks...blah, at least ill have a sat night
hard_penis 0 posts
11/12/2009 7:14:00 AM
thanks a lot, it's good to know someone out there is appreciating it.
vfr666 0 posts
10/15/2009 12:57:00 AM
the bay rules. who lives in that house?
Brett Weir 0 posts
10/14/2009 10:57:00 PM
Brett Weir 0 posts
10/14/2009 7:53:00 PM
angels/jag tonight
vfr666 0 posts
10/13/2009 10:48:00 PM
so where did you end up living
Brett Weir 0 posts
10/12/2009 1:07:00 AM
angel has your phone homie. tomorrow (between 11 and 7) you can pick it up from her at the Beauty Center in piedmont. her number has been PMd.
Brett Weir 0 posts
10/11/2009 11:03:00 PM
oh shit ill txt her now
9/11/2009 3:58:00 AM
makes sense.
9/11/2009 3:55:00 AM
employment is fucking stupid.

why'd you move to Cali?
Slit your guts 0 posts
9/10/2009 7:39:00 PM
when the hell did you move over to the west coast you traitor!!! Just kidding but check out the new Jenkem recordings they will make you shit your pants and pee on babys, www.myspace.com/jenkem666
9/10/2009 10:58:00 AM
oh man, thats ridiculous. Every one of their shows turns into soem sort of legendary riot or craziness, or the singer stabs someone, soemthing fun like that...so enjoy! haha

and wait, did you move to Cali or something?
9/10/2009 3:11:00 AM
yeah, I came back a couple weeks ago to hype some This Is Hardcore afterparty I was spinning, and I guess I got sucked back in. Goddammit.
ATWA 0 posts
9/3/2009 10:40:00 PM
thats awesome gehenna is playing and super gay that its at gilman haha. ill be in the bay again in early january and probably trolling for good shows, ill definitely hit you up
Xos 0 posts
9/3/2009 9:54:00 AM
That is cool! What made you go? Other than VT being... VT.
PH1L 0 posts
9/3/2009 1:10:00 AM
Yeah for sure, definetly gonna try to attend that show
Brett Weir 0 posts
8/30/2009 12:23:00 AM
Dan. 0 posts
8/27/2009 2:02:00 PM
Saw you make a post about how you were making your stash last longer than usual.
Brett Weir 0 posts
8/24/2009 4:02:00 PM
I should be at the show in SF friday, crucified is pl
Brett Weir 0 posts
8/24/2009 4:02:00 PM
ok my keyboard is acting funny...crucified is playing, right?
hanszimmer 0 posts
8/20/2009 7:27:00 PM
fuck, dude. you can't find a job at all there? that's super rough. so what are you gonna do?
brian. 0 posts
8/19/2009 8:48:00 PM
Eric Paradox 0 posts
8/5/2009 7:53:00 PM
[img src=http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/2940/frlycat.png]
dan the jew 0 posts
8/2/2009 3:13:00 AM
yeah now i see your blog saying you moved to oakland...i'm smrt
dan the jew 0 posts
8/2/2009 3:12:00 AM
yeah dude i've been meaning to ask if you actually moved to the town. good choice if you did. i live off of park blvd near the 580. i'm on tour now (and kind of all the time) but yeah when i'm in town again i'll hit you up.
tyrod24 0 posts
7/21/2009 11:28:00 PM
that Grave album fuckin rules
ATWA 0 posts
7/17/2009 7:18:00 PM
definitely. ill be here til tuesday, also no set schedule except seeing cage tonight and maladie tomorrow nite. are you living in the bay area now? i come out here every few months when im off school. ill pm you my cell number.
JP22 0 posts
7/13/2009 7:45:00 PM
Yeah its only gonna get hotter as the summer goes on. The weed yessss always good haha. Where are you living though? Oakland? I'm usually in the South San Jose area for the most part.
JP22 0 posts
7/13/2009 6:36:00 PM
Nice man! How do you like it here so far? I haven't been keeping up with to many shows as of late, been busy with a lot of work and bullshit.
Ron Shark 0 posts
7/7/2009 12:07:00 AM
Yeah dude, definitely! What's your new address? The stuff from the split destroys the first album IMO.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
7/1/2009 3:04:00 PM
blarga blarga
vfr666 0 posts
6/18/2009 6:36:00 PM
im gonna be in oakland tomorrow, wanna chill?
Eric Paradox 0 posts
6/14/2009 2:06:00 PM
if you wanna PM me your number, I'll give you a call later to let you know whether I'm staying in town tonight or taking off.
brian. 0 posts
6/14/2009 2:05:00 PM
i probably wont be home until 11, so i'm out for anything going on today
brian. 0 posts
6/14/2009 2:00:00 PM
im actually just heading out to umpire three baseball games in a couple of minutes so i'll be working until later tonight. when are you leaving the area?

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