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9/24/2004 2:56:00 PM
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9/6/2004 8:13:00 AM
yeah, the sun makes me happy too. it was beautiful yestersday. band practice, beer and sun...oh yes a very good day! hows psycholgy A2? I studied that and got a big fat D! my english language course work was the highest in the college though. muhahahaha!
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9/6/2004 7:47:00 AM
hahaha, i love that 'careful i could write a song about this' pic. where did u find it? how are you? another grey day in england...
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8/28/2004 4:42:00 PM
yeah listen to their songs... they are amazing
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8/28/2004 4:27:00 PM
it's not a poem, it's a song by the band rapture. there is a link to their mp3s under the lyrics
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8/28/2004 1:09:00 PM
aww cool thanks very much, its not often i get a nice comment like that x
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8/26/2004 5:09:00 PM
awesome music
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8/24/2004 4:54:00 PM
I love the Faint
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8/24/2004 2:41:00 PM
really cool interests and bands much respect
ok,...im teeny tiny moi, all eccentric an stuff. im a student, with no part time job, but my richy rich rents pay me to stay out of trouble. lol, oh how i love them - they alos pay for my car-, and im currently studying law, english language and psycholgy A2 levels. i was born and raised in scotland, near dunblane, until i was 11, then moved down here. but i plan to return asap for uni. man, i miss that place. my room is green and purple and my mum hates it - she also hates my piercings,...well, the 1s that she knows about anyways, lol. ben tells me im emo, but im not so sure. i dye my hair loads (its brill and jet black) and am addicted to wearing it down and straight - a nd i brag just coz u dont have it so gd. my mum hates my hair also (dumbass!) i try to drive but crash lots. im an evil jealousy whore with super talented friends (and some who r slackers - u know who u r!). im a scrounging bum who cant hold down a job for more than 3 months (i get bored easily - i fidget too). but i like to think im loyal and friendly, although i know i can be a bit shy til u draw me out of ma shell. people who cross me tend not to again - i like to hold grudges for, "like", ever - but i can also be tres forgiving. everyone deserves a second chance. i love converse, turn ups, eyeliner, long black hair, random slogan tees, train journeys, amatuer photography, wine, really rare steak, tatoos, the colour green, pyramid studded belts, MP3's, lipgloss, bubblegum, angel delight, piercings (i have 8 non facial), downloading music, ripped or mucked up denim, writing poetry, the colour green, vinyl, mtv2, t-shirts (i own over 100, David and Goliath r my fave, but random slogan tees, or vintage stuff is very cool, call me kitsch...), paul frank bags, le cinema cest fantastique for watchin flicks containing jokes and cristiana ricci, marker pens smell gd. i am quite gd at bowling, tho i seem to have as many bad days as the gd ones. i liked it when me an my friends hung out at starbucks, then pucinos, but we dont seem to do that anymore :-( my favourite film is the ring, though i was so scared i couldnt sleep on my own for a week. i prefer films i can take the piss out of, that wont haunt me later. my friends and i tend to go out on orange wednesdays to watch films as tis way cheaper esp since we get student discount also. my favourite author is george orwell, though micheal moore comes in a close second. my favourite poet is wilfred owen after we studied his work for english literature. i myslelf write poetry and short stories, though they are never for the faint hearted. when i write, i dont like to give the subject away. hopefully my writing is vivid enough for the reader to get wot im talking about without me ever actually having to say it. the OC is quite possibly my favourite tv show. simpsons and futurama are also good, and sex and the city, will and grace, everwood, daria, braceface and nip tuck are shows i will watch if they are on. i dont watch alot of tv. if im at home, the net is where you will find me.
alexisonfire, cooper temple clause, lost prophets, bright eyes, thrice, boy sets fire, broken social scene, my chemical romance, coheed and cambria, blue october, 36 crazyfists, belle and sebastian, red sophie, keane, dashboard confessional, the faint, thursday, sevendust, alkaline trio, jet, forty foot echo, filter, blink 182, kings of leon, the killers, glassjaw, franz ferdinand, the bled, 3 days grace, biffy clyro, funeral for a friend, every time i die, yellowcard, brand new, jimmy eat world, senses fail, matchbook romance, fall out boy, >;some<; dillinger escape plan, linkin park (*please dont kill me*), thin lizzy, papa roach, lush, belly, the notwist, violent delight, the mars volta, new found glory, the bled, portishead, godspped you black emperor, avenged sevenfold, *some* neutral milk hotel, a static lullaby, motion city soundtrack, bikini kill. there are prolly so many more i have forgotten, but ill add them as i think of them.