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Burn the Obese 0 posts
10/24/2006 12:31:00 AM
no one seems to comment here anymore, what is the deal with that?
pleezsleep 0 posts
12/9/2005 2:50:00 PM
I wish I could wear your skin, yummy your to gourgeous for words.
Redefine 0 posts
3/19/2005 4:00:00 AM
Wow, you are so pretty. I go to school at Ferris State, but I live near Detroit. Check out my info and next time you are in Detroit, hit me up. =)
kamshc 0 posts
1/12/2005 1:10:00 PM
i hate united kingdom too, but i like you..
averson 0 posts
12/24/2004 8:37:00 PM
your pretty
STURGIS 0 posts
11/5/2004 1:25:00 PM
kalamazoo. i cuy my own hair. i have no home. i'm a-sexual
chris_curses 0 posts
11/1/2004 9:28:00 AM
whats up with the UK, eh?!
xSiberianKissx 0 posts
10/16/2004 8:01:00 PM
hey what is up? you are amazingly gorgeous. so you like to cut hair huh? did you go to school for it? well just figured i'd say hi.
Borgia 0 posts
10/11/2004 6:35:00 AM
no more control on my eyes....I blink every 10 seconds looking how nice you are!!!!
My HeArT BlEeDs 0 posts
10/9/2004 1:33:00 PM
yea fuck snow!
xrachelx 0 posts
10/8/2004 11:22:00 PM
i <3 your hair.
My HeArT BlEeDs 0 posts
10/8/2004 11:49:00 AM
do you go to school in buffalo?its too cold up there for me
My HeArT BlEeDs 0 posts
10/8/2004 7:59:00 AM
are you a model? if not you should be.where in ny?hit me up some time
10/2/2004 2:16:00 AM
one king down!!!!!! that's one of my favorite band!
The Underground Man 0 posts
9/22/2004 2:58:00 AM
i enjoy how "cutting hair" comes between zombies and horror flicks on your interest list. good stuff
ghost in the fog 0 posts
9/18/2004 4:35:00 PM
Yeah, One King Down is the shit.
Nintendocore 0 posts
9/18/2004 1:01:00 PM
neverj1 0 posts
9/15/2004 5:51:00 AM
love the pics can i do some photoshop work on them and post it up on deviantart babes yeah
otep saves 0 posts
9/15/2004 1:30:00 AM
You know, you and angelina jolie look wicked similar in that 2nd picture in your album. Do you get that at all?
Ødd PrØj€c† 0 posts
9/14/2004 10:33:00 PM
otep saves 0 posts
9/14/2004 9:36:00 PM
Ah ok. I thought it was because you didn't like his whole mentality. Cat Scratch Fever kicks ass though.
BlackcadillaC 0 posts
9/14/2004 9:20:00 PM
the red chorde, nice
humanity 0 posts
9/14/2004 8:43:00 PM
You are sooo hot..beautiful eyes.
emofacial 0 posts
9/14/2004 8:20:00 PM
catvomit 0 posts
9/14/2004 6:15:00 PM
wow, that was an awesome comment. thanks a lot.
otep saves 0 posts
9/14/2004 5:56:00 PM
This site is really more of an east coast thing so that would probably explain it. Yeah, I'm a huge Redwings fan. Then Pistons, then Lions, then Tigers. Guess you don't like underachieving teams.

Oh come on, Nugent isn't that bad. Better then Eminem in my opinion. But by that meat eating comment, I am assuming you are vegan/vegatarian and not down with his whole hunting thing.
otep saves 0 posts
9/14/2004 4:59:00 PM
Ah, ok. I was born in Southfield but moved when I was really really young. I have tons of family out in Michigan. Only places I can remember off the top of my head are Farmington Hills, Kalamazoo, Dearborn and Ann Arbor. You are only the 2nd person from Michigan I have seen on here. You into any detroit sports?

Ah, you forgot about Insane Clown Posse and Ted Nugent.....can't forget ICP.
wankmasterteapotyo 0 posts
9/14/2004 4:35:00 PM
yeah ya do need 2 watch out 4 weirdo in uk there are lot of um :P
BredxFromxPain 0 posts
9/14/2004 4:18:00 PM
hello.now daggermetjenn.nice interest.

daggs \m/.
wankmasterteapotyo 0 posts
9/14/2004 4:14:00 PM
oh u not gonna reply coz im english :(
teched 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:37:00 PM
i like what i see
AfternoonNap 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:36:00 PM
wow so hot amazing eyes like a cats
dan the jew 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:30:00 PM
wankmasterteapotyo 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:25:00 PM
hey why do you hate the uk :(
Ødd PrØj€c† 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:19:00 PM
oh my fucking god
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9/14/2004 3:12:00 PM
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9/14/2004 3:11:00 PM
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9/14/2004 3:07:00 PM
welcome aboard
.janedoe. 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:07:00 PM
otep saves 0 posts
9/14/2004 3:06:00 PM
Hey, where you from in Michigan? I am from there originally and I have almost all my extended family out there.
SSBSTS 0 posts
9/14/2004 2:58:00 PM
nice clevage dirty girl.....your loved
caligraphy 0 posts
9/14/2004 2:45:00 PM
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9/14/2004 2:41:00 PM
i <3 your eyes =)
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9/14/2004 2:40:00 PM
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9/14/2004 2:39:00 PM
your cute <3 for you.
zombies, cutting hair, horror flicks, chinese food.
pretty as puke, what else in life is there, really?