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God, guitar, emo, drawing, music (bands), phone, thrift/vintage shopping, little kids tees, rain and humungoid storms, not matching woo-hoo!, cheese, people w/lip rings(definately hott), food fights, smooches, the emporers new groove, capstick obssession, the color green or red, my car, staying up late, punk, movies,internet, randomness, hott fellows, my myth. class, hair bows (accessories), stupid stunts n' junk with friends,holidays, stealing corn from the fields,cuddling, Donnie Darko, um...stuff in general
silverstein, hawthorne heights, taking back sunday, boys night out, chevelle,thrice, fallout boy, blindside,blink182, autopilot off, dashboard confessional, story of the year, the random tangents, boxcar racer,rufio, spitalfield, waterdown, jimmy eat world, muse, phantom planet, the used, relient k, something corpprate, my chemical romance, city scape, deftones, saves the day, the vines, the beatles, bright eyes, brand new, thursday, count the stars, kids in the way, sugarcult, moneen...you get the gist of it