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Being the coolest kid in the world......Or at least in the state of pennsylvania....or at the very least the collest kind in OJR, Music, XboX, weed curusin in the BU. gettin chicks. hanging out with the Sickness crew. and putting out fires in what evertime i have left over since most of it is spent at the golf course attemting to make the green. Hanging out wiht friends is usually cool i dont leke getting in trouble with the cops and haveing my dad come pick me up at 1 in the morning. But i do like being out ALL night and sneaking in at 4 O'clock i also smoke cigars and take the occosanial Bong hit when it is passed my way. I like deystroyign property (public and private) im not picky. Fireworks were a big fad back in the summer after 10th grade. Umm i like making up nicknames for stupid people that i see. Droping garbage on people was also fun back in 10th grade until we got causght a year later. my freinds and i completed 52 succesful "DROPS" of the stairways of school on to the people below we ruined alot of clothing and got alot of peopel pissed so that was always cool. Jumping off of stuff is fun. i like my friends M.I.L.F. Cartoons are a big thing for me. I mean were would we be in life with out cartoons? well i guess that about does it for Interests.
Starting line, dropkick murphey's, BlinK, Sublime, SimplePlan, Beatles, and musent we forget the Sugarcult and Yellowcard.Dashboard Confessional, Also like to Listen to Weezer. Story of The Year. i like the Ataris i like the classic Bob Marley and Led Zeplin also the All American Rejects are ok. Allister, Mad Caddies Basically i like the Warped tour music I can also tolorate Lit and Hoobastank. Modest MOuse is ok. However its Indy counterpart Franz Ferdinand is a waste of time. New Found Glory, Brand New, (SocoAmmerta Lime=great)Jimmy Eat World. Puddle Of Mudd, Hate RAP music i mean i would rather drink bleach the listen to RAP. Although i dont think that is an insult because i drink BLeach for fun. Trapt is good fuckin awsome live. i also seem to find myself listing more and more to 311 and the lost prophets.