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12/8/2004 1:10:00 PM
hey heeey
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11/27/2004 11:37:00 PM
Hi there :)
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11/22/2004 3:14:00 PM
o_o High there...
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11/20/2004 9:57:00 AM
hey ya - i know that other guy from malaysia who listed a black veil affair too, so you do have the same taste and country, funny ya ? ** no matter ** greez
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11/4/2004 10:08:00 PM
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10/13/2004 3:57:00 PM
okay?but who are you?
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10/12/2004 9:36:00 PM
and woah you like some good bands there...
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10/12/2004 9:35:00 PM
yeah who are you?im on your friend list aswell...i was confused as to who this person was.....hehe...
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10/11/2004 4:10:00 AM
haha.. who are you & why are you adding me to your friends list
i'm ridhuan....usually people call me wan.......nothing much to know about me.....i'm a boring kind of a person.....sometimes can be a little self-centerd.....or maybe a happy kind of person....i really hate vagetable.....that's why i'm so skinny...hehehe.....i doesn't drink alcohol.....only smoke tobacco...really like ice-cream.....sleeping is my part-time job....loafing in front of my computer....is my hobby....like to read novels....comics...playing game...hmmm....that all about me...and the most important thing is i'm a little bit shy with girl....really...if you don't believe me....try me....hhehe...give some comment about me ok...
I love to listen to all kind of music, as specially hardcore,emo,metalcore,ghotic,screamo,punk and lots more. Here's some of the band that I've listen to..[100 demons], [7 angel 7 plagues], [8th of September], [awaken(Malaysian band)], [a death for every sin], [age of ruin], [all out war], [a tragic summer story], [an embrace of angels], [angel crew], [arcana XXII], [a fall farewell], [a kiss farewell], [a silent farewell], [a black veil affair], [a black market diary], [arkangel], [arsis], [as I lay dying], [arch enemy], [atreyu], [alivia], [as blood runs black], [avenged sevenfold], [bane], [between the buried and me], [bastard saints], [beauty to ashes], [bleeding through], [blink 182], [bloodjinn], [boknagar], [cassandra(Malaysian band)], [comeback kids], [caliban], [CBT], [converge], [crack up], [creed], [dark day dawning], [darkrise], [darkthrone], [dead blue sky], [dead Elizabeth], [dead poetic], [dead to fall], [deep purple], [desecration], [destiny], [dewa19(Indonesian band)], [dying fetus], [18 vision], [Elliott], [envy(japan band)], [embraced], [emery], [entwine], [evergreen terrace], [every time I died], [fleshless], [foo fighter], [from autumn to ashes], [gerhana ska cinta(Malaysian band)], [gigi(Indonesian band)], [H.I.M], [hamartia], [heaven shall burn], [hypnos], [I killed the prom queen], [illnath], [in pieces], [in humate], [intestinal infection], [it dies today], [lamb of god], [maroon5], [matchbox 20], [matchbox romance], [metallica], [my bitter end], [misery signal], [moon spell], [most precious blood], [muse], [my chemical romance], [nile], [no doubt], [norma jean], [nyctophobic], [OAG(Malaysian band)], [oasis], [padi(Indonesian band)], [peter pan(Indonesian band)], [red hot chili pepper], [red roses for a blue lady], [roses are red], [reprisal], [sentenced], [Sheila on 7(Indonesian band)], [silverstien], [skull crusher], [suja(Indonesian band)], [sky came falling], [soul asylum], [spawn], [the black dahlia murder], [the get up kids], [the judas cradle], [the Juliana theory], [the path of resistance], [the red chord], [the wage of sin], [this day forward], [this bitter end], [tetsuo], [through the eye of the dead], [Thursday], [to/die/for], [underoath], [unearth], [undying], [virulence], [viu drakh], [waiting for autumn], [wall of Jericho], [warspite], [with honor]..i want to thanks as specially to all my friends. Who has giving all this stuff to me...