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BabyLetsCollide 0 posts
7/18/2008 12:57:00 AM
i haven't been on this thing in for fucking ever.
how are you?
n8mntman 0 posts
12/17/2006 1:56:00 AM
rock out with www.myspace.com/herdyingprayer
ChasedwithCyanidex 0 posts
2/18/2006 12:05:00 AM
yeah, and im doing absolutley nothing either.
its lame
i dont like boys right now, they are assholes
so my night, sucks.
ChasedwithCyanidex 0 posts
2/17/2006 11:15:00 AM
thank you dear.
how are you?
Red Diesel 0 posts
2/15/2006 7:16:00 AM
Well, might be hard seeing as how your way up in home of three mile island (i used to live in lebanon) and i'm way down in sunshine fuck florida. Maybe you could send me a picture so that i may be able to determine the worthyness of a trip. DaneEsposito@hotmail.com
MakeThisLifeYours 0 posts
2/12/2006 2:25:00 PM
I got to the legion shows all the time and we've played there.....2x's I think but that was a while back.....our new stuffs alot better
Red Diesel 0 posts
2/12/2006 7:58:00 AM
I'm in love with your huge fucking tits.
MakeThisLifeYours 0 posts
2/9/2006 6:56:00 PM
we have 2 shows near you this weekend
Sat 11th- Lancaster ASW Performing Arts Center (Replacement Singer)
Sun 12th- Ephrata Aerican Legion

Take Care,
BabyLetsCollide 0 posts
1/31/2006 9:30:00 AM





BabyLetsCollide 0 posts
1/26/2006 9:07:00 PM
Well thank you.
urrainofashes 0 posts
1/23/2006 11:23:00 PM
you have property of my bubs.
have fun!
you my fav fag yo
urrainofashes 0 posts
1/23/2006 10:45:00 PM
haha im a fag
urrainofashes 0 posts
1/23/2006 10:45:00 PM
haha im a fag
BeatingHeartBaby 0 posts
1/23/2006 10:41:00 PM
make me food, Not NICOLE
urrainofashes 0 posts
1/23/2006 10:06:00 PM
hey poopstain..
make me food
new dawn fades 0 posts
8/6/2005 1:25:00 AM
captain kegstand 0 posts
6/4/2005 10:27:00 PM
touche. i see you like tyler speaks for me, you know my boy harry cooke? he was guitarist in tsfm until a little while ago.
captain kegstand 0 posts
4/27/2005 6:22:00 PM
woohoo lancaster rocks fuck yea
coastal elite 0 posts
2/17/2005 5:23:00 PM
What a shame he's stuck with someone like you.
coastal elite 0 posts
2/12/2005 1:19:00 PM
I would fuck your boyfriend silly. Just so you know.
JohnnyHero 0 posts
1/29/2005 10:12:00 AM
I'm not emo, but I'm a boy... and I'm pretty awesome if you ask me.
coastal elite 0 posts
1/15/2005 4:35:00 PM
Just the fact that you assumed I meant anything negative proves that you feel that way about yourself. I said nothing. I could have meant "OMG ur band list roolz" or something lame you profile kids say to each other.
coastal elite 0 posts
1/12/2005 9:18:00 PM
Matthew's hot. You, well, um, I don't know the best way to say this, but...
HSolo77 0 posts
1/9/2005 10:23:00 AM
thanks yours is nice too
1/6/2005 11:45:00 PM
umm...trying to.
Burn the Priest 0 posts
1/6/2005 4:11:00 AM
Thank you
Ron Shark 0 posts
1/6/2005 3:49:00 AM
It's been added to for years since I first joined this site.
Phoenix 0 posts
12/16/2004 1:32:00 AM
Hey girl, I'm trying to start a cover band in Lancaster. If you know anyone who can sing or play drums please let me know. We wanna do heavy covers like Pantara, Machine Head, Deftones and alot of the newer stuff that's coming out too. Thanks
9/15/2004 2:07:00 AM
you're definitely not alone! she's my idol without a doubt!!! go us! :)
herLIESkilledME 0 posts
9/1/2004 12:57:00 PM
hey i noticed you added my friend xeyeforxaneyex to you profile hit me up sometime and welcome to the site..... xXx
.Yeah.You.Suck. 0 posts
9/1/2004 8:01:00 AM
LoveSicGunLoaded 0 posts
9/1/2004 3:25:00 AM
yeah i think hes hot...but i know hes an asshole...went to west chester to a party w/my cousin who went to college there, and bam and his friends where there too. hes a dick, but nice to look at...oh well
.janedoe. 0 posts
8/31/2004 3:13:00 PM
wait, you think he's hot, dont you?
.janedoe. 0 posts
8/31/2004 3:11:00 PM
yea, im with the other two......why are you obsessed with bam?
.janedoe. 0 posts
8/31/2004 3:11:00 PM
i guess you've never met him, or you probably wouldn't like him.
fknXhXckid 0 posts
8/31/2004 8:37:00 AM
bam fuckin sucks.....he made west chester a fuckin shit hole....and u know as well as i do, that if it wasnt for bam, u wudnt even listen to HIM....because the band fuckin blows....and hes an asshole
learned my lesson 0 posts
8/31/2004 3:46:00 AM
YOU TOO bam is an asshole in person just like in the show
Comeback_Joe 0 posts
8/31/2004 3:07:00 AM
fucking awesome bands in there, nice, welcome to PA
LoveSicGunLoaded 0 posts
8/31/2004 2:24:00 AM
ha, thats my friend adam...lol im the chick next to him :-)
hxcemo 0 posts
8/31/2004 2:22:00 AM
nice septum i'm at a 6 right now
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